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Getting Dental Implants in the Philippines. As per the International Research Center and Medical Tourism Association (MTA), the Philippines ranked 8th among the top dental tourism destinations in the world.

Getting Dental Implants in the Philippines

This comes as no surprise; the country is recognized as globally competitive due to its world-class services, fully-equipped facilities, competent professionals, and excellent customer care. Another huge factor is its guaranteed low prices for different dental procedures. For instance, the cost of dental implants in the Philippines can go as low as 2000 dollars - allowing a patient to save up to 75% compared to getting treatment in other countries. In this article, we are going to further discuss what you need to know about getting dental implants in the Philippines, along with its advantages and success rate. What are dental implants? When it comes to restoring missing teeth, dental implants are one of the most recommended procedures of dentists worldwide. Cleaning For Your Ceramic Braces Amid Quarantine. Braces are one of the top dental procedures when it comes to straightening misaligned bites, eliminating gaps between pearly whites, and helping achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Cleaning For Your Ceramic Braces Amid Quarantine

One of the most common types is traditional braces. These are made of gray or metallic silver brackets and wires. It also uses different colors of rubber - making it more noticeable in one's teeth. Meanwhile, ceramic braces are also getting more popular in the Philippines as they also give the benefits of conventional braces but with a more discrete look. It is made of high-grade polycrystalline ceramic that blends into the color of the teeth. COVID – 19 Protocol Suggestions for Dental Clinics. For approximately 2 months today which started last March 16, 2020, Luzon has been put under Enhanced Community Quarantine also called a lock down which is due to the rapid increase of cases of COVID - 19 in the Philippines.

COVID – 19 Protocol Suggestions for Dental Clinics

Under this rule, mass population mobility has been disabled and only essential businesses and personnel are allowed to operate or even go out of their own homes. Included in the essential lists are businesses that are in line in providing food, medicine, financial institutions (like banks and money transfer services) and even BPO services given that they will observe strict social distancing measures.

It was not seen that this protocol has been a double-edged sword to us and the Philippine economy. Although ECQ is proven to put a temporary stop spreading the Pandemic, it was also detrimental to the economy as it stops consumer spending activities that gives businesses earnings that would contribute to the country’s GDP. Dental Procedures for Your Misaligned and Discolored Teeth. What are the factors that make a beautiful smile?

Dental Procedures for Your Misaligned and Discolored Teeth

For most, it’s the alignment, color, and size of one’s pearly whites. This is why others find it hard to smile with confidence, especially when they have crooked and discolored teeth. They feel the need of aligning and repairing their teeth because aside from having cosmetic issues, they are also susceptible to health and speech problems such as tooth decays, mouth sores, difficulty in chewing, discomfort in biting, and lisps.

Thus, many would seek professional dentists to have aligned teeth, a healthier oral cavity, and a more attractive smile. AVR Enthusiasts — Why is your Automatic Voltage Regulator Heating... COVID-19 and What Should You Expect During This Time as an Employee ~ Filipinoed. This year marks my 7th year working as a Digital Marketing professional in the Philippines but this day too, marks one of the most frightening days not only in the Philippines but in the world’s history because of the rising cases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 and What Should You Expect During This Time as an Employee ~ Filipinoed

Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19 which was discovered in Wuhan, China’s wet market last December 2019 was still prevalent up to this day infecting thousands of people where large cases were found in China, Korea, Italy, Philippines and other nations which reached to a total of approximately 125,000 cases as per WHO’s report. As of March 17, 2020, 142 cases of COVID 19 are already in the Philippines as per ABS-CBN news monitoring. Since lockdown was implemented, what should employees expect from this event? For employers, it is expected of them to be compassionate by imposing work from home arrangements that would benefit their employees and would in turn help the government to mitigate or control this Pandemic.

Dental Procedures for Your Misaligned and Discolored Teeth. Recipes You Should Eat for Healthy Teeth – ABC Dental Care. Aside from hygiene, what you eat says a lot about your teeth.

Recipes You Should Eat for Healthy Teeth – ABC Dental Care

It’s no secret that poor nutrition can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to other health problems especially dental issues. Thus, dentists from the premium dental clinics in Quezon City, Philippines emphasize the importance of being mindful of what you chew, eat, and drink. Remember, food and beverages highly affect the mouth-body connection. Words you Can’t Translate from English to Filipino: Food Edition – word alterator. While there are a lot of borrowed words in the Filipino language as acculturated from other countries, there are just some words that don’t really have a direct translation aside from a Filipinized respelling of it.

Words you Can’t Translate from English to Filipino: Food Edition – word alterator

In this edition of words that you can’t translate from English to Filipino, we talk about terms from the food world that, albeit really popular in the Philippines, don’t really have an equivalent in the local language. Cake. Batas Beyond Pinas; US Serves Justice for De Lima's Unjust Detention - Attorney Totoy. Temporary Foreign Stay; anong Nagbago ngayong 2020 - Attorney Totoy. Things to ensure when Buying a Volt Surge Protectors in the Philippines – voltage surge protector. Not a lot of Filipinos actually appreciate just how useful the humble volt surge protector is especially in the Philippines’ electric grid as well as its unseen money saving impact.

