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“The Capital of Empty Spaces”: Dealing with the Shrinking of the Great Baltic City. From East Asia via Great Britain: the Story of Estonia and Latvia’s National Game. By Geoff Chester, LIEPĀJA Novuss is the national game of Latvia; Koroona is the national game of Estonia.

From East Asia via Great Britain: the Story of Estonia and Latvia’s National Game

But what are these games and where did they come from? Geoff Chester explains… “The Capital of Empty Spaces”: Dealing with the Shrinking of the Great Baltic City. The 15 Best Books of 2015. In the spirit of treating my annual best-of reading lists as a sort of Old Year’s resolutions in reverse, reflecting not aspirational priorities for the new year but what proved most worth prioritizing over the year past, here are the fifteen most rewarding books I read in 2015, following the subject-specific selections of the year’s best art books, best science books, and best children’s books.

The 15 Best Books of 2015

Please enjoy. “I have been able to see my life as from a great altitude, as a sort of landscape, and with a deepening sense of the connection of all its parts,” Oliver Sacks wrote in his poignant, beautiful, and courageous farewell to life. Pirate Bay Founder: ‘I Have Given Up’ “The internet is shit today.

Pirate Bay Founder: ‘I Have Given Up’

It’s broken. It was probably always broken, but it’s worse than ever.” A Compendium of Useful Information for the Practical Man/Camping and Hiking. The Camp Sheet[edit] From time to time in this department I have mentioned an oiled muslin sheet for the camp outfit.

A Compendium of Useful Information for the Practical Man/Camping and Hiking

In the first place it should be made with the idea of accommodating itself to the usages of a two man camp, because more often two go together than one alone; or more than two in company, unless it is a regular party camp, which is usually fully equipped. For two men you should buy a piece of sheeting such as is used in making ordinary bed sheets.

Library. Eight Books Every Spiritual Seeker Should Read. “You want weapons?

Eight Books Every Spiritual Seeker Should Read

Go to a library. Western liberalism is no match for the Islamic Game of Thrones. As a graduate student in the Harvard Government Department in the late 1980s, I became slightly jaded about the number of visiting professors who warned about the imminent demise of the West.

Western liberalism is no match for the Islamic Game of Thrones

The thrust of their arguments was nearly always the same. The secular liberal values we cherish, such as freedom of speech and the separation of church and state, won’t survive in the face of growing, religious disenchantment with modernity unless they’re rooted in something more meaningful than rational individualism. They were talking about Islamic Fundamentalism, obviously, although sometimes they threw in Christian Fundamentalism as well in order not to seem ‘Orientalist’ or ‘ethnocentric’. Fascinating graphics show who owns all the major brands in the world. Syria oil map: the journey of a barrel of Isis oil. Kurdistan Regional Government Isis controls most of Syria’s oil fields and crude is the militant group's biggest single source of revenue.

Syria oil map: the journey of a barrel of Isis oil

Here we follow the progress of a barrel of oil from extraction to end user to see how the Isis production system works, who is making money from it, and why it is proving so challenging to disrupt. By Erika Solomon, Robin Kwong and Steven Bernard•October 14, 2015. An inventory of the meaningful life. Ieva Melgalve: Baltā kāpa. Smiltis zem manas ādas izstaro pēdējo dienas karstumu.

Ieva Melgalve: Baltā kāpa

Ir jau nakts, bet es turpinu ceļu. Šajā tuksnesī nav ne robežu, ne pieturas punktu. Laiks ir eļļaina čūska, kas iznirst no smiltīm. 20 books Mark Zuckerberg thinks everyone should read. Latvijas iedvesmas stāstu blogs. New Book, Ilkka Kakko: "Oasis Way and the Postnormal Era: How Underst… Ten Days of Silent Meditation Will Make You Trip Balls and Lust After Puppies. Photo by Flickr user Alice Popkorn When you sign up to do a Vipassana, there's a form they ask you to sign saying that you won't leave.

Ten Days of Silent Meditation Will Make You Trip Balls and Lust After Puppies

When you arrive they ask you the same question, and then when you're unpacked and sitting in the canteen sipping herbal tea, they ask you again if you're really prepared to stay for the entirety of the course and follow each of the rules to the letter. A more sensitive soul might get the impression that you weren't really wanted at the Vipassana at all. The rules are simple: You must meditate for up to ten hours each day. You can't talk, you can't read, you can't use your phone, you can't smoke, you can't make eye contact with other participants, you can't masturbate, and you can't leave until the morning of the 11th day.

Our teacher is called Davide. Urgently Designing Cosmopolitan Localism in the Era of Xenophobia. ÒUrgently Designing Cosmopolitan LocalismÓ Tonkinwise - draft - July 2015 Page 2 of 26 your designing, your teaching, your research, your everyday ways of living?

