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Perphone® sur Twitter : "Stop by tomorrow and try #Perphone we will be waiting for you and your feedback ! #perfumes #bbloggers. Maremma by Paolo Terenzi for Tiziana Terenzi 2013. Post by Trésor There are a few occasions…let’s face it…many occasions where instead of craving restrained grace or meticulously polished oeuvre I want to smell of everything; all the notes, all the flowers, all of them and right now.

Maremma by Paolo Terenzi for Tiziana Terenzi 2013

Every once and a little while I will be perusing the online shops and come across a potion with a labyrinthine list of notes and my heart goes aflutter, my resolve all but disappears and without warning I have a blind bought bottle of some mystery fragrance with a bazillion notes to positively douse myself in upon it’s arrival. My most recent discovery has been a little potion from the Italian house of Tiziana Terenzi that goes by the name of Maremma, otherwise known as the next stop on my journey to unapologetic fragrant hedonism. Maremma by Paolo Terenzi Photo Stolen Fragrantica The opening sequence of Maremma is a story of luxuriant, utterly unctuous cocoa bathed in the glimmering chartreuse radiance of a rather full-bodied bergamot.

5th Essence Square sur Twitter : "Dos nuevas fragancias de @MontaleParis para esta temporada #perfumes... 5thEssenceSquare » Nuevas fragancias de Montale Paris. Montale Parfums nuevamente nos trae dos nuevas fragancias para disfrutar esta temporada: Orange Flowers La cautivadora flor del naranjo, sublimada por la miel, el ylang-ylang, el aazmín y el pachulí de Sumatra, se abre sobre una nube de especias que se mezclan con el limón y la mandarina de Sicilia, desarrollando su sensualidad gracias a la madera de cedro, el musgo de roble, las vainas de vainilla y el almizcle blanco.

5thEssenceSquare » Nuevas fragancias de Montale Paris

Aoud Sense La mandarina y la naranja de Calabria, realzadas por la pimienta negra y el clavo, abren nuestros sentidos sobre el trío más adictivo: la rosa sensual de Bulgaria, mezclada con el apreciado aoud se hace más animal y revela todo su poder gracias al vetiver de Haití. 5th Essence Square sur Twitter : "Para este Sant Jordi regala un perfume @MontaleParis con aroma a rosas como el Black Aoud #perfume #SantJordi2015. By Kilian sur Twitter : "KILIAN is now in #seoul #SouthKorea ! Discover all our #Perfume collections in the Italian concept store @10CorsoComo. Sade Awe on Instagram: “Truly one of the sexiest perfumes @bykilianofficial LOVE this brand and ALL its packaging. #perfume #womensfragrance #greatbranding #ByKillian”

El perfumista que vino de las montañas. Hay profesiones donde lo habitual es que tu padre y tu abuelo te transmitan su conocimiento y pasión y te apadrinen para seguir su camino.

El perfumista que vino de las montañas

Llegar a ser una nariz de prestigio -persona capaz de 'crear' perfumes- es una de ellas. Sin embargo, a Pierre Aules, creador de Angel, perfume más vendido del mundo perteneciente a la casa Thierry Mugler, no le hizo falta currículo familiar para convertirse en uno de los grandes del sector. Perfumería Benegas sur Twitter : "We love it !!! @Acqua_di_Parma Nos encanta !!! #perfume #belleza #estetica #blumediterraneo... Fragrance Foundation sur Twitter : "A shot from today's #AcademyTraining with the wonderful @RojaDove - inspiring as always #fragrance #perfume #training.

Roja Dove sur Twitter : "A single drop of #perfume can transport us from the mundane to a temporal world of fantasy and escapism. Rosina Perfumery sur Twitter : "There are no women who do not like #perfume, there are women who have not found their #scent - #MarilynMonroe #quote. Mer - Montale Parfums. AmberOud sur Twitter : "I have an insane passion for #soaps #perfumes #skincare #makeup #lipsticks... MONTALE PARFUMS sur Twitter : "Intense Pepper #Fragranze #Firenze #Florence #Italy #Fragrance #Perfume #SOTD... Photo by thecandyperfumeboy. Jane Daly on Twitter: "#PSA #Ottawa - @sephora @RideauCentre has @SergeLutens_EN! #perfume...

