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Install ShiftSpace. ShiftSpace is currently dependent on the Firefox web-browser. It is the best browser out there, if you are not yet using it, now is a good time to start. Go Download Firefox 3.5 (it works best with the latest version) and continue to step 2. The Greasemonkey Firefox plugin is used to run “user scripts” – little Javascript programs that can modify the page. ShiftSpace is one of them. After you install Greasemonkey, come back to this page and continue to the last step. Click here to install the latest version of ShiftSpace, you will need to confirm the user script and refresh the page. That’s It! Press the [Shift]+[Space] keys and you can start using ShiftSpace. . * Remember, your shifts are public unless you specify otherwise . What does SharedCopy do? And a toolbar will appear. Clicking save will create a “separate copy” of the webpage with its own URL, containing your annotations. on your SharedCopy Homepage. instead. Then you decide who to share the URLs with.

Share your notes. Seamless and simple collaboration service, requiring no downloads or installations whatsoever. No signup required. Anyone can immediately use SharedCopy as a guest without any registration! Internet? As long as you and your collaborators can all see the original web page, it can lets you share comments with each other seamlessly.

No “Walled Garden” nonsense. We understand that not everyone is interested to adopt every funky new technologies. Integrate with any service. Smarter online research - annotate, organize & collaborate on web pages. Your personal Library provides an intuitive and robust system to manage your saved web pages. Powerful search functionality enables you to quickly and precisely find just the right items when you need them. The tags you use to organize web pages by topic are presented and managed in a simple interface. Those tags can be easily applied or removed from one or more pages at a time. The pages are presented in a list that can be easily reordered using sortable columns.