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All of H.P. Lovecraft's Classic Horror Stories Free Online: Download Audio Books, eBooks & More. We cannot properly speak of horror fiction without mentioning the name H.P. Lovecraft, any more than we could do so without speaking of Edgar Allan Poe, whose complete works we featured in a post yesterday. Even now, as some of Lovecraft’s really vicious attitudes have come in for much critical reappraisal, the Lovecraftian is still a dominant form. Winners of the World Fantasy Award receive a bust of the author, and dark modern masters like Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates admit that Lovecraft was “the twentieth century’s greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale” and “an incalculable influence on succeeding generations of writers of horror fiction.”

His work, writes Salon, has influenced “everyone from the Argentinian metafictionist Jorge Luis Borges to the film director Guillermo del Toro, as well as untold number of rock bands and game designers.” Listening to Lovecraft is an excellent, as well as convenient, way to experience his work. Related Content: The Islamic Roots Of Science Fiction. File Sharing Sites / Torrent Sites. How to Get a Figurine Produced in China and Not Lose Your Shirt. Happle Tea » The A-Team. As one can imagine, everything went perfectly for the noble monk, Xuanzang, on his Journey to the West.

No danger or difficulty for him at all! Journey to the West is a classic piece of literature that every person should read at least once. It’s incredible how modern and relevant a tale written in the 16th century can be today. There’s an energy and a sense of humor in the novel that folks unfamiliar with the work probably wouldn’t expect and, unsurprisingly, the work has exerted a powerful influence on other cultures, especially in Asia. So many of its hooks seem to have found their way into modern manga and anime.

The story draws upon the incredibly rich and vivid folklore and spiritual traditions present in China at the time of its writing. The story, if you’ve never read it, revolves around the journey made by the Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, to India on his sacred duty to retrieve the sutras and bring enlightenment to the ignorant and sinful people of the south. Radio aporee ::: maps - sounds of the world. Z-Type. Zelda. Listen to John Cage's 5 Hour Art Piece: Diary: How To Improve The World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) John Cage was born in 1915 and died in 1992. During that intervening time, he changed the face of avant-garde music and art.

An early disciple of Arnold Schoenberg, Cage made his biggest creative breakthrough by studying the I Ching, Zen Buddhism and the art of Marcel Duchamp. The composer decided to let elements of chance into his work. He started to write pieces for a “prepared piano” where things like thumbtacks, nails and forks were placed into the instrument’s strings to alter its sound in unexpected ways. Cage’s most famous work, 4’33”, took conceptual music about as far as it could go. The folks over at have placed online another one of Cage’s work, Diary: How To Improve The World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse) (1991).

Recorded in Switzerland a little over a year before his death, Diary features thoughts, observations and insights along with quotes from the likes of Buckminster Fuller, Henry David Thoreau and Mao Zedong. Related Content: Historic UFO audio archive dating back to the 40s recovered. Wendy Connors A historic UFO audio archive documenting the beginning of the modern UFO era has been made available online. The archive was compiled by Wendy Connors and Roderick Dyke, and re-discovered and made available online by Isaac Koi and Giuliano Marinkovic. Connors spent several years in the US Air Force working in communications before settling down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She had an interest in UFOs, and in particular the Air Force’s official investigations into the matter.

She was a founding member of the Project Sign Historical Group, which brought together people related to the Air Force’s original UFO investigation program. Over the years Connors began collecting audio clips from some of the most important interviews of the time. Kenneth Arnold Some of these interviews include Kenneth Arnold, the pilot who had a very important UFO sighting that ultimately served as the impetus to the Air Force’s entrance into UFO research. J. 14 Years Old's Poem with Hidden Message. When You Read That, You Will be Shocked. Comics based on tweets. Joey L.'s portraits of Holy Men. Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L. created breathtaking portraits of ascetics in northern India, Nepal, and other parts of the region.

The series is titled Holy Men. Above, Lal Baba, age 85. Joey L is best known for creating the Twilight movie posters and other commercial projects. Holy Men is part of his personal body of work that also includes the stunning Cradle of Mankind photos of tribal people in Ethiopia's Omo Valley. Below, filmmaker Cale Glendening's documentary about the Holy Men project.

