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You've Gotta Have Art!

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Glimpses of the wonderful work by so many talented artists who have shared online. Thank you all for enhancing our visual journey!

Detroit Institute Of Arts 1976 Commercial (You Gotta Have Art!) Ed Adams is a seasoned artist who has created visionary art and owned an art gallery of his work for over twenty years.

Ed creates paintings, sculpture, and prints that interpret his view of the interiority of the subject. Ed’s goal is to enable the viewer to engage a work of art that is visually desirable and psychologically rewarding. In Detroit's recovery, you've gotta have art. Remember the old marketing slogan for the Detroit Institute of Arts — "You gotta have art"?

In Detroit's recovery, you've gotta have art

Detroit's bankruptcy affirmed that jingle, rallying the entire state to the mission of saving the DIA's collections. Realization the art institute could lose cherished pieces of its collection to the city's creditors, and an understanding of the devastation deep cuts in retiree pensions would unleash, rallied support for the grand bargain, a remarkably innovative agreement that enabled many of the other settlements. "The DIA art got the public's attention and became a critical piece," says Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, who helped push the Detroit bailout through the Legislature.

"Protecting the art was a very important thing to do. You Gotta Have Art. As health-care costs skyrocket, a down-to-earth approach to healing is emerging, complementing high-tech medicine with high-touch arts.

You Gotta Have Art

The approach is based on the assumption that incorporating music, visual art, writing and performance into clinical care can increase feelings of well-being and even improve health -- an assumption that medical researchers are beginning to recognize the need to test with evidence-based studies. Growing belief in the healing value of the arts was on display last month at a symposium at New York's Museum of Modern Art titled "The Value and Importance of the Arts in Health Care. " Participants -- physicians, hospital administrators and artists -- were as upbeat as if they were promoting a miracle drug: Integrating the arts into health care is in vogue, said Leonard Shlain, a laparoscopic surgeon in San Francisco, "because it works. " "We do children a disservice if all we do is treat the disease," she said. Letting Go of the Pain.

Bill Rauhauser: Detroit

Art Gallery: Barbara Wasserman, East Tawas, MI.