Things to ensure when Buying a Volt Surge Protectors in the Philippines – voltage surge protector

If you want to protect your appliances especially input-sensitive electronics like high end laptops, desktop, expensive entertainment systems, and game consoles, then you should get a volt surge protector for your home. AVR Enthusiasts — Protect your Protector: Caring for your Automatic... Si Miranda at ang Iyong Karapatan - Attorney Totoy. "You have the right to remain silent.

Si Miranda at ang Iyong Karapatan - Attorney Totoy

NO PARKING and Places you are Allowed to Park in the Philippines – Lawyering in the Philippines. No matter how affluent you are in the Philippines, even if you’re a lawyer, in Manila no one is above traffic.

NO PARKING and Places you are Allowed to Park in the Philippines – Lawyering in the Philippines

For every major road, the baseline expectation is that it is traffic. Aside from traffic, another aspect of the road that no one is above is parking. The Real Cost of Proofreading and Editing – Proofreading Experts. Proofreading and editing services seems like a job that anyone can do especially to people who undervalue the worth of good grammar, and proper and nuanced writing. The current rate of proofreading services for basic or new proofreaders is about $10 (US) per hour. Mid-range proofreaders may cost up to $45 and longtime professionals can cost up to $90. For editing services, the prices are typically twice the rate of proofreading and may start at $20 per hour but costing might also be per page or per every 1000 words. There are writers and businessmen who are very pleased with themselves to their own detriment and think that they don’t need proofreading and editing services.

How to Take Care of Your Teeth After the Holidays? We hope you’ve enjoyed the last bit of 2019 and welcomed 2020 with a bright smile! Talk about a bright smile, how are your teeth and gums after all the family gatherings, sumptuous meals, and endless flow of wine? Is your oral health still on its optimum health? If not, keep on reading as we’ve curated several tips on how to take care of your teeth after the busy holiday season. Your Guide to Dental World Manila in Centuria Makati. Why Choose Dental World Manila in Centuria Makati? The newest branch of Dental World Manila located in Unit 2218 Centuria Medical Makati, Century City, Kalayaan Ave. Corner, Salamanca St., Poblacion, Makati City manifest world-class expertise, fully-equipped facilities, quality procedures, excellent customer care, and low prices in all dental services that it offers. With competent and friendly professionals and staff ready to serve you at their best, you’re assured that you will get premium oral care while experiencing great customer service and paying up to 70% less compared to other clinics.

It’s a win-win for your overall dental health and wallet! What Dental Services Can You Get in Dental World Manila – Centuria Makati? Vehicles and Pest Problems for Freight Forwarders in the Philippines. Here a mildly inconvenient truth for freight forwarders in the Philippines—your vehicles can be home to pests too! There are certain areas in your vehicle that have just the right amount of heat, moisture, and maybe even dirt and grime to make the perfect home for pests such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, and even rats. Another inconvenient truth is that, the bigger the vessel, the more likely it is to have a pest problem. If a colony of ants can thrive on a car, what’s stopping an intrusion of cockroaches from inhabiting your truck or cargo ship? Products and Treatments to Get Whiter Teeth for Christmas. Christmas is only a few weeks away.

It’s that time of the year when we reconnect and bond with our loved ones even more. There will be family gatherings left and right, and before you know it, you’ll be flashing smiles and sharing laughter all holiday long! It’s no surprise why many people make visiting a premium dental clinic in Makati a part of their holiday season preparation. Christmas Gift Ideas: 3 Eco-Friendly Dental Products. Are you looking for the perfect last-minute Christmas presents? Your trusted Filipino dentist can help! Besides giving you extensive dental care, highly specialized treatments, and smile makeovers, dentists know several eco-friendly products that promote safety not only for you and your family but for our planet, too!

Here are some of their highly recommended innovative and natural dental products. Slip them in your shopping bags and surprise your loved ones this holiday season! What are Distribution Management Services and Why Do You Need It? – Distribution Management Services Blog. Planning to expand your product on a wider scale? Proofreading Experts – Proofreading Experts. More Notable Laws of the Last Decade (Part II) – Lawyering in the Philippines. In our previous article, we talked about the Competition Act, Anti-distracted Driving Law, and Cybercrime Law. In this list, we finish off with 3 more popular laws in the last decade that will be the talk of legal service in the Philippines. Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10354) Countries are reinforcing healthier and more responsible sexual relations among citizens, and in 2012, Philippines got on the same boat.

But it wasn’t without contention; being the catholic country that we are, the RH Bill seems to have struck a chord for being “unnatural” and encouraging of premarital sex. The bill however, which aims to make contraception, sexual education, sexual health services, and maternal care among other, universally available. Most Notable Laws of the Last Decade (Part I) – Lawyering in the Philippines. The living climate in the Philippines is always greatly affected by the re laws that our lawyers, lawmakers, and executive leaders pass and implement. In the last 10 years, there are plenty of laws that go as big as the “processing” of drug users and abusers to as small-scale such as the founding of new barangays. Before the decade ends, let’s look at some of the most notable laws that garnered much attention in the past 10 years. This list by any means is not definite or characteristic of anything other than popularity so read it with a grain of salt.

