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App. Becoming a Programmer. Tutorials and Cources. Computer Science. C# Python. PHP. MySQL. JavaScript and JQuery. Web Development. Books. Random. Blog - Top 10 programming blogs to follow. Aug20 Written by:2009/08/20 04:53 PM A successful blog needs great content. If you are a blogger, and or a programmer you understand that you have only a limited amount of knowledge. That is why you and I need to follow other guru blogs and developers.

By following and getting involved in other blogs, we increase our own knowledge, create new ideas for content for your own blog. Here is a list of the top 10programming blogs you should follow. 1. 2. 10 Must Have Cheat Sheets For Programmers. Opening heavy books and digging StackOverflow might be the wrong option when you are in a hurry.

10 Must Have Cheat Sheets For Programmers

Some programmers like to make their own cheat sheets according to their weaknesses and strengths. But, you don’t have to spend much time and energy as we have compiled these cheat sheets that you can consult anytime. Let’s get started (And don’t forget to check out amazing deals on different courses at the end of the article): HTML5 Cheat Sheet: HTML5 is the fifth and most recent version of HTML.

HTML5 Cheat Sheet HTLM5 on fossBytes Academy CSS3 Cheat Sheet: CSS3, the latest CSS standard, is totally compatible with the earlier CSS versions. Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online - Freelancer. Codingground - Online Terminals and IDEs. 23 Go To Resources for Finding Great Code.

English | Español | Français About Us Menu ≡ home > resources > articles > 23 go to resources for finding great code 23 Go To Resources for Finding Great Code As a developer, you are probably writing most of your own code. These 23 websites are for those times. Take a look and add them to your programming tool belt: CodeGuru CodeGuru is a free website where you can find tips, tricks, and other pieces of useful code. The Free Country This website is a collection of free programming, but also webmasters’ and security resources, and free utilities. Hot Scripts is a large Internet directory that compiles and disseminates Web programming-related resources. Script Dungeon Script dungeon is a free directory offering hundreds of free scripts, tools, and utilities. CGI Resource Index is a free directory containing over 2,700 programs and CGI scripts written in Perl, C, C++, and other languages.

PHP Resource Index Dynamic Drive Fat Scripts Open Source Scripts JavaScript Kit. 15 Websites programmers should visit every day. Best coding contests and practice sites.