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10 Spanish Johnny. 53. Spanish Johnny by Willa Sibert Cather. Monroe, Harriet, ed. 1917. The New Poetry: An Anthology. 1-04 The Hobo's Last Ride. 04 When First Into this Country. 03 The Titanic. 1-10 Willie Moore. 22 Little Omie Wise (Live) The Child Ballads Index. Sacred Texts Legends & Sagas England The ultimate Child ballad etext has yet to be constructed. This etext hence lacks the apparatus and, apparently, some of the variations of the original text, and has some lacunae and glitches. That said, this etext has been assembled from the best available resources on the Internet. This version was built using a Child corpus constructed by Cathy Lynn Preston at the University of Colorado ( You can also view page images of the 1860 version at the Making of America site at the University of Michigan [External site]:

Hundreds Of Years Old, These Songs Tour Like New. Hide captionAnais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer's new collaborative album is titled Child Ballads. Jay Sansone/Courtesy of the artist Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer's new collaborative album is titled Child Ballads. Some stories stand the test of time: Shakespeare's plays, the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, and the Child ballads.

If you're unfamiliar with them, they're not for children. They're Scottish and English folk songs from the 17th and 18th centuries and earlier. Through the centuries, the Child ballads have been passed down and tweaked to fit the times. Purchase Featured Music "Willie of Winsbury [Child 100]" Album: Child Ballads Artist: Anaïs Mitchell / Jefferson Hamer Label: Wilderland Released: 2013 Amazon » "Tam Lin [Child 39]" Album: Child Ballads Artist: Anaïs Mitchell / Jefferson Hamer Label: Wilderland Released: 2013 Amazon » One example of a modernized Child ballad is Simon and Garfunkel's "Scarborough Fair.

" Child's Work Let Others Play Old Language, New Songs. 2-07 Frankie. 12 Kassie Jones, Parts 1 & 2. 5-03 Railroad Bill. 02 In the Bottom. 2-10 Kassie Jones, Parts 1 & 2. 10 Sheath & Knife - Christine Kydd. 05 Willie's Lady. 05 Tam Lin - Frankie Armstrong. 01 The Banks of the Sweet Primroses. 03 Jack Orion. 07 Tam Lin. The Child Ballads: 16. Sheath and Knife. Sacred Texts Legends & Sagas England Index Previous Next 16A.1 IT is talked the warld all over, Refrain: The brume blooms bonnie and says it is fair That the king’s dochter gaes wi child to her brither. Refrain: And we’ll never gang doun to the brume onie mair 16A.2 He’s taen his sister doun to her father’s deer park, Wi his yew-tree bow and arrows fast slung to his back. 16A.3 ‘Now when that ye hear me gie a loud cry, Shoot frae thy bow an arrow and there let me lye. 16A.4 ‘And when that ye see I am lying dead, Then ye’ll put me in a grave, wi a turf at my head.’ 16A.5 Now when he heard her gie a loud cry, His silver arrow frae his bow he suddenly let fly.

Refrain: Now they’ll never, etc. 16A.6 He has made a grave that was lang and was deep, And he has buried his sister, wi her babe at her feet. Refrain: And they’ll never, etc. 16A.7 And when he came to his father’s court hall, There was music and minstrels and dancing and all. 16B: Sheath and Knife 16C: Sheath and Knife Next: 17. Martin Carthy:Willie's Lady Lyrics. Martin Carthy This song is performed by Martin Carthy.Martin Carthy:Willie's Lady King Willie he's sailed over the raging foam,He's wooed a wife and he's brought her home. He wooed her for her long golden hair,His mother wrought her a mighty care.

A weary spell she's laid on her:She'd be with child for long and many's the yearBut a child she would never bear. And in her bower she lies in pain.King Willie at her bedhead he do standAs down his cheeks salten tears do run. King Willie back to his mother he did run,He's gone there as a begging son. Says, "Me true love has this fine noble steedThe like of which you ne'er did see. At every part of this horse's maneThere's hanging fifty silver bells and tenThere's hanging fifty bells and ten. This goodly gift shall be your ownIf back to my own true love you'll turn againThat she might bear her baby son. " "Oh, the child she'll never lighter beNor from sickness will she e'er be free. Tam Lin (Roud 35; Child 39) > Sandy Denny > Songs > Fairport Convention: Tam Lin> Anne Briggs > Songs > Young Tambling> A.L. Lloyd > Songs > Tamlyn> The Watersons > Songs > Mike Waterson: Tamlyn> Steeleye Span > Songs > Tam Lin [ Roud 35 ; Child 39 ; Ballad Index C039 ; trad.]

For much more information about this ballad than can be shown here, see Abigail Acland's comprehensive Tam Lin web pages. This is a truly magical ballad. It was first mentioned in The Complaynt of Scotland in 1549 but no words were published until Herd put a fragment into his Ancient and Modern Scots Songs in 1769. It never seems to have been collected outside Scotland, though a possible relative of Tam's, Brian O'Lynn (who may be a burlesqued son of the Irish god-mother Danu) crops up in comic songs in Ireland, Scotland and America, and the first printed version of Brian's song in 1568, called him Tom a Lin. Fairport Convention recorded Tam Lin with Sandy Denny singing on October 29, 1968. A.L. Lyrics Fairport Convention sing Tam Lin. Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick:Banks Of Sweet Primroses Lyrics.

Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick As I walked out one fine summer's morningFor to view the fields and to take the air,Down by the banks of the sweet prim-a-rosesThere I beheld a most wondrous fair. Oh, three long steps I stepped up to her,Not knowing her as she passed me by.I stepped up to her thinking for to view her,She appeared to me like some virtuous bride.

I says, "Fair maid, where are you going? And what's the occasion of all your grief? "Stand off, stand off, you are the false deceiver,You are the false deceitful man I know 'tis plain.For it is you that has caused my poor heart to wanderAnd in your comfort lies no refrain. " "So I'll go down to some lonesome valleyWhere no man on earth there shall me find,Where the pretty little small birds do change their voicesAnd every moment blows blusterous wind. So come all young men who go a-sailing,Pray pay attention to what I say.For there's many a dark and a cloudy morningTurns out to be a sunshiny day. Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick:Jack Orion Lyrics. Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick Jack Orion was as good fiddler as ever fiddled on a stringAnd he could drive young women mad by the tune his wires would sing But he would fiddle the fish out of salt water, water from bare marble stoneOr the milk from out of a maiden's breast though baby she had none And there he played in the castle hall and there he played them fast asleepExcept it was for the young countess and for love she stayed awake And first he played there a slow slow air and then he played it brisk and gayAnd it's, "O dear love," behind her hand the lady she did say "Ere the day has dawned and the cocks have crown and flapped their wings so wideIt's you must come up to me chamber there and lie down by me side" So he lapped his fiddle in a cloth of green and he stole out on his tip toeAnd he's off back to his young boy Tom as fast as he could go "Lie down, lie down, me good master and here's a blanket to your handAnd I'll waken you in as good a time as any cock in the land"