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Free Handbook. Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0 vs Web 4.0 vs Web 5.0 – A bird’s eye on the evolution and definition | Flat World Business. Do you know the answer to the next simple question?

“What do you know about web 2.0 technology?” What’s so interesting about this video, is the simple fact that none of these so called digital natives are familiar with the term web 2.0. Although they never had a life without technology, they just don’t know how to describe “it”. So to be shure I’ve rounded up some basics on the evolution of the web. From a historic point of view 1990/1991 is the official birth of the (commercial) Internet, which was available to the general public. Web 0.0 – Developping the internet Web 1.0 – The shopping carts & static web Experts call the Internet before 1999 “Read-Only” web. According to Tim Berners-Lee the first implementation of the web, representing the Web 1.0, could be considered as the “read-only web.”

The first shopping cart applications, which most e-commerce website owners use in some shape or form, basically fall under the category of Web 1.0. Web 2.0 – The writing and participating web Sources: Web 2.0 tools. Etwinning Project Planning Through 2.0 Web Tools by Adil Tugyan. AlternativeTo - Crowdsourced software recommendations. eTwinning 10th Year 10 Tools 10 Activities 10 Tips - Ourboox. Adil Tugyan eTwinning 10th Year 10 Tools 10 Activities 10 Tips This ebook is created for 10th Year of eTwinning and eTwinning LE 2015 '' Integrating eTwinning Work with School Curriculum '' This ebook contains 10 activities created using Web 2.0 Tools and each of the eTwinning activity is related to one of the school subjects in the curriculum.

Create your own book on Ourboox for free. Start here Create your own book now! eTwinning 10th Year 10 Tools 10 Activities 10 Tips by Adil Tugyan Artwork: Adil TUGYAN Copyright © 2015.