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Stella's Meza: Kashata Za Nazi ( Swahili coconut snacks) Untitled. Healthy Three Ingredient Fudge and 5 Almond flour recipes. No Bake Turmeric Boost Balls. I love experimenting with food and herbs, learning how to combine the two, and make it taste great without killing the properties of the herbs… not to mention making deliciously healthy foods my kids will eat.

No Bake Turmeric Boost Balls

It can certainly be a challenge, but I’m definitely up for it from time to time! My most recent recipe experiment came after trying Gaia Herbs function powders, TurmericBoost: Restore and TurmericBoost: Uplift as a part of their #LiveLifeBrighter promotion. (And, before it’s over, enter on the Gaia Herbs Facebook page for your chance to win an amazing prize pack before the contest ends this Friday!) I love the flavor of TurmericBoost so it’s really easy for me to add it to smoothies or milk.

It has a spicy vanilla taste and warms you up all over. Sesame Honey Candy or Pasteli. Almost Skinny Vegan Food: Vegan 'Turkish' Delight. After my first try at agar agar 'delights' I was left unsatisfied by the texture- yes they were delicious but they were missing something- I did a little experimenting and I think you'll find these are much closer to the original (and rosewater flavour!)

Almost Skinny Vegan Food: Vegan 'Turkish' Delight

I love the texture of these gorgeous sweets, they're not as sticky as some Turkish delights can be but they're not too wet or jelly like like the ones I posted yesterday were. If you're after a more sticky consistency simply increase the amount thickener (arrowroot/ cornstarch/tapioca) and decrease the quantity of agar agar so everyone can reach their perfect Turkish delight texture! Either way they're absolutely delicious- still sugar free and low cal so dig in! Fat-Burning Key Lime Pie Bars Recipe. The whole family will love this recipe! They are a great substitute for all the summer ice cream and other deserts- as the lime is summer-y tasting, and they are creamy, rather than icy. This dessert contains coconut oil, which is an unprocessed, cholesterol-free oil that contains Lauric Acid. Overall, coconut oil stimulates the thyroid, increases your metabolism and can help you burn stored body fat! Secondly, like lemon, lime has over 200 enzymes and helps restore liver tissue.

The liver is our main fat-burning organ, so with this recipe we are also giving it a boost. Ohagi Mochi and Red Bean Sweets. Homemade Nippon. Vegan Chocolate Tahini Fudge. ~ Jenny Sansouci. Via Jenny Sansoucion Dec 21, 2013 Sometimes, the need for immediate chocolate comes on strongly and without warning.

Vegan Chocolate Tahini Fudge. ~ Jenny Sansouci

You know what I’m talking about. The other night I was sitting in my apartment when it hit me. Raw Vegan Lemon Meltaway Balls [GF] Oh do I have a surprise for all you lemon fans out there!

Raw Vegan Lemon Meltaway Balls [GF]

I’ve got these cute little Raw Vegan Lemon Meltaway Balls for you, full of all the tangy lemon tartness that you love. And…they have options too! You can eat them plain, roll them in shredded organic coconut, roll them in almond flour, powdered sugar (not raw), or even put them in the dehydrator and they will be slightly hard on the outside and soft on the inside and be more like a lemon cookie. Healthy Green Kitchen Homemade Crystallized Ginger. Ginger is one of my favorite herbs.

Healthy Green Kitchen Homemade Crystallized Ginger

I adore the assertive flavor of ginger, but it’s also very good for you: ginger is reputed to remedy digestive issues including stomach upset and nausea. I enjoy using fresh ginger in my cooking and I like snacking on and adding crystallized (aka “candied”) ginger to all sorts of recipes, as well. Crystallized ginger is one of those things I’ve wondered about making pretty much every time I’ve placed some in my shopping cart. Years of wondering, people. Years. Homemade Honey Ginger Throat Drops.

Fall is the time of year when I am most prone to allergies, and one symptom I always have is a dry, scratchy throat.

Homemade Honey Ginger Throat Drops

Not to mention, winter is nearing – the season of colds and sore throats. I wanted to be prepared going into this season and had done some reading online about how to make your own cough drops. It didn’t seem too difficult, so this weekend I set out to make my own honey ginger throat drops. I am thrilled with how they came out and I can’t wait to make more, and experiment with different flavors! Pine Nut Brittle with Rosemary recipe from food52. Author Notes: Pine nuts and rosemary are two flavors that scream "holidays" to me.

Pine Nut Brittle with Rosemary recipe from food52

It's probably the closest you can get to eating the Christmas tree without getting tinsel in your teeth. So I decided to combine them here with another Christmas classic that dentists love to hate: brittle. Enjoy! (less)Author Notes: Pine nuts and rosemary are two flavors that scream "holidays" to me. It's probably the closest you can get to eating the Christmas tree without getting (…more) - Ms. Food52. Food52. Vegan Snickers Bar Recipe. If Snickers are your favorite fun-sized Halloween treat, but you could do without the hydrogenated oils and refined sugar, whip up this version that's made with a handful of ingredients and is vegan, too.

Vegan Snickers Bar Recipe

Soft, chewy, with the perfect peanut crunch, these really do satisfy. A real Snickers fun-size bar is about 80 calories, and these vegans bars are 129 and also a bit larger. Halloween bio et écolo! Homemade Ginger Chews!!