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Buried for One Thousand Years: The Eerie Graveyard of the Vikings. Lindholm Hoje is an ancient graveyard of the Vikings that had been lost for one thousand years, buried beneath thousands of tons of sand.

Buried for One Thousand Years: The Eerie Graveyard of the Vikings

As many as 700 burials, along with the remains of settlements from the Viking Age and the preceding Germanic Iron Age have been found at this important archaeological site in Denmark. The Senegalese Muslims who don't fast. Our Favorite Outdoor Spots—Some Secret!—in N.Y.C. This past weekend, you might have mistaken any given New Yorker for a more tropical islander: Everyone purred around outside in light attire and sunglasses, high on the first prolonged crisp breeze that didn't have a mean chill to it.

Our Favorite Outdoor Spots—Some Secret!—in N.Y.C.

There was sunshine. There was gladness. The attitude was alarmingly relaxed. "Can we have all meetings outside today like this is some kind of New England liberal arts college? " our Product Manager asked first thing Monday morning on Slack. Big Matty. Heading west on Interstate 80, with Salt Lake City in the rear-view mirror.

Big Matty

The final leg on our 3,000 mile journey. We crossed the Salt Flats, where many a land speed record has been broken, and stopped for lunch in Wendover, Nevada where many a Mormon has been corrupted by the evils of state line gambling. We opted not to stop under the blinking neon lights to tempt lady luck. Instead, we pushed on, through the strangely beautiful desolation of northern Nevada. As we drove, dust devils in the distance, my mind kept going back over the previous month. Neolithic Burial Monuments in Ireland. Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links. Places of Peace and Power - Sacred Sites: Places of Peace and Power.

Start Planning Your Trip to Cuba Now. First, answers to the big questions: Yes, you should go now .

Start Planning Your Trip to Cuba Now

12+ Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Kerala. 24 Hours in Edinburgh with Eloise Leeson. Eloise Leeson is a CrossFit-oholic, food enthusiast, skilled barista, blogger, bad joke connoisseur and lover of all things shiny.

24 Hours in Edinburgh with Eloise Leeson

She was born on the south coast of England, but moved to Edinburgh when she was just five, growing up in and around the borders of Scotland. On top of the wonderfully rich culture, when I asked her what her favorite thing about Edinburgh was, she answered, “the light on the golden buildings and the feeling of possibility early in the morning!” Malerweg – Leipziger Allerlei. Architect Designed Natural Villa 2 - Houses for Rent. Lovingly Designed to Be in touch with Nature.

Architect Designed Natural Villa 2 - Houses for Rent

We were featured in the New York Times: Building in Harmony in Bali. And now, Airbnb has selected us as one of their 12 properties in the world for our high standards. Walk 6 minutes or ride a rented scooter along a tropical river path (and then up 30 steps) to our architect-designed loft-like antique joglo (traditional Javanese teak house). Villa Delicious is a Work of Art - Villas for Rent in Ubud. The Villa Delicious, which sleeps 2, now includes, in the lower garden, a swimming pool and the Mermaid Pavilion, which sleeps 2 more.

Villa Delicious is a Work of Art - Villas for Rent in Ubud

The VILLA DELICIOUS has a big hand carved bed, large veranda dining and entertainment area, a breakfast nook and seating spot on the side veranda, a full kitchen, a generous sized dressing room, a garden, partly covered bathroom, views of the private swimming pool, tropical garden, fish and lotus ponds and the Mermaid Pavilion. The kitchen is fully working, with oven ( rare in Bali) and staff. Every detail has been lovingly designed and fitted from old wood, marble, special tiles and a custom made large bed. BEAUTIFUL RESTORED TRULLI IN PUGLIA, ITALY. Have you ever heard of a trullo?


This is a traditional dry stone hut with a conical roof. The style of construction is specific to the Itria Valley, in the Murge area of the Italian region of Apulia. Trulli (plural) were generally constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses or as permanent dwellings by small proprietors or agricultural laborers. Nowadays the surviving trulli are popular and are often bought and restored for general use. However, anyone wishing to restore a trullo needs to conform with many regulations as trulli are protected under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) world heritage law. The best of wild Cyprus. By Jess Lee · We’ll let you in on a secret: away from the resort Shangri-Las, Cyprus brims with empty hillside trails and some of the Mediterranean’s best dive sites.

The best of wild Cyprus

Sure, you could just flop out on the beach with the crowds, but the rugged terrain of this sunshine-splashed island just begs to be explored. From scenic mountain-bike runs to paragliding thrills, here are the best Cypriot outdoors experiences. Pin this image. Berlin on a Platter. We were invited to have dinner at Pierre Gagnaire's restaurant in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel last weekend and jumped at the chance, not only to see what the celebrated chef had in store for Berlin but, more prosaically, to have the opportunity to get dressed up and leave the house, not something we parents of a toddler do a lot these days.