Henrietta H on Twitter: "@lessenteurs for a #perfume history class & #photoshoot #TeamNOTHS... Ramon Monegal Hand in Hand ~ new perfume. Maison Martin Margiela Replica Beach Walk EDT Perfume Review. I’m trying so hard to make this post not sound like I’m not a whiny, jaded fumehead, but I have a feeling this post is going to come across like I’m a whiny, jaded fumehead.

Maison Martin Margiela Replica Beach Walk EDT Perfume Review

As a fashion brand, I like (and own some) Maison Martin Margiela and I love the concept of the Replica line, so when I heard about the perfumes, I wanted to try them. But, then I didn’t. I can’t really describe why other than once I read about the inspiration, I felt they came across as cynical, contrived and frankly, unoriginal. I also didn’t like the labels and the “style description” of male or female (this I admit, is me being picky because the fashion brand does have “men’s collection and “women’s collection”). But, most of all, I felt these were themes had already been done. Then I sniffed a few and they were not of the quality that I was expecting from Maison Martin Margiela. Beach Walk opens as ozonic florals with ozonic citrus.

Persolaise : A great idea from @LArtisan ... AmberOud : I wish to get this #oud #perfume ... AmberOud : @ramonmonegal USA #perfume ... AmberOud : SOTD Eternal Oud @Bykilian ... Monegalperfumes : EXCELSIOR Milano is our new ... Cosmétique. Velvet Flowers by Montale. Post by Ainslie Walker It’s time for a Spanish pilgrimage.

Velvet Flowers by Montale

We know Spain is famous for its pilgrimages…Camino De Santiago in particular. Here at APJ, we are pilgrams of perfume, so therefore I want to tell you about an awesome little perfumerie in San Sebastian, Spain, which just might be worth “pilgrimaging” to when next you are in Europe. The store was first started as an English style barbershop and perfumery in 1908, and was named Casa Benegas. The founder D.Francisco Benegas and his wife Dona Justa Echeverria were extremely entrepreneurial, incorporating the latest trends from both the French and the English. Photo Stolen Benegas Fifty years later the business was taken over by their son who concentrated on the perfumery, introducing international brands and then some cosmetics.

Aoud - Montale Parfums. Montale Parfums - Montale Parfums. New Niche Perfume Review: Majda Bekkali Parfums Fusion Sacree (for Men and for Women) & Mon Nom est Rouge + USA Debut at NY Elements Showcase Draw. Parfum de niche français. Meet the Hedgehogittens: Caring cat becomes surrogate mother to a very prickly brood.

Giant Sea Cucumber Eats With Its Anus. Sauvons la lavande et les plantes à parfum aromatiques et médicinales. Juliette has a gun: disparos de buen olor. Silviayjosep : Another pic of Spanish tuberouse... Ramón Monegal - Perfumes de autor. PapillonPerfum : Another angle. #perfumes... New Niche Perfume Review: Majda Bekkali Parfums Fusion Sacree (for Men and for Women) & Mon Nom est Rouge + USA Debut at NY Elements Showcase Draw. LES DAMES DE GUERLAIN ~ A Special Event at the Guerlain Boutique. The last time I saw Paris was in May of 2006.

LES DAMES DE GUERLAIN ~ A Special Event at the Guerlain Boutique

I have wanted to return to the beautiful Parisians and their ville de lumière ever since. Yesterday I discovered that my wish was to be granted for a few hours at least. Paris had come to San Francisco. Several weeks ago my friend Hilary Randall, Fragrance Specialist; Trainer at Parfums Christian Dior took me over to the Guerlain counter at Neiman Marcus to smell a hidden treasure.

