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Awesome Dad Draws Cartoons on Lunch Bags for His Kids (34 Pics. Photographer Martin Schoeller. The Best Crossword Solver Online. Mouse Party. The Inspiration Tree: The Pursuit of Happiness: 15 Lessons to Keep in Mind. 29 ways to stay creative. Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. A diagram explaining the outcomes of the game The normal form matrix of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock.


Rows represent available choices for player 1, columns those for player 2. Numbers in cells show utility (payoff) for player 1, player 2. Pimp sand castle. $44.38 in Perspective. We recently received a donation of coins. In fact, it was literally hundreds of coins. The coins came from Ms. Watch Free Documentaries Online. HOW TO TICK PEOPLE OFF. Animal did you knows. X^2+(y-(x^2)^(1/3))^2=1. Sweet Search. Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron. Shay Aaron is a brilliant artist from Israel who makes the most astonishing miniature food jewelry.

Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron

These foodstuffs look so beautiful that we would desire to eat them. Actually, there’s a whole market out there for miniature food. Not actual stuff you can eat, but beautifully hand made designs of steaks, burgers, pies, vegetables, eggs and pretty much food artworks you can think of. Comments comments. Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee.

(click images for detail) For the better part of three decades multidisciplinary artist Guy Laramee has worked as a stage writer, director, composer, a fabricator of musical instruments, a singer, sculptor, painter and writer.

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

Among his sculptural works are two incredible series of carved book landscapes and structures entitled Biblios and The Great Wall, where the dense pages of old books are excavated to reveal serene mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures. Of these works he says: So I carve landscapes out of books and I paint Romantic landscapes. Mountains of disused knowledge return to what they really are: mountains. Power-ranger-hoodies.jpg (570×438) How to make roses from maple leaves. DIY storybook paper roses. DIY storybook paper roses.

DIY storybook paper roses

Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама. Shakespeare Insult Kit. Shakespeare Insult Kit Since 1996, the origin of this kit was listed as anonymous.

Shakespeare Insult Kit

Untitled. Photography & Design & Inspiration. 14 fun facts you probably didn’t know. Source Source Source.

14 fun facts you probably didn’t know

10 Free Websites to download any video off the internet. I wrote earlier about how you can convert your youtube videos easily online. Recently I came across at least 10 more websites where you can download ANY video off the internet. Keepvid is definitely one of my personal favorite websites where I download all my videos from. KeepVid supports just about any video sharing site out there. Another great thing about Keepvid is that it displays the most famous videos on the web so you can quickly download the most watched videos. Vixy allows you to convert your youtube video into MPEG4,AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3 and 3GP file online. SUPER VIDEO the Burning Flower. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. How Famous Companies Got Their Names.

Ever wondered about how famous brands got their names from?

How Famous Companies Got Their Names

Sharpie Art - Extreme Sharpie Artwork at WomansDay. Nowadays, Sharpie markers come in more than basic black––they’re available in every color of the rainbow, and in just about every size and shape.

Sharpie Art - Extreme Sharpie Artwork at WomansDay

They’re great for everyday labeling and organizing, but did you know that they could also be used to decorate everything from guitars to fingernails? WD teamed with Sharpie to find the most unique creations from talented artists across the globe. From a Lamborghini turned objet d’art to a wall mural, check out how different artists uncapped their creativity. Fully-Functional Nikon Camera Halloween Costume. The 21 Day Challenge Everyone Should Take. I'm on day 14 of a 21-day challenge that I semi-invented and so far I have to admit the results have been nothing short of amazing.

The 21 Day Challenge Everyone Should Take

Now, when I say that I semi-invented it, that is purely because I took the idea from the excellent book 'Psycho Cybernetics' and put it in a format that everyone can follow, myself included. I'm not exaggerating when I say this challenge can literally help with any aspect of your life that you would like to improve. Before I go into more detail on how you can follow along, I need to talk a little about our 'self image' and why it is very important. Understanding the Self Image In the mid 20th Century, Maxwell Maltz who was a plastic surgeon, wrote a book called Psycho Cybernetics that has now sold millions of copies and been updated for modern times. How To Build The World's Best Paper Airplanes. Watermark Tee by Sweet Verbana. Hello U-Create readers!

Watermark Tee by Sweet Verbana

I am so excited to be guest posting here today. TIPPED OUT - All photos: Kristin Ess + post designed by kristin ess Lots of emails this week asking for a tutorial on Lauren’s temporary bright colors. Frequently Asked Questions.

10+ Web Tools To Save Your Butt In School. It’s a new year, and the beginning of a new semester in school. Students who didn’t do so hot last year have probably made a New Year resolution to improve their grades. To help you all with the next semester, I’ve decided to make a list of extremely helpful web tools that will make school easier for all the struggling students out there. Enjoy, and good luck with the new semester. Daily Lessons in Science, Literature, Love and Life . . . Updated Seven Days A Week. 20 Facts You May Not Know About Harry Potter. It all ends this Friday. To celebrate the release of Deathly Hallows 2, here’s 20 lesser-known facts about the Harry Potter franchise. (the last several images were created by me). The Alex Foundation- Home page. Two-faced cat earns Guinness record.

Just Randon Tips That You May or may not Know! - CocinarComerCompartir. 1. Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips. Fonda LaShay. Que Houxo is a Japanese artist who does live paintings. His style is quite colorful, he uses fluorescent paints with black lights. 15 Most Popular Autocorrects From March 2011. The Idea Swap. The Rubiks Cube Solution. Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics) Water ink _ BDDP Unlimited and Solidarités International - UK on Vimeo. How To Draw. Small as your finger but they are not insects but monkeys.

Amazing Focus. How to grow a Rainbow Rose, Naturally. In 2004, two dutch companies, River Flowers and F.J. Explanation. Language: What foreign words are difficult to translate into English? Short but tricky management ability test.

The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and tells whether you are qualified to be a “manager.” The questions are not that difficult. About a dog called 'Faith'.. Life Hacks. Australia.

Paper Art - 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art. Spiders in Pakistan encase whole trees in webs. Home. A LITTLE GIRL ON A PLANE from Joe Burton. How to Memorize - Learn to memorize and increase memory. 7 Insane Easter Eggs Hidden in Movies and TV Shows.