Berlin on a Platter

The hotel is one of several buildings that have gone and are still in the process of going up in and around Zoo in an effort to change the area from a rather unlovely transitional neighborhood into a destination in what is now known (teeth-grindingly to, er, some of us) as City-West. Having grown up just a few subway stops away, I welcome the initiative, but it keeps catching me off-guard, too. Medelhavets bästa stränder. Hawaii for first-timers: how to choose an island. By Lonely Planet · Planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands but not sure where to start? Torn between picking a single island or doing some island hopping? Pin this image. Travel Guide to Maui, Hawaii. Hawaii Ecotourism Association - Home. Hawaii Ecotourism Association - Home.

Alison Gardner's Introduction to Alternative Hawaii. Spiritual Retreat, Vacation, Sedona Spirit Retreat, Hawaii dolphin retreat, Wolf Adventure, Ojo Caliente Hot Springs Retreat, Spiritual Adventure, Wild Horse Adventure. "Sitting in the Indian ruins and just hearing the quiet was amazing. Thank you for making it so comfortable and easy to do something that I would not have tried on my own. When I Come back, which I will, I will do it again. " --Stephanie R., Boston MA 4 Day 'Sedona Spirit Adventure' Sedona Spirit Adventure Retreats for 4 days including 'Sanctuary For Souls' Seminar.

Swim with Wild Dolphins, Being Dolphin Smarter. In a Dolphin World, On a Dolphin's Terms - Doing it the Dolphin Smart Way We've been getting wet and wild with wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins for over 20 years. With our experience, and minimal passengers per charter, you can be assured that your dolphin encounter will be the best possible for you and the dolphins. Ready to swim with dolphins in the 'wild'? Best of the West only 6 guests per charter! | Deluxe Family Cruise up to 10 passengers per charter "Is swimming with dolphins in the wild on your bucket list? The London Story - Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. London Virtual Tour.

Afar. Afar. WATCH: The Ancient Oasis Towns of Oman: An Explorer’s Dream. In this day and age, it’s difficult for a traveler to feel like he or she is really truly exploring anymore. With the reach of the Internet and the opening of borders around the world, it can feel as if everything has already been laid bare… which is why Oman is so special. Current Quantum Awakening Newsletter. Created, Channeled, Written, Published and Copyrighted with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan This newsletter is Spirit Driven and has been in circulation since 1986. It reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers. One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit any imperfections in spelling and grammar only enhance its beauty and uniqueness.

Ancient temples, sacred sites, and ancient wisdom by author Freddy Silva. Just Open: A Hidden Beach Hotel in Oaxaca: Remodelista. Older. Other Sites: Costa Rica as a Model Sustainable Living and Permaculture Design in Action. In February 2015, I took a 12-day trip to Costa Rica (my first real vacation!) Part of the reason I decided on Costa Rica was that this culture is well-known for emphasizing sustainability in a way that is well beyond lip service, and I wanted to experience it for myself and see what I could learn while I was there.

I want to touch on the many things I observed and learned on this journey with regards to sustainable living and permaculture design. I traveled to four areas and drove across large portions of the countryside: the Monteverde region (high in the cloud forests), the urban and suburban San Jose region; the volcanic La Fortuna region, and the costal Manuel Antonio region. A wild camper’s guide to the world. JOAN OCEAN DOLPHIN CONNECTION SEMINARS, HAWAII. Iceland !!! Thanks to R. Car-free getaways from some of the world's greatest cities. 22 spektakulære steder rundt om i verden. TLC, Resting With Angels On Cloud 9, & Rising Anew To An Even Lesser Traveled Road – I Love Alaska. View from Homer Spit. Come and Stay at Bealtaine Cottage!

16 Jul I have recently come to understand the need for having a small safety net in terms of financial needs…small things like car tax, car repairs, insurance and even, at some point in the near future, a new roof on Bealtaine Cottage!


Asia. London, England, Ireland. Jade Mountain Resort (Soufriere, St. Lucia) – Hotell – Anmeldelser - TripAdvisor. Photography, Design, Travel & Food. How and Where to Enjoy the Most-Remote Destinations of Europe. Europe has plenty of well-known tourist destinations. Its biggest cities draw shoppers, party-seekers, and tourists who want to appreciate both culture and history. Some of the Best Things to Do in Stockholm. Insider's Guide to the Best of San Francisco. Top 10 things to do in Berlin. Getting from Venice airport to Abano terme. Eat, Pray, Love in Spain. EAT.PRAY.MOVE. The world’s best multi-day treks…without high altitudes - Adventure travel. Stil in Berlin. A perfect day in Trastevere, Rome’s favourite neighbourhood. The Seven Wonders of the World.

The Seychelles on a shoestring. Europe’s hot springs: 20 of the best spots for a soak. Exploring NorCal: Sacramento River Headwaters - Mt. Shasta City Park - Mt. Shasta, CA. Mystical, Magical & Magnificent Monasteries in Meteora (20 Pics)

Tulku Lobsang - Seminar Tour. 14 naturlige svømmebassenger.