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Time Management

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Let's Get Organized — Part 1 of 2. This is a cross-post with Muddy Colors — An Illustration Collective I have in my possession an artifact of great historical importance to myself and no one else: my digital calendar.

Let's Get Organized — Part 1 of 2

Beginning on Monday, February 28, 2005, it records nearly every event of my life, both personal and professional (including the hours required to write this blog post). If accurate, during the course of that initial week I spent 6 hours at the gym, cleaned the bathroom for 1.5 hours (filthy, I'm sure), went to Costco, a friend's book signing, and Drew's party (I can't recall who Drew is at the moment). The vast majority of the week, however, was spent making comics. I finished painting 2 covers, varnished and photographed 2 others, and began painting the 4th page of an X-Men book — all in all, 68.5 hours of work. Typical costs for RPG art? Why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy @ TEDxYouth@TheScotsCollege. Bullet Journal: An analog note-taking system for the digital age. Wait but why: Putting Time In Perspective.

Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them.

wait but why: Putting Time In Perspective

It’s not our fault—the spans of time in human history, and even more so in natural history, are so vast compared to the span of our life and recent history that it’s almost impossible to get a handle on it. If the Earth formed at midnight and the present moment is the next midnight, 24 hours later, modern humans have been around since 11:59:59pm—1 second. And if human history itself spans 24 hours from one midnight to the next, 14 minutes represents the time since Christ. The 5 Step Process to Develop Life Long Motivation.

5 Time Management Apps for the iPhone" Benjamin Shell, CEO of Make Your Day Media, decided to switch from a Palm Treo to an iPhone.

5 Time Management Apps for the iPhone"

However, he was lost when he realized the native iPhone time management system didn't meet the needs of his hectic lifestyle. As the genesis of Shell's company was a program Apple later purchased, he decided to develop a task manager program for his new iPhone, and RemindYou was born. The simple system allowed for a wide variability of input and the ability to see out up to 20 appointments. The twist to the program was it used the iPhone lock screen and its automatic refresher to display and update the list, and synched with iCal and a few other time-management software programs. Rather than searching for a specific date and time, a RemindYou user could see their upcoming events without having to delve into the phone itself.

However, Apple wouldn't approve the app for sale in the App Store. "We've sold about 140,000 since it was released in June 2008," Shell said. Productivity Part 1. Today is the first installment in a new series of posts about being and staying productive, and came from a joint lecture I did with my fellow CalArts Film Workshop teacher and designer extraordinaire, Kris Anka.

Productivity Part 1

Most of our experience in this area is related towards making a short film, but in thinking through the topic I’ve realized that most of these principles apply in any area. Today’s post is, in my opinion, the most important key to productivity, and often the biggest shortfall for people who haven’t quite figured it out yet. Productivity Tip #1: Simple, right? But not easy.

Should I Work for Free? Improve Your Google Search Skills [Infographic] Don’t limit yourself to just plugging in simple search terms to Google; check out this infographic and learn a search string search or two.

Improve Your Google Search Skills [Infographic]

You don’t need to limit yourself to searching just for simple strings; Google supports all manner of handy search tricks. If you want to search just’s archive of XBMC articles, for example, you can plug in XBMC to search our site. Get More Out of Google [HackCollege via Mashable] Neil Gaiman: On Procrastination. Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills. The web is a powerful resource that can easily help you learn new skills.

Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills

HabitRPG. (Follow updates here) HabitRPG is a habit tracker app which treats your goals like a Role Playing Game.


Level up as you succeed, lose HP as you fail, earn money to buy weapons and armor. Productivity Part 1. The Abstraction Method of Problem Solving. Everyone has heard the phrase, “losing sight of the forest for the trees.”

The Abstraction Method of Problem Solving

The idea behind this metaphor is that when you are too close to something, you can get mired in the details and have difficulty focusing on the way those details fit together into a big picture. During the past 10 years, psychologists Yaacov Trope, Nira Liberman, and their colleagues have provided a lot of evidence for what they call “construal level theory:” The closer you are to an object or event, the more specifically you think about it. How to Manage Your Time. Just get Up Early and Work.