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Michael Fink Visionary Art. Michael Fink Michael is a fascinating digital artist living on the big island of Hawaii, whose style is unlike anything else I've seen.

Michael Fink Visionary Art

The closest description of how I "sense" his images, is to say that they seem to be Pure Thought-Forms - made visible. These are the type of images that can induce altered and expanded states of awareness if one just keeps staring at just any one of these images. Somehow, these images convey (to me) the sense of the 360-degree "spherical vision" of one's Higher Self. Ex Oblivione. Pomegranate Ink - Inky Recipes. Sorry, this is image and text heavy!

Pomegranate Ink - Inky Recipes

But I'm only going to post this once and I wanted to be thorough with all the information I have about this interesting type of iron gall ink. Pomegranates are arriving in the stores so I thought I'd share my ink recipe. When I first made this ink in 2011, it cost $2 for 32 ounces of ink (not including the cost of the pomegranates... Homemade Inks - an album on Flickr. AMERICAN GALLERY - 18th Century. Great Falls Of The Potomac The Passage Of The Potomac Through The Blue Mountains title unknown Stone Bridge Over The Wissahickon A View Of Col.


Owens Furnace. William Thompson Russell Smith (1812 – 1896) Shenandoah Valley Moose Hill, Saco River A Scene On The Wissahickon Boating Party On The Wissahickon St.

William Thompson Russell Smith (1812 – 1896)

Peter’s And The Castle And The Bridge Of Sant’Angelo, Rome. Without struggle, no progress and no result. Every breaking of habit... O mundo mágico nas ilustrações digitais de Song Gum-Jin. Paintings. Luli Sanchez. Luli Sanchez is the name I use for my design work- My full name is Lourdes Sanchez, and Luli was a childhood nickname (using Luli saved me from spelling out "its L-o-u-r-d, like in day,-e-s, its like the shrine, yes, like Madonnas daughter" several times a day when I was cold calling potential clients when I first started out) I worked designing prints for the fashion industry in Manhattan for 18 years, until knowing that my heart would break if I showed up to work in the garment center one more day, I rented a teeny tiny workspace in NYC's East Village, a few blocks away from my teeny tiny apartment at the time, and basically painted non stop and sold designs to designers of both fashion and home furnishings for 2 years straight.

Luli Sanchez

When I finally came up for air, I was thrilled to know I would never have to go back. This is What Happens When an Artist Suffers Cancer of the Pineal Gland. Buck Rogers, Staff WriterWaking Times The tiny, pea sized pineal gland located in the center of the human brain has for ages been thought to be the seat of the soul, or the third eye, the organ which makes spiritual connection and spiritual experience possible.

This is What Happens When an Artist Suffers Cancer of the Pineal Gland

Prone to calcification from fluoridated water and other toxins in our food supply, many people are actively interested in detoxifying and de-calcifying their pineal gland, because they feel it helps bring them closer to spirit, contributing to an awakening of consciousness. March 2013. A BLUE BRIGHT COLD DAWN blew in the other day.

March 2013

It was a surprise amid these endless fogged and drenched grey days of unspring. Chicklets under our eaves, gambolling lambs and dogged primroses are chirping out the fact of spring, their joys flitting over the Equinox and on through white-blanketed March, whilst we huddle indoors, disbelieving the daffodils and wondering what happened to the sun. This blue bright morning was beautiful though, and all etched in frost. Second Skins. A Due Colore I still can’t get over how Alberto Seveso can make something as simple as ink in water look so captivating.

Second Skins

Each photo, in his latest series, captures duos of vibrant pigments, entwining in the most breathtaking […] Embroidered X-Rays. RICHARD BUTLER - Artists - Freight + Volume. The Honey Bear – New Art Print. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a different technique of illustrating in photoshop for a while now, and over the weekend I finally had the chance.

