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The Clueless Rider. ESTA - Welcome to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Big Matty. Heading west on Interstate 80, with Salt Lake City in the rear-view mirror.

Big Matty

The final leg on our 3,000 mile journey. We crossed the Salt Flats, where many a land speed record has been broken, and stopped for lunch in Wendover, Nevada where many a Mormon has been corrupted by the evils of state line gambling. We opted not to stop under the blinking neon lights to tempt lady luck. Instead, we pushed on, through the strangely beautiful desolation of northern Nevada. As we drove, dust devils in the distance, my mind kept going back over the previous month. On we drove through the high desert, past Winnemucca and up into the hills until we dropped down into Reno. Neolithic Burial Monuments in Ireland.

Cost of Living. 3-Day Ultralight Backpacking Gearlist. Dear fellow backpacker, I’m on the sunset side of 60, but even when I was in my teens and twenties I had fun reducing the weight of my pack.

3-Day Ultralight Backpacking Gearlist

When I was young, strong, and full of energy I still couldn’t understand carrying a heavy pack. Backpacking is infinitely more enjoyable when you’re carrying a light load and getting closer to nature.


Places. Realities of Your Own Creation – My Reflections and Photo Shares from My Week Away. When you begin to view life and all things having a divine order and purpose, which stems from a deep inner/intuitive knowing without the need to ego-comprehend it all the time, nor have a mapped out reasoning and proof always, then you begin to move rapidly through realities.

Realities of Your Own Creation – My Reflections and Photo Shares from My Week Away

You make a decision every day to make something your source of authority. When you decide to stop listening to everything other than your intuitive self and decide that IT is the sacred source, then you will need no other validation. No one will be able to validate it anyway because it is an experience that is yours alone to know.

There are many realities of experience available, which is each person’s choice. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this experience was a magnified version of your greatest opportunity? While I was away this past week visiting family in Reno and my beloved Lake Tahoe, I experienced my own magnified version of greatest opportunity. Spending time with the family is always powerful in layered ways. 6 Ways to Travel the World on a Budget. ~ Brenna Fischer. Five reasons to wake a traveller at dawn. You snooze, you lose – if you’re a traveller, that is.

Five reasons to wake a traveller at dawn

Set your alarm clock for one of these unforgettable early-morning experiences. Morning rush hour at Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan 'Tokyo, Chuo Ward, vendors with tuna at Tsukiji Fish Market' by Rich Iwasaki / Photographer's Choice / Getty Tokyo’s most famous market reaches fever pitch in the early morning. You’ll be deafened as buyers holler for the best catches at the tuna auction, and you’ll see frozen fish the size of grown men being hauled around with astonishing ease. Make it happen: register before 5am to be in with a chance of seeing the auction (check here).

Spiritual silence at the Vatican, Italy. Billige reiser. En lekker infografikk. The Best of 2010: 100 Inspired Travel Blogs. Every year thousands of travel blogs are started as people dream of taking an extended trip, or want to share their travels with people back home or even have loftier aspirations. However, despite prolific numbers, very few people stick with travel blogging and even fewer create the kind of content that makes you say: wow, I have to go there.

This year I wanted to recognize some of my favorite bloggers, big and small, who have been my favorite reads this year. It’s travelers who have been doing it for years, and others who are still planning their big trip. It’s professional writers and seasoned photographers. Sofia's Journal: travel. Travel Links. Backpacking SitesArt of Travel or How to Travel for $25 a Day step-by-step guide for backpackers as described by one experienced backpacker Backpack New Zealand Information on hiking and backpacking in New Zealand.

Travel Links

Backpacker Board New Zealandinteractive travel guide to New Zealand. Travel Guides. 40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune. Welcome Stumbled Upon & Delicious Users: You may also want to check out our 180+ Best Money Saving Tools.

40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune

Traveling doesn't have to break the bank (in fact, you can travel for free), and there are plenty of places that'll help you find the best vacation for your budget. Get discounts and the insider scoop with these great resources. Don't forget to ask for free travel upgrades. (See also: 5 Essential Travel Tools) Cheap Flights and Accommodations Find the best rates for airlines and places to stay, no matter what type of traveler you are. CouchSurfing - Bum a night's sleep on somebody's couch and save hundreds of dollars on hotel costs! Places of Peace and Power - Sacred Sites: Places of Peace and Power.


Places To Visit, Trip Planner, Travel & Vacation Ideas. Your online travel booking tool for rail journeys, holidays, city trips and car rental. Airline Seat Maps, Flights shopping and Flight information- Best Airplane Seats - SeatGuru. The Universal Packing List. 80 things we wish we knew before we started traveling. Keeping simple tips in mind while traveling can enable you to visit places like Egypt with ease.

80 things we wish we knew before we started traveling

If you've never traveled or you travel all the time, simple tips will help all over the worldDon't ever carry your actual passport with you -- bring a copy insteadCarry a "dummy" wallet with old, expired credit cards in case you are robbed (Matador) -- Hindsight is 20/20, right? 110302-MINT-TIPSa.png (PNG-bilde, 1300x1926 punkter)

How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!) Wise Bread Picks.

How to Travel Full-Time for $17,000 a Year (or Less!)

The Guide to Sleeping in Airports. Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links. Free travel information around the globe.