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Sculpture, concept

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Michael Grab - Balancing The Stones. Esculturas de seres mitológicos por Ellen June. Angelika Arendt. Eliza Bennett by Churchill July 18, 2014 ELiza Bennett is a London based artist who recieved a BTEC National Diploma in art, focusing on textiles.

Angelika Arendt

She then continued to pursue a BA in Fashion Design at Middlesex University. Eliza creates visual narratives with her pieces. View More… 2nd Grade - Abstract Sculptures. This lesson is a great experience in problem solving and creating in 3-D space.

2nd Grade - Abstract Sculptures

I start out the lesson by showing a slide show of some past examples and asking the students to share what they observe. They talk about the colors they see, the shapes they see, and sometimes the colors go in a pattern. I explain that they will be making their own version of these sculptures, but that the first day or two of the project they will be prepping their paper before they can build. Their paper needs to have hot colors on one side and cold colors on the other. I ask the students to observe the lines on the paper and if they are thick, thin, close together or far away -- they respond thick and close together. Next I do a quick demonstration about how to use the markers to get thick lines (Mr.

Once the students have covered both sides of their paper - one side with hot colors and one side with cold colors the students bring me their paper. A New Art Project You Can "Like To Death" Jean Baudrillard, the French philosopher whose ideas inspired The Matrix, didn't live long enough to sign up for a Facebook account.

A New Art Project You Can "Like To Death"

It's a shame. As somebody who wrote about reality and simulations, he would've seen his theories echoed in the way social media allows us to create a virtual persona—and how that persona starts to become equally, if not more, important than our real life selves. Necessity brings him here, not pleasure. Agnes Denes Works. A huge manmade mountain measuring 420 meters long, 270 meters wide, 38 meters high and elliptical in shape was planted with eleven thousand trees by eleven thousand people from all over the world at the Pinziö gravel pits near Ylöjärvi, Finland, as part of a massive earthwork and land reclamation project by environmental artist Agnes Denes.

Agnes Denes Works

The project was officially announced by the Finnish government at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on Earth Environment Day, June 5, l992, as Finland's contribution to help alleviate the world's ecological stress. Sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, Tree Mountain is protected land to be maintained for four centuries, eventually creating a virgin forest. String Figure of the Month. This site combines text-based instructions with video clips (.wmv files).

String Figure of the Month

It is best viewed with Internet Explorer. To view the video clips you must have Windows Media Player installed on your PC. Firefox/Safari running on a Windows platform requires a plug-in. Mac users must download and install Windows Media Player for Mac or Flip4Mac. To live a life of material simplicity and spiritual complexity. Technological Mandalas Leonardo Ulian. Lori Nix: The City.

~ the rose is red ~ / ‘Reincarnation’ light installation by Li Hui. Beth Hoeckel. Beth Hoeckel works mainly in the field of collage but also creates paintings, drawings, and photographs.

Beth Hoeckel

She studied painting, photography and printmaking at the ‘School of the Art Institute of Chicago’ and after some years abroad, including living in New York and Los Angeles, she found her base in Baltimore. She is working in collage, mixed media and photography. Her series ‘Evidents’ is a play on words. Mathias Kiss. About. Amira Fritz. Back to the Future While most people simply admire old photos, Irina Werning is more interested in how people would look and feel if they were to reenact them today.

Amira Fritz

Several years ago, she started to ask people to […] Yowayowa II After singing her praises back in March, I still can’t get over Natsumi Hayashi‘s self-portraits and continue to be in awe of her most recent levitations. Without any aid of a rigging system or photoshop, she […] Penelope by Tatiana Blass. Glitch Textiles « Phillip Stearns. A collection of woven and knit wall hangings and blankets whose patterns are generated using images taken with short circuited cameras and other unorthodox digital techniques.

Glitch Textiles « Phillip Stearns

Glitches in the cold, hard logic of digital circuits transformed into soft, warm textiles. Visit the Glitch Textiles Store! Cathedral by Lulu Wolf. Augustina Woodgate's Animal Skin Rugs Are Made from Stuffed Teddy Bears! Agustina Woodgate is well known for using unconventional materials in her art -- like this castle built from 3,000 bricks made of hair -- but her latest creation turns a much less gag-worthy medium into plush rugs that burst with a kaleidoscope of color.

Augustina Woodgate's Animal Skin Rugs Are Made from Stuffed Teddy Bears!

In what she calls her Skin Rugs project, the artist has dissected dozens of stuffed animal toys and reconfigured them into murals with an aesthetic reminiscent of Rorschach inkblots. The Skin Rugs series has taken Woodgate nearly two years to complete, and has involved a painstaking process that has her cutting up cuddly stuffed animals into various patterns, and stitching their synthetic and often stubborn, fur into succinct designs. Woodgate used the “skin” of the stuffed animals the same way one would to create an actual bear skin rug.