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Silviyana- Wedding Boutique

Welcome to Silviyana! We are an online eco-indie wedding boutique. We cater to the eco, ethical and vegan conscious bride. Silviyana started as a flagship store in the heart of San Jose, California and showcased beautiful designs made using eco fabrics that are pineapple and banana-derived, made by independent designers from all over the world. visit our store:

Shop Earth Queendom Cake Topper online. British brand To Be Adorned is all about unique eco accessories.

Shop Earth Queendom Cake Topper online

It’s a solo operation by designer-maker Becca Parker, fuelled by her passions for dressing colourfully, vintage style, and meaningful planet-friendly weddings. Learn more by clicking here! This would not have been possible without the wonderful team behind these brands, check out their work by clicking below to view their instagram profiles: Producer & Make-up Artist: Hazel Skye Studios Hair Artist: Alexis Lotus Styles.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry - Saving the Environment & Rock at the Same Time. The key to owning and loving Eco-Friendly jewelry is by knowing every piece of it, including the way it has been created and all about the materials being used in making them.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry - Saving the Environment & Rock at the Same Time

People these days have slowly started to realize that we all are equally responsible for ruining the planet – the environment, and hence something is needed to be done in every aspect of our lives including jewelry. Saving the environment does not have to mean the only sacrifice. Eco-Friendly Jewelry is a great way of supporting the environment and still enjoys the joys of life. You can even buy eco-friendly wedding jewelry online these days and show your support for the environment. What does re-cycled or green jewelry mean? Green Jewelry is a very broad term and so if we start defining it. How do you go eco-friendly with jewelry? Take for example, gold. Another way these days for environmentally conscious individuals and jewelry lovers are to opt for silver jewelry over gold.

Key Factors for Choosing A-Line Eco Wedding Dresses for Your Special Day. With the ongoing restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, large-scale wedding celebrations are not happening these days, couple these days are opting for smaller and intimate affairs.

Key Factors for Choosing A-Line Eco Wedding Dresses for Your Special Day

Also, with the buzz of sustainability, brides are more inclined towards sustainable choices with their wedding attire. Experts say that going eco-friendly, bridal dresses USA does not have to be boring. Designers have done their bit in creating fresh and modern wedding dresses and brides all over love these wearable pieces that also align with their values. For brides who love more traditional wedding gowns and dresses, vintage is another thing that has caught up in recent times. Also, rental and upcycling are being opted more, with brides becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of a dress that they will wear only once or twice. Here are some factors that you can consider in choosing an A-Line Eco Wedding Dress: Shop Alexandra Bridal Suit online. Eco Clothing USA: Sustainable Eco-Friendly Organic Fashion. One of the best ways to show your concern for the environment and go green is with your wardrobe.

Eco Clothing USA: Sustainable Eco-Friendly Organic Fashion

Choosing eco-friendly clothing has numerous benefits and not only for you but also for society and on the whole for the environment. The eco-friendly style is the new hottest thing in the fashion world. Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion refers to all those clothing and dress materials that are designed, manufactured, distributed, and used in environmentally friendly ways. Eco-friendly production of clothes and dress materials makes use of non-toxic materials and processes. It makes use of manufacturing processes that reduces less or nil air and water pollution. Eco Clothing USA is an ethical brand that makes sure that the clothing possibility should have positive impacts on people, the animals, and the planet. Reformation: The Rise of Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses. The modern generation of fashion designers has started a new revolution – Eco-Friendly wedding Dresses.

Reformation: The Rise of Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

They believe that fashion is not all about what’s cool and hip; it is also about our responsibility to Mother Nature and the environment. Following a responsible trend, the environmentally sustainable fashion brand – Reformation; has officially declared its collection of eco-friendly wedding dresses. They are all set to launch their first-ever bridal selections that feature repurposed gowns made out of vintage materials for the bride and the bridesmaids.

Eco-fashion is a big business these days. Fashion enthusiasts and consumers, on the whole, are more conscious these days of the impact that their fashion choices have on our environment. Buy Eco-Friendly Jewelry For Your Special Day. Unique and Independent Wedding Dress Designers. Their profession?

Unique and Independent Wedding Dress Designers

Make you the prettiest brides by creating wonders. Unique wedding dresses, tailor-made or made in very small quantities. Splendid materials, unique know-how. In short, an original wedding dress that looks like you. Here are independent wedding dress designers that make you want to say yes. The wedding dress remains the main element of the wedding, the priority of the bride. The designers of tailor-made wedding dresses have precise know-how. The tailor-made wedding dress will reflect your personality and your tastes. Trust the designers of wedding dresses also called wedding dress designers. , tailor-made wedding dresses.

Without wanting to put additional pressure on yourself: the marriage dress is the most important costume of your life. Be enough to say that it is superior to choose it well. Shop Eco Wedding Gown In USA.