There she introduced me to the very charming and vivacious Guerlain sales associate Irene. Irene explained that a very special client had ordered a bottle of Song d’un Bois d’Ete and by lucky chance Paris had sent all three of the line. During our sampling of the perfumes Hilary told Irene about Scents Memory. The MUNI Metro was not feeling well yesterday when I boarded the train that would take me downtown for my appointment at Guerlain. Under the spectacular gold and ivory rotunda of Neiman’s I found Irene and Mary in a perfume huddle. Mary Edington. Vanityfair. Many would like to hold—and seriously covet—the white aluminum minaudière that Hennessy designed to accompany his Good Girl Gone Bad perfume, from In the Garden of Good and Evil.


Inspired by the slim cigarette cases popular in the Art Deco era, the clutch is adorned with a 24-karat-gold serpent poised in mid-coil, with Swarovski-crystal eyes that seem to flicker and catch the light. The play of white-and-gold represent the struggle between purity and vanity, while the scent—a blend of jasmine, Egyptian narcissus, tuberose, and Virginia cedar—is meant to conjure that “split-second moment of giving in or resisting, which we all have lived,” says Hennessy, convincingly. A fresco of a snake, door, apple, and grapevine decorates the side of the bottle, hinting at one’s fate. The reaction Hennessy hopes to get from the clutch and scent is for a woman to declare, “I want it.” (Indeed.) By Kilian perfumes are available at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue, and at

Dita Von Teese Launches Third Perfume FleurTeese (2013): Of Lilacs - First Look {New Perfume} {Celebrity Perfume} Burlesque icon Dita Von Teese is launching her third perfume on time for Mother's Day 2013 following up on her debut one Dita von Teese EDP and Rouge.

Dita Von Teese Launches Third Perfume FleurTeese (2013): Of Lilacs - First Look {New Perfume} {Celebrity Perfume}

Continuing to weave the sexy innuendos, it is this time called FleurTeese and is inspired by the scent of purple lilacs... While lilacs have a sexy side to them, they can also be quite innocent a flower a priori. This composition is therefore branding them as more readily boudoir material. The floral eau de toilette features notes of Casablanca Lily, Sambac jasmine flower and purple lilacs. The flacon retains its original shape now in a transparent crystal simulacre and filled with an amethyst potion. Other lilac perfumes of note include En Passant by Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums, Highland Lilac of Rochester and French Lilac by Pacifica. Sillage in Singapore – Interview with Woon Tai Ho, author of Riot Green.

The Scented Salon – Singapore with a side trip to Bhutan Welcome back to The Scented Salon at The Fragrant Man.

Sillage in Singapore – Interview with Woon Tai Ho, author of Riot Green

This is a place for discussion, education, and appreciation of fragrance. A place for the dissemination of various opinions by readers, as well as my own. A place for us. I am whooshing through the interwebs to talk with people in various cities about fragrance. Today we are poolside in Singapore talking with Woon Tai Ho. Tai Ho is an art collector and author who also runs his own boutique media consultancy. Woon Tai Ho – Poolside Contemplation Jordan – Welcome to this salon Tai Ho. Nubeperfume : a contemporary fossil, remnant... Everything. : Lernert & Sander. Everything.

Everything. : Lernert & Sander

A perfume by Lernert & Sander Everything is a perfume by Lernert & Sander consisting of all fragrances launched in 2012. Over the last year Lernert & Sander collected almost 1400 samples of newly launched fragrances. By mixing the content of all of these bottles, they created 1.5 liter of Everything. This unique perfume comes in a specially designed and hand blown bottle, an enlargement of a classic sample bottle. From March 1st to 9th, the bottle will be showcased at Colette, 213 Rue St-Honoré in Paris. Photo by nubeperfume. Photo by nubeperfume. Photo by nubeperfume. MEOFUSCIUNI : ...LUCE e la nuova installazione... Perfume Samples, Perfume Decants and Vintage Perfumes - The Perfumed Court.