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Macedonia. 15+ Brutally Honest Illustrations Perfectly Sum Up Adulthood. Writer Chaz Hutton created a brilliant series of simple illustrations on sticky-notes to illustrate the grim everyday realities of adult life.

15+ Brutally Honest Illustrations Perfectly Sum Up Adulthood

Using stick-figure comics and hilarious graphs, he makes our grown-up gripes and little pleasures all too real. If you like Hutton's everyday observations, be sure to follow his Instagram. If you want more works like this, check out these funny illustrations by Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, who also like to poke fun at everyday life. More info: Instagram | (h/t: designtaxi, aplus) Show 21 more. Ani's big girl bed.

Himbleton CE First School - Forest School. Children in Reception and Year 1 take part in Forest School activities on Thursday mornings on the days the rest of the school go swimming.

Himbleton CE First School - Forest School

They come to school dressed for the outdoors because they work outside whatever the weather! Forest School' is a Scandinavian concept where the outdoors is used as an area for learning. Many of the activities evolve from the children's interests and ideas, and the natural materials found in the outdoors rather than paper, pencils and worksheets. Forest School' offers an outdoor classroom where the rules are minimal and easy to understand, there is no right or wrong, learning is life-long and there is risk-taking within a controlled environment. Children are encouraged to move away from adult interaction and to become more responsible for each other and themselves. 'Forest School' is about using the outdoors to promote confidence, self-esteem and independence. We recognise that in order to learn you have to engage and participate.


Two Simple Tools to Get Started with Swedish. One of the biggest regrets I have after coming here is that I didn’t take the time to learn some rudimentary Swedish before I arrived.

Two Simple Tools to Get Started with Swedish

I was placated by the fact that an overwhelming 86% of Swedes speak English fluently, and so I told myself: “I’ll figure it out as I go along.” Truth be told, I’ve yet to encounter a language barrier here in Sweden that couldn’t be surmounted using English. That said, not having a working body of knowledge of Swedish will leave you wanting a lot. Truly experiencing a country and all that it has to offer means not being inhibited by filters of any kind (language being one of them).

Keep reading to learn two of the most powerful tools that you can start using immediately to build a Swedish lexicon before you come: Livemocha isn’t always the go-to option when it comes to language learning. Anki is a tool that I’ve long been in love with. It’s not much of a looker, but Anki packs quite the lingual punch! Anki can also be used to learn Swedish.

Mohamed Atwa. Passport Index - World's passports in one place. 15 идеальных сочетаний цветов в одежде. Momentuzņēmums. 12. epizode. LMA naktssargs Jānis Bērziņš. Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2014 - HeadbangerSam - Blog. By Ernesto, on January 4, 2014 It's an year old article yes, but thought to share with the new users and newbies here who are new to the whole torrent world, and this would help some!!

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2014 - HeadbangerSam - Blog

There are some great torrent sites. I prefer Kickass torrents for everything! And YTS for movies, but now I prefer AnoXmous and Zone321 uploads and many other who does small rips in smaller size for better quality than YTS!! But I am regular there on YTS, since have many friends there! I can now only rely on kickass torrent. Btw, many are complaining down (some being rude ): ), that I have not written any content. PS: The Pirate Bay & EZTV currently down! Continuing a long-standing New Year’s tradition, today we present an up-to-date list of the world’s most-visited BitTorrent sites. With 2013 now behind us, which torrent sites are pulling in the most visitors at the start of 2014? The top three slots remain intact compared to last year, with The Pirate Bay in the lead despite several domain name changes.

Teā / LTV.LV. Pievienot Mans LTV Teā "Zilākalna" Marta Foto: Gints Mālderis.

Teā / LTV.LV