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Saturday 2011-02-05

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New iPad details: RFID/NFC add-ons, carbon body, 7” iPad still in works. New iPad details: RFID/NFC add-ons, carbon body, 7” iPad still in works A previously accurate source has provided iLounge with some interesting new details on Apple’s ongoing iPad development efforts, cautioning that some of the information is very preliminary.

New iPad details: RFID/NFC add-ons, carbon body, 7” iPad still in works

Here’s what we’ve heard. 1. RFID/NFC Accessories: According to our source, Apple is actively developing new accessories that will communicate with the near-field radio chips reportedly built into new iPads and iPhones. In the most basic implementation, an accessory could announce its presence and potential functions to an iPad or iPhone without the need for a Bluetooth or similar connection; our source suggests that an otherwise simple case could include a radio chip so that an inserted iPhone or iPad could go into power-saving hibernation mode automatically. 2. 3. Our source recommends that you take all of this with the requisite grains of salt. ‘Dating’ Site Imports 250,000 Facebook Profiles, Without Permission. How does a unknown dating site, with the absurd intention of destroying Facebook, launch with 250,000 member profiles on the first day?

‘Dating’ Site Imports 250,000 Facebook Profiles, Without Permission

Simple. You scrape data from Facebook. At least, that’s the approach taken by two provocateurs who launched this week, with profiles — names, locations and photos — scraped from publicly accessible Facebook pages. The site categorizes these unwitting volunteers into personality types, using a facial recognition algorithm, so you can search for someone in your general area who is “easy going,” “smug” or “sly.”

Or you can just search on people’s real names. The duo behind the site say it’s art, not commerce. In what seems to be liberal-arts-grad-schoolese, Paolo Cirio, a media artist, and Alessandro Ludovico, media critic and editor in chief of Neural magazine, explain why they made the site. And, the duo speculate, if people pull hard enough on that bothersome thread, Facebook’s $50 billion valuation will unravel. Welcome to philosophers of the arabs. Today we live in the beginnings of the 21st century.

welcome to philosophers of the arabs

Probably this may have no specific meaning except as an advancement in history of human beings and a considerable advancement in science and technology. However, upon deep scrutiny one can easily find that the last decade of the 20th as well as the beginnings of the 21st centuries are marked with deep and essential transformations of humanity as a whole, on the scientific, social, cultural, and philosophical levels. These essential transformations make it legitimate to depict this period as a completely new phase of humanity. If the previous phase of modernism, as well known, is characterized by what is referred to by Euro-centrism, then this new phase in which we are just entering can be rightly characterized by its most essential and effective symptom, multiculturalism. Hence, we are now, at the beginnings of the 21st century, in a state of 'Multi-Cultural Modernity'.