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Businessinsider. Here’s something that has always puzzled me, growing up in the U.S. as a child of Russian parents.


Whenever I or my friends were having our photos taken, we were told to say “cheese” and smile. But if my parents also happened to be in the photo, they were stone-faced. So were my Russian relatives, in their vacation photos. My parents’ high-school graduation pictures show them frolicking about in bellbottoms with their young classmates, looking absolutely crestfallen. It’s not just photos: Russian women do not have to worry about being instructed by random men to “smile.”

This does not mean we are all unhappy! Russians’ fondness for the gentle scowl seems even more unusual to expats than its actual, climatic cold. So why is this? Krys focused on a cultural phenomenon called “uncertainty avoidance.” Smiling is a sign of certainty and confidence, so when people in those countries smile, they might seem odd.

Intelligence and Smiling Honesty and Smiling.


Accomodation. Five reasons to wake a traveller at dawn. You snooze, you lose – if you’re a traveller, that is.

Five reasons to wake a traveller at dawn

Set your alarm clock for one of these unforgettable early-morning experiences. Morning rush hour at Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan 'Tokyo, Chuo Ward, vendors with tuna at Tsukiji Fish Market' by Rich Iwasaki / Photographer's Choice / Getty Tokyo’s most famous market reaches fever pitch in the early morning. You’ll be deafened as buyers holler for the best catches at the tuna auction, and you’ll see frozen fish the size of grown men being hauled around with astonishing ease.

Make it happen: register before 5am to be in with a chance of seeing the auction (check here). Spiritual silence at the Vatican, Italy 'Vatican - Santa Maria Maggiore' by xiquinhosilva. Ask most travellers about their memories of Vatican City, and legendary queues are likely to feature. Wildlife-watching in Sabah, Malaysia 'Proboscis Monkey in Borneo' by David Dennis. Make it happen: you aren’t Bear Grylls, you’ll need a guide.

Sunrise at Stonehenge, England. Cost of Living. ESTA - Welcome to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Billige reiser. En lekker infografikk. Lekre infografikker ruler, og blant dem skiller Shoestring Budget Travel Guide seg klart ut.

Billige reiser. En lekker infografikk

Lurer du på hvor du kan få tak i den? Les videre og reis på lavbudsjett! Mens en lang reise kan være en avslappende opplevelse, kan man knapt si det samme om reiseplanlegging og da særlig om planlegging av reisebudsjettet. Blant de spørsmålene vi sliter med er «hvor mye kostermat i London ?» , «Hvaer billig i Bangkok ?» Folka bak den prisbelønte reiseplanleggeren Tripomatic har gjort dette kjempearbeidet det var å samle og bearbeide tall samt berike dem med sine egne erfaringer. Resultatet er den lekre infografikken, som du kan se nedenfor. Men det dreier seg ikke om en kjedelig oppramsing av tall. Nå gjenstår det bare å laste den ned. Kommentarer. Travel Links. Backpacking SitesArt of Travel or How to Travel for $25 a Day step-by-step guide for backpackers as described by one experienced backpacker Backpack New Zealand Information on hiking and backpacking in New Zealand.

Travel Links

Backpacker Board New Zealandinteractive travel guide to New Zealand. We have everything you need to plan and discuss your backpacking, adventure travel or budget trip to NZ and then have loads of online tools and information to assist you whilst travelling. Backpacking Europe traveler recommended European backpacking hostels in Europe & key European cities enabling backpackers and student travelers to plan a trip to Europe in budget youth hostels & backpacker hostel accommodation. Backpacking Life Backpacking guide offering tips for backpackers planning a backpacking trip through Europe or other top destinations. Backpackers Planet Info about backpacking in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Cafe Trip Worldwide travel pictures and information. BNB Net. Travel Guides. 40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune.

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40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune

Traveling doesn't have to break the bank (in fact, you can travel for free), and there are plenty of places that'll help you find the best vacation for your budget. Get discounts and the insider scoop with these great resources. Don't forget to ask for free travel upgrades. (See also: 5 Essential Travel Tools) Cheap Flights and Accommodations Find the best rates for airlines and places to stay, no matter what type of traveler you are. CouchSurfing - Bum a night's sleep on somebody's couch and save hundreds of dollars on hotel costs! Farecast - Farecast gathers data from all over the web so you can find out if airfare for a trip is rising or dropping over the next 7 days, if a hotel rate is the best deal based on past rates, and if there's a better travel offer on another site. Your online travel booking tool for rail journeys, holidays, city trips and car rental.

Airline Seat Maps, Flights shopping and Flight information- Best Airplane Seats - SeatGuru. 110302-MINT-TIPSa.png (PNG-bilde, 1300x1926 punkter) The Guide to Sleeping in Airports. Free travel information around the globe.