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Heal Your Organs With the Secret Powers of Fruits and Veggies. ~ David Kovacs. You may not see what your organs are doing all day long, but you know they’re important.

Heal Your Organs With the Secret Powers of Fruits and Veggies. ~ David Kovacs

When one starts to have problems, there’s a very real risk that your entire body will be impacted. Do your organs a favor and drink fresh juice every day! Why fresh juice? Thyroid Juice Remedy Learn To Prepare It. Kombucha Questions & Answers. For those new to making kombucha, the process can be intimidating.

Kombucha Questions & Answers

Every little thing is confusing. Does it matter if my kombucha SCOBY sinks? Can I cut my SCOBY in half? Why can’t I ferment the kombucha SCOBY with fruit juice? How much sugar is left in the kombucha when it’s done? Cold-brewed iced coffee. Since I began working from home, I have no doubt I have saved a ton of money by not buying those yogurt-granola cups and salad bar lunches everyday.

cold-brewed iced coffee

What I haven’t saved even a penny on, however, is my iced coffee habit. If anything, it’s gotten worse. Or better, depending on how you look at it. Natural Ginger Ale Recipe - Homemade Fermented Probiotic Drink. Natural Ginger Ale Recipe - Homemade Fermented Probiotic Drink. Homemade Ginger Ale. UPDATE: This post originally ran on December 17 2013, but we love this homemade recipe so much we had to share it again!

Homemade Ginger Ale

It’s funny, but I most definitely swear by ginger ale. If I have a cold…stomach ache…headache….any other kind of ache…or if I just need a nice refreshing beverage…ginger ale cures it all for me. Who knows…it could just be a mental thing, but I instantly feel better after having a cold glass of ginger ale. It’s crisp and delicious, and I can drink it at any hour of the day. I was so excited when I found a homemade recipe that I had to try it out. Homemade Ginger Chai Mix | The Dabblist. 20 Healthy Alternatives to Soda. If you're new here, you may want to sign up for FREE weekly updates delivered to your inbox featuring Real Food recipes, nutrition & health articles, and special discounts or promotions.

20 Healthy Alternatives to Soda

P.S. This post may contain affiliate links to products or services I use, enjoy, or recommend. How to Make Cardamom Infused Tonic Water | The Dabblist. My Super Energizing Mega Smoothie. The vast majority of American’s line up at Starbucks to get their morning fix.

My Super Energizing Mega Smoothie

I get it—we all want more energy. My husband can’t say a single word until he’s had his morning cup; my assistant cannot peel her eyes open without a Venti Chai. I used to be a junkie too. Not anymore—now I make an energizing smoothie to boost my energy levels rather than downing caffeine. Healthy Recipes & Cooking Tips | Free People Blog | Page 5. Holiday Detox Smoothie -Cleansing Juice Recipes. The holidays are a time for family, friends, love, and of course… lots of food.

Holiday Detox Smoothie -Cleansing Juice Recipes

It always leaves me craving something really fresh and healthy to cleanse my system, and this smoothie does just that. It’s quick and easy and perfect for the day after a big holiday meal or party. The ingredients in this smoothie all have their own slew of health benefits, too. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene, which is transformed into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A helps the liver flush toxins from the body, which is hugely beneficial during the holidays. Sweet Citrus Avocado Dreamboat. Green Smoothies + Inspiration! It is a sort of madness we all seem to brush off as normal.

Sweet Citrus Avocado Dreamboat. Green Smoothies + Inspiration!

One day we are passing around shiny silver trays stacked with holiday cookies, festive treats, calorie-laden everything and sparkly glasses filled to the brim with fizzy pink champagne. Then boom. Midnight hits. A new year and suddenly we are in detox mode. (A word so sinister, it sounds as if we have all been chugging chemicals all year long.) Horchata Recipe: Sweet Mexican Rice Milk. If you're new here, you may want to sign up for FREE weekly updates delivered to your inbox featuring Real Food recipes, nutrition & health articles, and special discounts or promotions.

Horchata Recipe: Sweet Mexican Rice Milk

P.S. This post may contain affiliate links to products or services I use, enjoy, or recommend. By making purchases through these links, you are supporting the companies or products I believe in, and you're supporting Food Renegade. Thai Lemongrass and Ginger Iced Tea. Last week I helped out at a Thai cooking class at The Hutong taught by my friend Sandra of Savour Asia.

Thai Lemongrass and Ginger Iced Tea

As we sat down to a meal of mango salad, pork laap, and red curry chicken, I realized how much I missed having lemongrass as a kitchen staple. In New York I could easily take the train to Chinatown whenever I wanted to cook with lemongrass. In Beijing, Sanyuanli market has several stalls selling the aromatic stalky grass, but is such a trek from my apartment that it doesn't enter my cooking consciousness at a moment's notice. After scooping the last of my laap mu into my mouth, I decided I must must must get lemongrass that day and make iced tea. Lemongrass and ginger iced tea is my drink of choice with Thai food if I want something lighter than iced tea with condensed milk.

Homemade Almond Milk. The following article was written by Kaycee Basset and originally appeared on Vegan Almond milk is my favorite kind of milk! Not only is it the healthiest (in my opinion), it also tastes the best. Almond milk is loaded with protein, calcium, and vitamin E, typically having more protein and calcium than mammal’s milk. Homemade Coconut Milk | Dairy Free Recipe for Coconut Milk. Shrub love — Rediscovering a colonial classic :: by Ellen Jackson. We wait all year for this: fingers stained with cherry juice, arms covered in bramble scratches, and countertops cluttered with canning jars.

We can, dry, freeze, jam, pickle, and preserve summer, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. But there’s another way to bottle summer’s bounty. It’s called a shrub. Shrubs date back to the 18th century. Their name comes not from leafy bushes but from sharab, an Arabic word meaning syrup, and sharbat, a Hindi word for an aromatic syrup made from fruit, or herb and flower extracts, that is stirred into water and served over ice. Green Juice and Smoothie Recipes. An addictive green juice recipe (featuring apples, cucumbers, spinach, and parsley) that you can indulge in to rake up your daily values of good-for-you nutrients. Apples are high in vitamin C and naturally sweeten the beverage. Antioxidant-rich spinach and parsley are also high in vitamin A and C and iron.

Cucumber and lemon add flavor and immune-boosting phytonutrients. Warming and spicy ginger aids digestion. How To Drink A Green Smoothie. Watermelon and Raspberry Smoothie. My parents live far, far away from me. It makes me grateful for technology such as cell phones that allow me to communicate with them, but it also means that visits become actual events. It’s a nine hour drive between Southern New Hampshire and Niagara Region Ontario. Blueberry Kale Smoothie - Fettle Vegan. Strawberry Green Smoothie. Cleanse your body with vegetable juices | o5 Recipes for Life. Tired and sluggish?

Try taking cleansing vegetable juices. Celery, carrots, etc. have excellent cleansing properties because the fruits and vegetables are medicines in themselves. Plus, it’s easy for the body to absorb them, so you can see the effects pretty quickly. Here is a simple tip on preparing cleansing fruit and vegetable juices. Taking just two or three glasses of these a day will help you feel stronger, more alert, and even give you better skin. Want a REAL FOOD Protein Shake? Green Smoothie for Weight Loss? | Smoothies - GreenMedTV — GreenMedTV.

Green Tea Smoothie Recipes {Guest Post} Dirty Chai Toddy recipe from food52. Chai Hot Chocolate. LoveTea | Gourmet Tea Delivered. Cold-brewed iced coffee.