Philippine Competition Act (Republic Act No. 10667) The first item on the list was passed keeping in mind the ability of any business to be able to compete fairly in the Philippine market. Why be a Transcriptionist: it could be the Job you didn’t Realize you Want! 4 Electronics that could benefit from a Voltage Surge Protector. 3 Practical Uses of Automatic Voltage Regulator in Philippine Industries – Electro Enthusiast. Solo-Parent Act republic Act 8972. Filipino to English Translation: Famous Filipino Movies Translated To English By Raf and Tekla. What is Logistics Services and Why is it Important to your Business? What Is The 11.11 Sale? How Did It Started? Can It Be Offered By Dental Clinics in The Philippines?

Care for Your Toddler’s Teeth. 4 Dental Implant Cleaning Tools. 4 Dental Implant Cleaning Tools. Tips on How to Eliminate Mold To Avoid Moisture Damage in the Attic. Work Related: Being a Transcriptionist for your Niche Industry. Is an Automatic Voltage Regulator still Important? – Electro Enthusiast. 3 Kinds of Surge Protectors – Electro Enthusiast. How the Internet is Changing Shipping – Freight Forwarding Experts. 4 Major Freight Types Ranked by Popularity in the Philippines – Freight Forwarding Experts. Pinoy Online Laws. Race to the Second Spot. Halloween Candies You Must Avoid (Plus Alternatives) - My Fairy Dentist. 5 Dental Procedures for Crooked Teeth. Understanding the house Nuisance that is Mold – House Mold Remediation Experts. Working Together With AI in Proofreading – The Language Network. Universal Health Care Act: Ano ang Maaaring Asahan? - Attorney Totoy.

Magtanim ay ‘Di Biro: Rice Tariffication in the Philippines - Attorney Totoy. Nicolas & De Vega Law Offices. Truck Experts PH — Understanding Intermodal Containers. Untitled — Panther: A Manufacturer & Supplier of Affordable... Sea Freight & Climate: their Affecting and Adverse Relationship – Freight Forwarding Experts. The Newly Approved Rice Tariffication Law. Affordable & Efficient: Panther Surge Protector – Live Wire Elec Blog. How to Remove A Fishbone Stuck in Your Gums? What Happens When You Don’t Regularly Brush Your Teeth. 4 Signs that you Need Venting for Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan – House Remediation Haven. Super Power! Ano ang Special Power of Attorney? - Attorney Totoy. Notario Publico: Kailan at Bakit mo ito Kailangan ~ Lawyer's Choice PH. Made in Philippines: Filipino Words Officially in the Oxford Dictionary.

Freight Insurance & Its Importance – Freight Forwarding Experts. Sea Freight Philippines. Understanding the house Nuisance that is Mold – House Remediation Haven. Moisture Flow Soffit Venting Systems. Stop Mold And Moisture Problem in Attics. Drawing the Line Between AVRs and Surge Protectors – Live Wire Elec Blog. The Effects of Vaping to Oral and Overall Health of Millenials. You’re FIRED! Part 2 - Attorney Totoy. You’re FIRED! Part 1 - Attorney Totoy. Filipino: A Rich and Respectful Language. Truck Ban and Truck Lanes in Metro Manila – Gen Views.

Demographics Factors to Consider for Product Distribution – Metrocombined Logistics Distribution Services. Demographics Factors to Consider for Product Distribution – Metrocombined Logistics Distribution Services. Demographics Factors to Consider for Product Distribution – Metrocombined Logistics Distribution Services. Dental Plaque Problems and How to Solve Them – One Big Smile. Businesses in the Philippines That Will Benefit from Having an AVR Supplier.

4 Products for Your Common Dental Problems – One Big Smile. Factors Affecting When You Can Get Your Braces Off – One Big Smile. Transcription Work: Freelancers and Translation Companies. Where’s My Receipt? - Attorney Totoy. 3 Low-key Commercial Couriers for Your Online Retail Business in the Philippines. 5 Struggles of Having Metal Braces and How to Ease Them – One Big Smile. I Bought a Panther Voltage Surge Protector (Review) The Role of Dentists in Curing Your Oral Cancer – One Big Smile. The Role of Dentists in Curing Your Oral Cancer – One Big Smile. The 2 Main Modes of Interpretation You’ll Need in Your Next Conference. FYI Amazon Ships to PH and You Might Want to Try It – Freight Forwarding Experts. FYI Amazon Ships to PH and You Might Want to Try It – Freight Forwarding Experts. Improve Your Warehouse Temperature and Humidity Control with These 3 Tips – Business Think Tank. 4 Payroll Functions You Can Outsource.

Local VS Offshore Web Development Company: Which Is Right for Your Business? – Inside the Business. When Do Surge Protectors Go Bad? Have You Picked the Right Interpretation Service for the Venue? 5 Trending English Slang Terms Translated Into Filipino. The 5 Essential Skills a Conference Interpreter Should Have. Huli ka rin! Mga Dapat Malaman Tungkol sa Mission Order - Attorney Totoy. What You Need To Know About Mucocele. The Link Between HIV and Your Oral Health.