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Hiking and Rafting Tour in Yukon, Canada. There are only a few places left in the world that are pristine, unchanged and preserve the natural beauty that was once so common.

Hiking and Rafting Tour in Yukon, Canada

One such pleasing and scintillating place is Yukon. It is the smallest and westernmost of Canada's three federal territories. It’s a wild, mountainous and sparsely populated region that is renowned for its vast expanses. Its grandeur and beauty can only be truly appreciated by experience and therefore a large number of people visit this holy-by-nature place to soak themselves in its precious air and pure environment. This place is so thinly populated that most four-legged species outnumber the human existence. If you’re wondering, “What are the things to do in Yukon?” The opportunities to explore wild and spectacular northern landscapes are often known to inspire spiritual experience and personal reflection where you find your true self sans the pace of the developed world.

About The Author. Yukon Adventures for Women. Refreshing the mind and the body is not just about regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Yukon Adventures for Women

It is also about detoxifying from the effects of mundane routines that eventually take a toll on our psychological well being, leading to physical and emotional problems too. The more challenging a break or an experience is, the better is it for our health. That is because the mind and the body needs a break and experience something new. Yukon adventures for women include some of the most delightful options that you can try. Whether it is simple kayaking or hiking and music, a combination of a new place with new people can do wonders to your wellness.

Some of the women’s adventures and tours in Yukon let you explore the beauty of the wilderness while others help you face your fears. Like this: Like Loading... Tour near Peel River Watershed, Yukon. Day 0: We’ll meet at an assigned time and place in Whitehorse, to talk about the trip and last minute details, check that your photography, camping and hiking gear is in order, and give you a presentation on how to best capture the incredible natural scenery that awaits you!

Tour near Peel River Watershed, Yukon

This is also where we can get to know one another over dinner and drinks. Day 1: We’ll head off after an early breakfast to Mayo, a 5 hour drive away, where Blacksheep Aviation is based on the banks of the Stewart River. Weather pending we will fly into the Peel watershed in the afternoon, over spectacular tundra covered river valleys and vast mountain ranges, brushed by the red hues of autumn.

We set up camp near to the lake where we have landed, and if it is not dark yet, we’ll have time to explore some nearby locations, in anticipation of our first morning shoot. Multi Days Trip in Whitehorise, Yukon. Goats, Grizzlies & Glaciers. Wilderness Canoeing Trips in Yukon. Are you feeling low in life?

Wilderness Canoeing Trips in Yukon

Due to our hectic lifestyles and the demanding work pressures, at times, we want to move out of our daily routines and do something else. During this state of mind, traveling to a natural place can be a feasible option. Most of the people prefer to go hiking, snowshoeing, skiing or canoeing to freshen up their minds and bodies. Of late, canoeing has become one of the great outdoor activities where people paddle a light and narrow boat. Best Hiking Day Trails in Yukon. Canada is one country that is overlooked as a thrilling and one of the more affordable travel destinations around the globe.

Best Hiking Day Trails in Yukon

North Canada is renowned for its breathtaking views, mountainous ranges, amazing ski lodges, ski destinations and so on. Canada generally is known for the famous great lakes, cottage country, and winter beauty. Cuisine in Yukon Tour. Sila Sojourns Quality wilderness experiences in and around the Yukon Territory Menu Cuisine tortillas with all the fixings river camp kitchen.

Cuisine in Yukon Tour

Rafting on Alesk River in Canada. Sila Sojourns Quality wilderness experiences in and around the Yukon Territory Menu Atlin Lake Sila Sojourns Wilderness and Creative Journeys 9 Kokanee Place, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5Y2 Phone: 867-668-5032Email: About Planning Multi-day Trips Return to top of page.

Rafting on Alesk River in Canada

Wildlife Holidays in Yukon. Sila Sojourns Quality wilderness experiences in and around the Yukon Territory Menu Wildlife.

Wildlife Holidays in Yukon

Beautiful Landscape for Tour. At times, you are not happy with your life and you feel low.

Beautiful Landscape for Tour

This condition is associated with your mind than your body. It usually sets in when you are facing a deep emotional issue and want to get out of it at the earliest. One of the ways to do so, is to leave your present location and embark on a journey that helps you to rejuvenate in natural surroundings. It is a good therapy as your present location will keep reminding you of the problems that you were facing in your life. Such trips will help you to introspect and to change the way you have been perceiving your life, so that you can make a shift in your lifestyle. So, if you are planning to visit a powerful landscape to heal yourself or are planning to take a tour to see the ice field glaciers, you can book a journey online with a company that offers such natural sojourns.

Like this: Like Loading... Tour Packages for Boating and Hiking. Hiking and Skiing near Tombstone Territorial Park. Tour to Tombstone Territorial Park. Sea Kayaking Trips in Yukon. Tour To See The Ice Field Glaciers. Plan A Trip For Rafting In Canada. Yukon is one of the three smallest federal territories of Canada.

Plan A Trip For Rafting In Canada

It is situated in the westernmost part of the country. Although, the territory is very sparsely populated, it is quite popular for adventurous activities and tourism options. The territory, also known as the Yukon, has only one city named Whitehorse which is also its capital. Yukon sees huge traffic of travelers from all around the world every year who come here with an inclination of trying different adventures. Yukon is as wild as it can get, with activities like camping, hiking, boating and rafting available for those who don’t believe in anything ordinary. If you want to enjoy the top adventures that one can seek here, you can opt for mountain biking, mountaineering, hiking at Miles Canyon and much more. About The Author The author is a web blogger. Visit Tombstone Territorial Park. Women's Adventures In Yukon. Enjoy Canoeing in Peel Watershed. Peel Watershed in Yukon. Rafting Trip on Alek River.

Snowshoeing on Grey Mountain. Hiking Tours in Yukon.