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Amazing Photos of Serbia, The Hidden Gem of Europe. A house without neighbors.

Amazing Photos of Serbia, The Hidden Gem of Europe

The house that has perched on a rock in the middle of a Drina river for 40 years, Serbia. Photo by: Irene Becker Vineyards of Vojvodina province, Serbia. The fertile plains of Vojvodina are dotted with ploughed fields, cornfields, vineyards and orchards. Photo by: Katarina Stefanovic Stunning golden fields of Serbia. The right bank of Danube river, Serbia. Camping under milky way in Uvac canyon, Serbia. Serbia has been topping the global raspberry export list for several years now.

Sunshine over Tara mountains, also known as Dinaric alps, Serbia. Typical village household in rural areas of Serbia. Eagle over river uvac, Serbia. Beautiful “Danube” street in Novi Sad, second largest city in Serbia and home of the Europe’s best music festival “Exit”. A New Year’s eve celebration at Novi Sad main city square. Umbrella street in Serbian capital. Www.unix-ninja. In this article I am going to share some bash scripting commands and regular expressions which I find useful in password cracking.


Most of the time, we find hashes to crack via shared pastes websites (the most popular of them being Pastebin.) Isolating the hashes by hand can be a time consuming process; for that reason we are going to use regular expressions to make our life easier! Extract md5 hashes # egrep -oE '(^|[^a-fA-F0-9])[a-fA-F0-9]{32}([^a-fA-F0-9]|$)' *.txt | egrep -o '[a-fA-F0-9]{32}' > md5-hashes.txt. Earth-traveling. America the beautiful. 1.


Yosemite National Park, California You might recognize it as a stop along the way when playing the Oregon Trail — it’s full of history and even more beautiful un-pixelated. Www.popsugar. Skiplagged: The smart way to find cheap flights. Www.accordingtohind. 1.


Work Overseas: This is a great way to earn money and fund new travels. The places I highly recommend researching into are AIESEC, Global Work & Travel and Work Travel Company.


Places to see! Travel hacks. Www.dreamingandwandering. Europa. Must do! Animal rescue. Asia. Sør-Amerika trip. Helpx. Budapest. 12 SIMPLE STEPS TO PLAN AND ORGANIZE YOUR PERFECT ADVENTURE. Planning a trip should be something positive and fun but all the options and possibilities we can choose from nowadays can easily overwhelm us.


Planning a trip, long or short can easily become a stressful task. Where do you begin and what should you do first? Is there a easy step-by-step guide that you could follow? Plan. Book. Share. Top 50 World's Most Amazing Restaurants With Spectacular Views. Even the most amazing food in the world wouldn’t have quite the same clout if you were forced to eat it while staring at a brick wall.

Top 50 World's Most Amazing Restaurants With Spectacular Views

A restaurant with a view can take a dining experience from mediocre to magnificent: giving it that lift that makes it a life-long memorable meal. Whether you’re looking out over a city’s silhouette, the glittering coastline or acres of rolling countryside, check out some of the world's best restaurants with views, for memories that last long after your plate is cleared. Asiate - New York, USA Photo by Asiate Dasheene - St. Photo by Ladera Resort. Nepal Travel Guide:Nepal Flights, Nepal Hotels, Trekking & Holiday with My Favorite Hostels in Europe - Posted on 28.

My Favorite Hostels in Europe -

Jan, 2014 by Marie-Eve Vallieres in Europe Travel, Travel Tips While few things make me happier than falling asleep in Egyptian-thread sheets and bathing in L’Occitane toiletries, I do appreciate a good hostel as well. My friend and fellow blogger Kash recently published the Bible of luxury hostels in Europe, which focuses on hostels with high standards, stylish private rooms and affordable prices. Restaurant Menus With A Twist - 15 Crazy Places To Eat Before You Die. In order to bring in more customers some restaurants around the world are using fun themes and restaurant menus with a twist.

Restaurant Menus With A Twist - 15 Crazy Places To Eat Before You Die

We have searched high and wide to bring you a list of the 15 most craziest places to eat before you die. 1. The Magic Restroom Cafe (City of Industry, CA) 48 epic dream hotels to visit before you die. A GOOD HOTEL CAN MAKE or break a trip.

48 epic dream hotels to visit before you die

The worst hotel in the best place is still going to make retiring after a long day an unfortunate experience. The best hotel in the worst place, on the other hand, can be something of an oasis. 27 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Infect You With The Travel Bug. I’m a travel photo junkie.

27 Amazing Travel Photos That Will Infect You With The Travel Bug

I can spend hours browsing photography sites and social media sites looking for the travel photo that will inspire me next. Below are 27 of my favorite travel photos from the last 4-5 years. 11 Amazing Places You Need To Visit Once In Your Life. Everyone likes to travel, but it becomes really hard to choose a destination for your next visit. Despite the saying “It is a small world,” there is an enormous amount of opportunities to see something really exciting, and this is why choosing one destination may be a bit challenging. This makes compiling a list of 11 Amazing Places You Need To Visit Once In Your Life even tougher, but we’re up for the task. 1.

