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Why Vegetable Oils are Terrible For Your Health. Vegetable Oil is not a health food (as many people present it to be).

Why Vegetable Oils are Terrible For Your Health

People have been cooking with vegetable oil for several decades and the results are devastating – cancer and cardiovascular diseases are on the rise. Some might argue with me that full fat foods are to blame but it’s been nothing but a low fat culture for many years and the rate of cardiovascular disease and obesity have not gone down. The process of making vegetable oils is anything but simple. Over 12 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds and Sesame Oil. Mike Barrett, Natural SocietyWaking Times An amazingly healthful food utilized for over 5,000 years, sesame may be one of the most potent, nutrient-dense medicinal foods still used today.

Over 12 Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds and Sesame Oil

Sesame seeds are not only praised for their nutritional content in seed form, but are also highly valued for their rancid-resistant oil. In fact, once you learn of the health benefits of sesame seeds, you may just find yourself stocking up on this ancient condiment. Ghee Love: 5 Ways in & Out of the Kitchen. ~ Julie Bernier. If you don’t have ghee in your kitchen, you’re missing out.

Ghee Love: 5 Ways in & Out of the Kitchen. ~ Julie Bernier

It’s kind of like butter, only better—actually, it’s clarified butter. Making ghee is really simple. You melt unsalted, organic butter and cook it until it smells like popcorn and takes on a beautiful golden color, all of which takes about 15 minutes. Then you strain out the milk solids that have accumulated at the bottom of the pot and voilà! You have ghee. What sets it apart from butter is that ghee has medicinal properties and health benefits. It also improves memory, strengthens the brain, and nourishes ojas– which is sort of like the Ayurvedic equivalent of immunity.

Hemp Oil & Hemp Seeds — Are they safe? A couple of weeks ago, Nutiva discovered this site.

Hemp Oil & Hemp Seeds — Are they safe?

A few days later, an unexpected box of Nutiva’s food arrived in my mail. I was most excited about the free coconut oil. The rest of the box contained a food I’d never eaten before — hemp. Hemp oil. Hemp seeds. Naturally I wondered, is this food safe? Why Olive Oil Is a Best Brain Food (& Smart Buying Tips) Deane Alban, GuestWaking Times Olive oil has many benefits for your brain and overall health.

Why Olive Oil Is a Best Brain Food (& Smart Buying Tips)

Learn how to choose quality olive oil, why it’s safe for cooking, and how to avoid fake olive oil … Olive oil is one of the world’s healthiest foods. It’s a major component in the Mediterranean diet that’s widely considered the healthiest way to eat for health and longevity. (1) People from this region are some of the healthiest and long-lived people on the planet. (2) Don't Use These Oils. Editor’s note: we do not approve of the use of palm oil, which goes under many guises/names, and is in just about everything.

When you buy a “cold pressed” cooking oil, do you assume that the seeds were pressed safely at a cool temperature to protect the oil from rancidity, trans fats and other toxic processing chemicals? Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Modern cold pressing heats the oil multiple times to staggering temperatures, rendering most oils rancid. Additionally, unrefined oils are so delicate that even just one photon of daylight will trigger a chain reaction of free radical damage that creates trans fats and other by-products that experts believe to be even more harmful than trans fats! “How can they sell cooking oils in clear plastic bottles that are exposed to the light?”

You will be disturbed to find out what happens to a seed on its journey to become your favorite cooking oil. RBD Oils: Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Cooking Oils—Then and Now About Dr. So-Called Healthy Oils You Should Avoid. Natasha Longo, Prevent DiseaseWaking Times When it comes to healthy edible oils, mainstream nutritionists have been indoctrinated into a world of misinformation.

So-Called Healthy Oils You Should Avoid

Most so-called healthy vegetable oils that claim to be healthy may actually increase the risk of heart disease, contrary to the cholesterol-lowering claims on food labels. An analysis in the CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) is confirming what many health specialists have been stating for decades–the healthiest oils are not vegetable based. Mainstream Myths Not Facts. Do You Have Trouble Digesting Fats? Maybe you’ve had your gallbladder removed.

Do You Have Trouble Digesting Fats?

Or maybe your stomach just gets a little unsettled when you eat fatty foods. Perhaps you’re pregnant, and the very thought of higher fat foods starts a wave of nausea you have to fight to resist. Whatever the reason, you’re a person who finds digesting fats hard. So when you hear me raving about ways to get more fat in your diet, you think, “Well, that’s nice for you, but I just can’t do that.” Why Butter Is A Health Food. Butter is a health food.

Why Butter Is A Health Food

There, I said it. 50 of the Best Uses for Coconut Oil - Sunwarrior News. 50 of the Best Uses for Coconut Oil 4.14/5 (82.72%) 389 votes Coconut oil has a bit of a craze surrounding it lately.

50 of the Best Uses for Coconut Oil - Sunwarrior News

People have put together hundreds of different uses for this beneficial oil and it’s found its way into pantries, medicine cupboards, and even first aid kits. Some of the uses may seem bizarre at first, but coconut oil has garnered this newfound fame for good reason. It works. For years, coconut oil has had a bad name, lumped in with unhealthy saturated fats.

This means coconut oil boosts energy levels, raises good cholesterol, and balances out blood sugar without the weight gain, cholesterol, and other health risks that come from other saturated or trans fats. Massage Oil – Coconut oil soothes tired and sore muscles. Toothaches – Coconut oil eases the pain and strengthens teeth.