12 Bruce Lee Quotes. A Message From The Formerly Popular Kids In School, “It Doesn’t Get Better” Yasuke: The African Samurai | The Daily Beagle. Japan is not a place one would usually associate with immigrants from Africa or the Caribbean. Yet in the late 16th century Japan’s most powerful warlord, Oda Nobunaga, had a black page who was not only a cultural curiosity but also served as Nobunaga’s bodyguard and was granted the prestigious rank of Samurai. This was a time of incessant warfare as the Ashikaga Shogunate fell and Japan became a war-torn nation with each tribe vying for control of against rival warlords. During this time the key to supremacy lay in controlling the powerless Emperor in his court in Kyoto. In the mid 16th century this civil war was nearing its end with the arrival of the Europeans and their modern armaments, guns and cannons. Nobunaga is himself a very interesting character. Nobunaga was obsessed with all things Western besides their armour and armaments and is one of the first recorded Japanese men to have worn Western clothing, use tables and chairs, and drink wine from goblets.

Like this: Pendleton Ward's 16-Page Manual on How to Draw Finn and Jake Correctly. Artist storage ideas | Furniture and Accessories. Guns for Armes: The Amazing True Story of the World’s First Real Life Superhero. By Klint Finley Every night dozens of people around the world don masks and costumes and venture into the streets to fight crime. Phoenix Jones and Master Legend are perhaps the most famous, but there are hundreds of costumed would-be crime fighters and their activities range from attempting to apprehend criminals to watching over the homeless while they sleep to make sure their positions aren’t stolen.

These caped crusaders aren’t mutants, aliens or cyborgs — they’re just concerned citizens. They have no superhuman powers. But with advances in technology — such as exoskeletons and bionic limbs — you might think it’s only a matter of time until we see the first grinder superhero. Actually, we’ve had him for quite some time. J.J. The first real-life superhero may have been J. Armes lives in a mansion, surrounded by lions and tigers. Origin Story Armes lost both his hands at the age of 12, he told People in 1975. His hands were replaced with hooks, but he kept playing sports. Secret Origin. Atoms, Motion & the Void - The Life and Times of Sherwin Sleeves – Please visit my hosting website for complete Stories & Songs.

Guns for Armes: The Amazing True Story of the World’s First Real Life Superhero. Slender Man by techgnotic on deviantART. The infinite pleasure of watching someone writing beautifully. Anjin Anhut (anjinanhut) on Pinterest. Unique Noise Generators matched to your own Hearing Curve. 7 Fantastic Vintage Anatomy Drawings. Desktop Wallpapers: Starships and Space Fighters. Just Delete Me | A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.

Can't find what you're looking for? Help make better. easy No Info Available Login to your account, go to parameters, click Delete my account. Confirm by clicking I want to delete my account. And again by clicking Delete my 9GAG account. show info... hard You have to call them in order to delete your account. Log in to your account and click the top-left link to 'Member Preferences'. Despite what it says in their FAQ there is actually no automatic way to delete your account. Follow the link to edit your profile and click cancel account at bottom. Just head to the account page and click the red button 'Delete your account' at the bottom left of the page. To close your account, contact Amazon by email (via this contact form) and request that your account be closed. You must login before visiting the link. impossible We do not 'delete' or 'terminate' accounts on ACC. Remove all applications and services from your account, then request deletion by emailing customer services.

Medium. Fuma-Kai, Performance Piece Blends Live Performers and Projected Animation. Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a psychological state with physiological attributes superficially resembling sleep and marked by an individual's level of awareness other than the ordinary conscious state.[1] Another description of the phenomenon is that of an altered mental state, while another links it to imaginative role-enactment.[2][3][4] A person under hypnosis is said to have heightened focus and concentration with the ability to concentrate intensely on a specific thought or memory, while blocking out sources of distraction.[5] Hypnosis is usually induced by a procedure known as a hypnotic induction involving a series of preliminary instructions and suggestions.[6] The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposes is referred to as "hypnotherapy", while its use as a form of entertainment for an audience is known as "stage hypnosis".

Characteristics[edit] The hypnotized individual appears to heed only the communications of the hypnotist. Definitions[edit] Hypnotic Induction[edit] Suggestion[edit] A blind man describes his perception of nature's intangible beauty. I Forgot My Phone: Our Cultural Addiction To Phones, In One Disconcerting Video : All Tech Considered.

