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ESL teacher interested in everything ict

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Amélie Silvert. Formation numérique. Articles Intéressants. VIDEOS A EXPLOITER. RESSOURCES SELFIES 10/11. Ateliers_numériques. TOOLS EASY. Premières 2015 Myths and Heroes. Rentrée_2015. A creuser. Documents stagiaires. Terminales_The_notion_of_progress. TL MYTHS AND HEROES. SKYPE IN THE CLASSROOM. One World: Connecting Communities, Cultures, and Classrooms. In the 'Think It Through' classroom game, students role-play real-life scenarios as they learn that all the choices that one makes have consequences and that those consequences affect others.

One World: Connecting Communities, Cultures, and Classrooms

TIME REQUIRED Five-to-ten 20-minute class segments (number of minutes may vary) Game Poster (PDF)Ten Role-Play Scenario Cards: #1 (PDF) #2 (PDF) #3 (PDF) #4 (PDF) #5 (PDF) #6 (PDF) #7 (PDF) #8 (PDF) #9 (PDF) #10 (PDF)Five markers (A, B, C, D, E), one for each group/team of students (PDF)Optional Bonus CardsOther: Class reward or treat (to be determined by teacher) for successful class completion of the game GAME OBJECTIVES The goal is to have each of five teams have their marker be placed upon the game poster by the teacher, signifying that each team has successfully completed a role-play scenario. PREPARATION FOR THE GAME: 1).


Articles_lepetitjournaldesprofs. Textes_spé_anglais. Imaginary Worlds, utopias, dystopias LELE. LOVE AND MARRIAGE LELE. HEROES. POWER AND RESISTANCE TO POWER. Into the Wild.