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Woohoo - Birfday day! I am 36 years young and ready for those long walks on the beach, talking about aliens, and trying to decide wtf I should take to the LVO. Argh!!! It is the suck. Goatboy's 40k Extra Thoughts Goatboy's 40k Extra Thoughts
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I have a bunch I am going to need to finish up tomorrow but I grabbed a quick 45min this evening to basecoat my light leathers, the tartan (looks like my Skaldi is a bit more of a conformist), wash the light leathers, wash the keg, and wash the darker leathers. I have a lot ... » Read More... Posted by Felix @ pokeminiatures Iron Agenda Blogging Network Iron Agenda Blogging Network
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Blood of Kittens | Where the Immaterium meets the Internet Blood of Kittens | Where the Immaterium meets the Internet Apr11 Art of War: John Sullivan — Artist of the Month Posted by pathtyphon on Apr 11, 2014 Art of War: John Sullivan — Artist of the Month “A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession.”
WarSeer - Wargaming Rumours, News and Reviews After the great success that was the limited offer of Dwarf Pathfinders along with an exclusive dwarf miniature, we have decided to repeat the offer with the new Thunder Warriors plastic regiment. For the duration of the stock allocated for this offer (about 200 boxes) you can get the box of 20 Dwarf Thunder Warriors for €30 (the RRP is €35), and get for free an exclusive miniature of a Master Gunner with two pistols (available only through this offer). You can find more details about this offer here Furthermore, the injection mold for our fourth plastic box, the plastic Corrupters of the Apocalypse is alredy being tooled! Plastic injection tooling takes its time, so the box will not be available until December. WarSeer - Wargaming Rumours, News and Reviews
Space Wolves 3 weeks have passed since the new Tyranids Codex has been published. I have read it, watched it in battle reports (online) and seen it in action against other armies. To tell the truth, I had heard before (and after) I read it, that it isn’t a good Codex. In my opinion, it isn’t the cream of the crop, but has good chances against any enemy, as long as the Tyranids player is ready to lose a part of his army in the process. For every Wolf Brother this isn’t a Tyranids Codex review but my opinion on how to win the bugs. Space Wolves
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