Know your Star Wars fighters with these gorgeous posters. If the artist was going to include the techn specs like that, they should have taken the 5 minutes it would have taken to get the correct technical descriptions on Wookieepedia. They got it right for the X-Wing and half-right for the TIE Fighter (if you're going to say "Incom T-65" for the X-Wing, for consistency the TIE would probably then be "Sienar TIE/LN, or Siener Twin Ion Engine/Line Starfighter, but that's probably a mouthful- probably would have been best to stick to just "T-65"). The Jedi Starfighter should read: "Kuat Delta-7 Aethersprite". The Sith Infiltrator is called the Scimitar and is considered a courier ship (though it is basically an experimental Sienear craft so that part tracks).

Slave I is a Kuat Firespray-class patrol ship (though pursuer is probably acceptable). Other than the oversights or simplifications with the technical text, howver, I think these look pretty spiffy as far as the visuals and overall idea go. Here's what third-century China thought about the Roman Empire. The ruler of this country is not permanent. When disasters result from unusual phenomena, they unceremoniously replace him, installing a virtuous man as king, and release the old king, who does not dare show resentment. The common people are tall and virtuous like the Chinese, but wear hu (‘Western’) clothes. They say they originally came from China, but left it. They have always wanted to communicate with China but, Anxi (Parthia), jealous of their profits, would not allow them to pass (through to China).

(Bold emphasese are mine.) This guy could just be an idiot, exaggerating for the audience at court but I suspect he probably had to mix in some pro-China propaganda or risk being accused of being a foreign spy. Helps you remember what's happened in your life. Photo-Realistic Portraits Drawn with Chalk. We’ve all had our eyes fooled by artists with photorealistic techniques such as Pedro Campos’ picture perfect oil paintings, Paul Cadden’s hyperrealistic pencil drawings, Samuel Silva’s ballpoint pen drawing, and Nathan Welsh’s city paintings, but never before had we seen it done with chalk…until now! Rubén Belloso Adorna of Seville, Spain creates enormous portraits that are so detailed, you would not believe they are not photographs, but they are actually drawings made with chalk pastels. You can see the true magnitude of each drawing when you see the photos of Adorna working on them, yet even when you zoom in and look closely they still look like a high definition photo.

See Also WHITEBOARD DRAWINGS DONE ON A SHORT LUNCH BREAK The 26 year old artist holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville. He has received much recognition for his work throughout Spain and internationally, with exhibitions in galleries throughout Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Via: We stand guard over works of art, but species representing the work...

We stand guard over works of art, but species representing the work of aeons are stolen from under our noses Photography of Iceland's volcanic rivers by Andre Ermolaev Title: Aldo Leopold Iceland on But Does it Float Atley. Silk. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. Awesome of the Day - 34 Original Star Wars Storyboard Illustrations by Ralph Mac Querrie! Awesome of the Day – 34 Original Star Wars Storyboard Illustrations by Ralph Mac Querrie! Rare illustrations from original storyboards from the Star Wars series, created by the master in the matter, Ralph Mac Querrie! Really beautiful illustrations that are impressive to see when we know how faithfully the Star Wars movies have been produced from these story boards. via. Watch: These Brilliant 'Bots Turn Doodles Into Music | Wired Design. Photo: Yuri SuzukiPhoto: Hitomi Kai YodaPhoto: Hitomi Kai YodaPhoto: Hitomi Kai YodaPhoto: Hitomi Kai YodaPhoto: Hitomi Kai YodaPhoto: Hitomi Kai YodaPhoto: Hitomi Kai Yoda Yuri Suzuki, a London-based designer, has a passion for music.

His projects invariably involve some sort of noisemaking, and over the years he’s taught himself a number of instruments, including piano, guitar, trombone and theremin. With each one, though, he runs into the same wall: Since he’s dyslexic, he can’t read music. That limitation instilled in Suzuki a grand dream–an ambition to create a “new musical notation” that would liberate his beloved notes from the horizontal prison of the staff. Something “more physical” and “clear to understand.” And what does a democratizing musical interface like that end up looking like? The little cars aren’t cars at all. Suzuki’s latest project, “Looks Like Music,” can be found at Mudam, a contemporary art museum in Luxembourg. The one with a PVC pipe shooting out the top? A Russian enigma – James Cook. Orson Welles - War Of The Worlds - Radio Broadcast 1938. Jackie Chan talking about Tony Jaa . Are creative people naturally more dishonest?