River of Flowers, Keukenhof, Holland. 7 Amazing Places to Visit on Earth - What to Do When Bored. Have you ever seen such amazing places to visit on Earth as these? 1. Batu Caves, Malaysia Image credit: Danny Xeero The beautiful Batu Caves are a popular tourist attraction in Selangor, Malaysia, and are also a great spot for Hindu worshippers. The caves are broken up into three parts, which encompass separate temples and Hindu shrines. Welcome to Couchsurfing! - Couchsurfing. 27 Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die. 12 Less Visited Countries and Why You Should Go There Now. Bolivian Salt Flat Creates Amazing Walking on Water Illusion. Located at 11,995 feet above sea level, Salar de Uyuni is a mystifying salt flat in Altiplano, Bolivia that has a reflective nature when covered with water. The briny layer of land, created through the rainy season, transforms the otherwise plated pockets of dry salt into a giant mirror, giving the illusion of walking on water.

Though the salty desert is quite beautiful when left alone, the introduction of water leads to an unbelievably surreal result. It is especially exquisite on cloudy days where it looks as though visitors are taking a stroll in the sky. How to Travel Around the World for $418. How To Travel The World On The Cheap (with Graham Hughes) 101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part III) Amazing Swimming Pools You Would Love To Dive Into.

Tweet If you love relaxing in a beautiful pool on a hot summers day or taking a leisurely swim then check out these 20 amazing swimming pools that I am sure you would love to dive into. 1. Mardan Palace, Turkey [SEE ALSO - Top 10 Scariest Rooftop Hotel Pools] 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Amazing Festivals Around The World That You Should See Before You Die. Tweet Once a year some of the countries around the world hold magical and outrageous festivals. The Uber-Luxurious Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali. The uber-luxurious Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali With a backdrop of emerald green terraced rice-fields and the tumbling waters of the Ayung flowing below, Ubud Hanging Gardens is set at the heart of Bali. Powerful Route Planning Awesome Curated Places & Trips.


Surf Trip, Surf Vacation Beach Houses for Rent. 101 Most Beatiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part I) Your 100 greatest travel experiences. 31st December 2013. The 15 Craziest Things In Nature You Won't Believe Actually Exist. Mother Nature is beautiful and amazing because we can see many amazing stuff like these 15 things that you won’t believe they actually exist. 25 Wonderful Places To Visit In Your Lifetime! The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You're Broke. Travel in Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA & Canada — Contiki Tours.

40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune. Create a Map of your Travels on Travellerspoint. Embed the map and accompanying stats on your Blog. 10 Places You Need To Visit Once In Your Life. 17 Beautiful Sites You Have To See Before You Die. Amazing Events Around the World. 20 of the world's most beautiful World Heritage Sites. Scattered between the twisting roots of the Cambodian jungle, this site dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu contains the remains of Khmer Empire capitals dating from the 9th to the 15th centuries. Among the most famous of its 100-strong group of monuments is the Temple of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the sculptural Bayon Temple. In 2000, Cambodian authorities allowed action flick "Tomb Raider" to be filmed at the site on the proviso that no guns would be fired.

Looming over the city of Athens, this ancient Grecian citadel was built in the 5th century BC and continually beautified throughout the years by the city's well-moneyed citizens. 40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune. Create a Map of your Travels on Travellerspoint. Embed the map and accompanying stats on your Blog. The 20 craziest party hostels around the world. Jules Underwater Hotel. The Best Carnivals in the World. 6 unique places to swim — PR Friendly, Brand Ambassador, Health & Fitness Mom Blog. Water Worlds: 15 Real Floating Towns & Ocean Cities. There’s only one Venice, but you might be surprised to find that you can get the same scenic and historic feel – complete with canal ‘streets’ and gondoliers – in several other towns across the globe.

In fact, there are dozens of picturesque floating villages and islands that are so heavily populated, you can barely tell that there’s land under all the man-made structures. Here are 15 of the world’s most fascinating water-based communities. Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia. 8 Underrated City Breaks in Europe. Heroes' Square, Budapest, Hungary When it comes to city breaks, the usual Euro hotspots like Paris, Rome, Madrid or Berlin, quickly come to mind.

8 Underrated City Breaks in Europe. Help Exchange: free volunteer work exchange abroad Australia New Zealand Canada Europe. Volunteer Programs. 9 Unique & Unusual Travel Destinations. 43 Places. 30 Places to Find Cheap Airline Tickets. Amazing pools. The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide. 12 Most Amazing Pools in the World. How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!) 10 volunteer opportunities for free travel.

Tours Company Sri Lanka. Bucket list. 101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part II) Reise guide digital.