Week of 2010-12-27

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Predictions for 2011. Mon beau-père, mes parents et moi – Émission Site de Noël 2010 du dimanche 2 janvier 2011. Après un week-end passé avec ses futurs beaux-parents, Jack et Dina, pendant lequel il a accumulé les déboires et les maladresses, Greg Focker, un brave infirmier, a finalement réussi à gagner leur confiance et obtenu leur feu vert pour épouser Pam.

Mon beau-père, mes parents et moi – Émission Site de Noël 2010 du dimanche 2 janvier 2011

Mais auparavant, Jack et sa femme Dina souhaitent rencontrer les parents de Greg. Bernie et Roz Focker, couple aux mœurs très libérales, invitent les parents de Pam à passer le week-end dans leur propriété en Floride... Meet the Fockers. What is zuguide?

Meet the Fockers

Welcome to Zuguide, your new guide to movies and movie trailers. Zuguide is dedicated to providing a huge selection of high quality movie trailers with the best user experience possible. The Independent | Robert Fisk. Weather in Uzès. Sanity check 2010: The most important tech stories of the year | Tech Sanity Check | TechRepublic.com. The 10 elite smartphones of 2010 | Tech Sanity Check | TechRepublic.com. Poll: What was the most important technology product of 2010? | Tech Sanity Check | TechRepublic.com.

Quora.com - Get Answers To Your Every Question | Visit quora. Featuring questions and answers that come entirely from users, Quora is competing for the title of one of the biggest knowledge bases on the Internet.

Quora.com - Get Answers To Your Every Question | Visit quora

The team responsible for Quora actually compares it with a cache for the research people do when trying to find information online, and for all the questions and answers that go with one such process. All the data that is consigned to Quora becomes instantly findable and usable by others. And it also becomes further expandable. This Is the Best of Lifehacker 2010. Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google. This semester, my students at the School of Information at UC-Berkeley researched the VC system from the perspective of company founders.

Why We Desperately Need a New (and Better) Google

We prepared a detailed survey; randomly selected 500 companies from a venture database; and set out to contact the founders. Thanks to Reid Hoffman, we were able to get premium access to LinkedIn—which was very helpful and provided a wealth of information. Un nouveau virus menace le système d'exploitation Android de Google en Chine. Un virus s'attaquant aux téléphones mobiles utilisant le système d'exploitation Android de Google a été détecté en Chine.

Un nouveau virus menace le système d'exploitation Android de Google en Chine

Baptisé Geinimi, il peut s'emparer de nombreuses données personnelles stockées sur le téléphone d'un utilisateur et les envoyer vers des serveurs. "Une fois que ce logiciel malveillant est installé sur un téléphone, il a la capacité d'obéir aux ordres d'un serveur, permettant à l'opérateur de ce serveur de contrôler le téléphone", précise Lookout Mobile Security, un éditeur d'antivirus spécialisé dans les mobiles. Selon l'éditeur, ce virus est extrêmement "sophistiqué", bien plus que "les précédentes tentatives de logiciels malveillants visant Android".

La société, qui ne connaît pas les finalités de cette attaque, précise que seuls des utilisateurs téléchargeant des applications d'Android en Chine sont susceptibles d'être affectés. Egypt bomb kills new year churchgoers | World news. A man observes the scene of the bomb blast from within the Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt.

Egypt bomb kills new year churchgoers | World news

Photograph: Ben Curtis/AP At least 21 people have been killed and more than 70 injured in Egypt in a suspected suicide bombing outside a church in Alexandria as worshippers left a new year service. It was initially thought a car bomb had caused the explosion just after midnight at the Coptic orthodox al-Qidiseen church. But the interior ministry suggested a foreign-backed suicide bomber may have been responsible.

The blast did not originate in any of the cars that were destroyed, a ministry statement said. 2011 looks grim for progress on women's rights in Iraq. BAGHDAD — When Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki introduced what he called a national partnership government two weeks ago, he included allies and adversaries, Arabs and Kurds, Shiite Muslims and Sunnis.

2011 looks grim for progress on women's rights in Iraq

One group, however, was woefully underrepresented. Only one woman was named to Maliki's 42-member cabinet, sparking an outcry in a country that once was a beacon for women's rights in the Arab world and adding to an ongoing struggle over the identity of the new Iraq. 'A big f------ deal' and more: The top 10 political quotes of 2010. Vice President Joe Biden’s use of profanity, a New York congressman’s admission of groping and a denial of witchcraft were among the top 10 political quotes of 2010.

'A big f------ deal' and more: The top 10 political quotes of 2010

The healthcare reform debate is featured in several others, ranging from a Texas lawmaker’s outburst of “baby killer” to President Obama’s admission that he and his party took a “shellacking” in the midterm elections. Democrats were jubilant after they narrowly passed the healthcare bill in March, as evidenced by Biden’s comment to Obama that it was “a big f------ deal.”

While Democrats won that legislative battle, Republicans won the message war on healthcare, capturing control of the House and reducing the Democrats’ majority in the Senate in the November elections. Per Oscarsson befaras död i brand. Skådspelaren Per Oscarsson och hans fru Kia Östling befaras ha omkommit i en brand natten till nyårsaftonen.

Per Oscarsson befaras död i brand

Det var en anhörig som upptäckte att hela huset brunnit ned på nyårsaftons morgon. Huset ligger ensligt i den lilla orten Bjärka Långöna utanför Skara. – På grund av hettan från brandrestrerna räknar vi med att börja den teknisk undersökning först i dag. Vi befarar att paret var i huset när det brann, säger Carina Anderson, inre befäl vid Lidköpingspolisen. Sarah Palin's Nomination Chances: A Reassessment. In November 2009, I wrote an article entitled “10 Reasons That Sarah Palin Could Win the Republican Nomination.”

Sarah Palin's Nomination Chances: A Reassessment

The article wasn’t necessarily arguing that she was the favorite to take the nomination, but it did suggest she had a credible chance at it. In light of the developments of the last 13 months, it is probably worthwhile to revisit that assessment. Do these reasons still hold? Assuming that she runs, are her chances at becoming the Republican nominee stronger or weaker than they were a year ago?