Urgently Designing Cosmopolitan Localism in the Era of Xenophobia

This near-impossible-to-contemplate urgency is what the Anthropocene should stand for. Tony Fry has called it, ÔDictatorship of Sustainment.Õ. 8 Famous People Whose Creativity & Innovation Was Inspired By LSD. Source: | Original Post Date: Growing up, I was conditioned to believe that LSD was one of the worse drugs, with its dangers and addictive properties following close behind those of heroin. This would all change when I fell severely ill in my twenties. After conventional medicine had failed me, I decided to embark on a journey with plant medicine. Intro to Cults 101. Es. 2. Act normal If you are a high-risk source, avoid saying anything or doing anything after submitting which might promote suspicion.

In particular, you should try to stick to your normal routine and behaviour. The end of capitalism has begun. The red flags and marching songs of Syriza during the Greek crisis, plus the expectation that the banks would be nationalised, revived briefly a 20th-century dream: the forced destruction of the market from above. For much of the 20th century this was how the left conceived the first stage of an economy beyond capitalism.

The force would be applied by the working class, either at the ballot box or on the barricades. The lever would be the state. The opportunity would come through frequent episodes of economic collapse. BEFORE THEY - Norwegian equality policy has failed. Men and women are not equal in Norway, in spite of the efforts of politicians and ngos, and an official equal rights policy. Hoboglyphs: Secret Transient Symbols & Modern Nomad Codes. Uldis Ģērmanis: rotaļīgie sātani. Šā gada jūnijā devos uz Helsinkiem, lai tur universitātes bibliotēkā, kā prātīgi ļaudis saka, "padziļinātu savas zināšanas" dažos Austrumeiropas vēstures jautājumos.

Bet cilvēks nedzīvo no maizes vien, lai cik tā vērtīga un nepieciešama. Nevar arī diendienā nodarboties ar ideju vēsturi un debatēm par polītiskiem, sociāliem un militāriem jautājumiem. Elephant journal: Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality. 25 Essential Books That Every College Student Should Read.

There is no college student who would like reading books, they say. Can you believe it? We hardly think so! Yes, reading is fashionable. Again. And every college student is always in fashion as a rule. Free online courses from the world's best universities. Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart Tolle (/ˈɛkɑrt ˈtɒlə/ EK-art TO-lə; German pronunciation: [ˈɛkaʁt ˈtɔlə], born Ulrich Leonard Tölle on February 16, 1948) is a German-born resident of Canada,[1][2] best known as the author of The Power of Now and A New Earth.

How to learn with zero effort. Face to face with the world’s leading memory experts, my mind is beginning to feel very humble. Ben Whately, for instance, tells me about the famous mnemonist Matteo Ricci, a 16th Century Jesuit priest who was the first westerner to take China’s highest civil service exams. Structured Water Pseudoscience and Quackery. Thinking in Politics. Vol 3, No 1 (2015) Can you learn in your sleep? Sleep learning used to be a pipe dream. Now neuroscientists say they have found ways to enhance your memory with your eyes closed, says David Robson. Self-Compassion Outweighs Self-Esteem for Resilience & Empowerment.

Self-Compassion Outweighs Self-Esteem for Resilience & Empowerment. Through the Looking Glass — Human Parts. I’m a single white male in his late twenties. Ice cream - Vegan chocolate ice cream in one of Taipei's Loving Hut restaurants. Vegan ice cream found in Seoul A box of azuki bean ice cream in Japan. Vents Vīnbergs: Rīgas dzīvokļu kultūra. The Long Way Home - an Interview with Ania and Jon - Happy Hobos. Psychology – Aeon Magazine. 17 things that change forever when you live abroad. Rare and Unseen Color Photographs of America’s Hippie Communes from the 1970s. Krista Burāne: Bērns un (nāve) kultūra. The Cost Of Living In Every Part Of The World In One Incredible Infographic. Arrested for Dumpster Diving for Food? I’ve Got You Covered. Page. How Albert Einstein Started - Infographic. The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur. Why do we have pubic hair? Prince Charles lays out 10 principles for urban design. Scientists have now successfully demonstrated Technological Telepathy!

Here are the cheapest and most expensive places in the world to get your vice on. 10 reasons to go green starting NOW. Guerrillas in the Industrial Jungle: Radicalism's Primitive and Industrial ... - Ursula McTaggart - Google Books. Will Work for Food: Ideological and Organizational Stigma Management among Dumpster Divers in New York City. Sustainable Materials: with both eyes open. Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats, 2nd Edition : Download Free Book. Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature. Libros para Kindle, Papyre, iPad, iPhone, Android, Nook, Sony.

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