The Honey Bear – New Art Print

My usual process always starts with a pencil sketch that is first scanned into my computer, and then colored using photoshop…basically a fancy version of coloring inside the lines. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this method, but I wanted to see what I could create with no preconceived ideas or sketched outlines to follow. So I just opened up a blank canvas and drew my illustration directly in photoshop, allowing the shapes to dictate what the design would become: a honey bear surrounded by flowers! I have to say that while different from my usual style, I’m really loving the sweet little character that I ended up with and am excited to try my hand at creating more with this method soon. You can find “The Honey Bear” in several different colorways in my Society6 shop. Louisemcnaught. On from 13-16th June in Hampstead Heath (NW3 1TH) my artwork will be on the Degreeart stand (A5) which I think has has been beautifully hung(not that i’m biased or anything!)


By the lovely Degreeart team. Ifyou would like to go … Continue reading. New Matt Furie Art. New Image Art Presents: David Ellis "Mola Salsa" (Los Angeles, CA) Posted on February 2, 2011 David Ellis Mola Salsa David Ellis’s newest exhibition, Mola Salsa explores process with 15 new works on paper and a new motion painting. Reflecting on images from his childhood in rural North Carolina, David draws animals, trees, clouds and images dear to him. For this exhibition Ellis engages the idea of the animal spirit to depict his ideas of transformation. Marsha Cottrell. Paul Jenkins. MESOAMERICA RESISTE - A Large Collaboratively Drawn Illustration On Global Struggles. ECLECTIC LIVING HOME. Artist in Residence 22Feb13 Melbourne-based artist Kirra Jamison is lucky enough to occupy this two story warehouse building which provides plenty of room for her studio on the bottom floor and her open plan living space on top.

Jamison has filled the space with colorful art, accessories, and plants, not to mention a swing. Who doesn’t want a swing in the house? I do. pb. Seraphine de senlis. Fantasies of cellular communities and artful morphologies. The truth and the abstract blues. Imagineer your supreme reality with dreamy childlike wonder. Consume less, Create more. The fantastic visionary state we articulate through our art, we shall soon be able to make manifest with atoms, particles, quanta and our holographic bodies. To completely reimage ourselves and our reality.

Stavronikita Project on Behance. Cornelia O'Donovan. Rán Flygenring : Blog. The World’s First Human Arabesque. Total Art Soul - Blog. This tutorial will show you in simple steps how to achieve a great looking dog portrait. Materials: Arches 140 Lb Hot pressed 12" x 16" Palette: cobalt blue, yellow ochre, magenta et indigo. The indigo will allow the creation of dense colors, close to black, while melting it with ochre and magenta. The cobalt melted with the same two pigments, will give light shades of grey close to white. Kevin Earl Taylor. Denise Nestor. Denise Nestor is an illustrator and artist originally from Mayo in the west of Ireland. Her works are very sensitive, personal and compelling and have a beautiful naturalness. Her portfolio is just like her illustrations simple but appealing. We enjoy the mix of faces, facial structures, animals and a mixture of all three things as a way to describe her characters.

Denise has been living and working in Dublin for nearly ten years. RVLVR. James - Gallery. Janet O'Neal - Giclees. Drawing Board. Silk. Adonna Khare and her Pencil. Inka Järvinen. Inka Järvinen. Wet Drawing RF 12. Sketches on the Behance Network. VOODOOVOODOO. Painting. The drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Salvador Dalí Illustrates Alice in Wonderland, 1969.

20 awesome examples of street art. Vibrant Knife Painting. Gudrun Asling. Specimens by Carly Waito. Shirley Kaneda. Cynthia Ona Innis. Amanda briggs at dear ada: olav christopher jenssen. Inspiration: Daniel Fishel. Little Paper Planes. Nanna Hänninen - works. Still Life Still Alive. Pen ink portraits by toyin odutola. 081810 WIP. Lessons. Matthew shlian. Art. Ebbs & Flows.

Dominique Blais. Nicole Poko. Untitled. I like this blog. Macoto murayama: inorganic flora at frantic gallery. Amanda wachob tattoo.