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Going asynchronous: from Flask to Twisted Klein. , Tobias Oberstein Introduction to Twisted Klein, which is like Flask, but allows running asynchronous code.

Going asynchronous: from Flask to Twisted Klein

Preface This post (part 1/2) is an introduction/tutorial for Twisted Klein and assumes basic knowledge of Python, Flask and Twisted. If you don't know Twisted, here is a good introduction. Real Python: Promotion Code. PyCon US 2014. Isso – a commenting server similar to Disqus. Peps: fb24c80e9afb. Overview — NetworkX 1.6 documentation.

As Piël » Socket Benchmark of Asynchronous Servers in Python. There has already been written a lot on the C10K problem and it is known that the only viable option to handle LOTS of concurrent connections is to handle them asynchronously. This also shows that for massively concurrent problems, such as lots of parallel comet connections, the GIL in Python is a non-issue as we handle the concurrent connections in a single thread.

In this post i am going to look at a selection of asynchronous servers implemented in Python. Asynchronous Server Specs Since Python is really rich with (asynchronous) frameworks, I collected a few and looked at the following features:


Gnome. Framework. Yaml. [j-mad] Django-countries ,l’app garantie sans cowboy ni rodéo. djangoApp de mai 1 sur 2. Coding styles comparison in the Open Source world. While looking for existing C coding standards I discovered that the GNU and Linux projects officially suggest very different styles. Inside the Linux kernel documentation, Linus Torvalds goes so far as to mock GNU coding standards: First off, I’d suggest printing out a copy of the GNU coding standards, and NOT read it.