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Facebook Twitter Goojet lance, entretien avec son Directeur Général, Guillaume Decugis. New Blogging Tool Called Lots of Fun — Zen Copy. By Karen Daniels New “Blogging” Tool – There’s a new tool in town called

New Blogging Tool Called Lots of Fun — Zen Copy

In essence you pick your topic/title (if available) and then you put in search terms which the system uses – which means as it scans social media streams so the results will only be as good as the terms you put in. You “curate” the posts – keeping or deleting as desired. You can add your own posts, put in specific sites or places you want to search (such as your blog) and you’re off to the races. Added info from Marc on the team: in addition you can also scoop any content directly while browsing the web (with a bookmarklet: a button you can install in your browser tool bar); and anyone can also suggest posts for you to accept or not into your topic(s) (this is the collaborative touch).

Thanks for the added info, Marc! What's going on in the Sigalon Valley. Will ever scientific progress unravel the greatest enigma of our body... where consciousness resides? There are many questions waiting to be revealed. Man invents faster every day in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. From the beginning of the universe or the birth of a star to the origin of life and genetic inheritance, the enigmas of existence have progressively been figured out. However, the human brain which has allowed the man to achieve this knowledge is still a mystery. The essence of human intelligence is summarized in music - the perfect combination of reason and emotion.

The technique is already subconscious while their attention is aimed at creating the most moving performance. In order for this to happen music needs memory, intelligence and will. Due to its complexity the brain is one of the territories under scientific investigation with a most mysteries. Watch the full documentary now - 51 min. heads to the US as traction picks up (TCTV) At The Next Web conference in Amsterdam I caught up with Guillaume Decugis, CEO of, a news curation startup coming out of France, but which is rapidly gaining traction and is poised to put down roots in the US. heads to the US as traction picks up (TCTV)

We’ve previously covered on TechCrunch France. topic-centric and a new collaborative dimension to curation. Curation has been a hot topic for at least a year, and I agree with Tom Foremski, that it’s not just a trend, or as he puts it in a recent post, “a flash in the pan.” topic-centric and a new collaborative dimension to curation

We all need to make sense of the mass of information that comes to us, and present it in a format that is easy to consume and communicate. So, we all tend to create our own “magazine” adopting a variety of criteria – and as any curator, we make decisions on what we want to collect, highlight, and share. In the end, digital curators are not fundamentally different from traditional curators. The market offers multiple platforms: Flipboard,, Yoono Socialzine, Keepstream, Qrait, Pearltrees, Bagtheweb,, Storify or Zite, to name a few.

Recently, I started to play with as a beta user, and liked its strong topic centric social media approach. A topic centric social media approach: When I stepped into, I didn’t think of whom I was going to follow, but of topics that might be I interested in. : Curation, Publishing and Bookmarking (all in one) : Curation Made Easy is a French startup, co-founded by the world-traveled and eminently interesting Marc “Fuseki” Rougier. : Curation, Publishing and Bookmarking (all in one)

[Fuseki, Marc's twitter handle, stands for the open board of the Japanese board game GO]. Magazine-Style Just Might Be the Perfect Curation Tool for Teachers. Finding educational resources on the web can be a time-consuming job.

Magazine-Style Just Might Be the Perfect Curation Tool for Teachers

Once you find the resource, it must be categorized in some way. Bookmarking is one solution but lately there has been a surge of curation tools. I have written about Storify for Educators and as possible curation tools for teachers. I liked the fact that you could embed Storify right into your blog/website. But not everyone has a blog and the embed feature is not mush use to them. Similar Sites. sites. Wants to Make Curation Frictionless — NewsGrange. One of the most over-hyped concepts of the last year is “curation.” Wants to Make Curation Frictionless — NewsGrange

Most curation services, with the exception of sites like Tumblr, aren’t really ready for the mainstream., on the other hand, wants to make curation as frictionless as possible and allow anybody to easily create magazine-like pages with curated content in just a few clicks. I’ve tested many curation services over the last few months. Real-Time News Curation.