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Spiritual Healing

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It is a non-touch healing therapy that works on a quantum level addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances simultaneously. It is the art and science of consciously bringing vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment, returning you to an optimal state of balance.

Mahendra Trivedi - An Extraordinary Healer. Explore the Power of Science with Mahendra Trivedi. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi earned his five-year Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 and worked as an engineer for 10 years.

Explore the Power of Science with Mahendra Trivedi

In 1995, Mr. Mahendra Trivedi - Life Coach & Biofield Energy Healer. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’ Profile. The Trivedi Effect® I’m delighted to share an interview with Mahendra Kumar Trivedi today.

The Trivedi Effect®

Over the last sixteen years, close to 150,000 people around the world have received Energy Transmissions from him. They report improved mood, less stress and anxiety, more energy, greater stamina, increased self-confidence, clarity of mind, and inner peace. Some have significant improvements in sleep patterns and even in chronic health conditions in a very short period of time. Great Improvements in relationships, business and finances have also been reported. Energy Transmissions are sent by Mr. Official Facebook Page.

The Trivedi Effect by Mahendra Trivedi. Genuine Reviews about the Trivedi Effect. Health, Wellness and Fitness. The Trivedi Effect – Reviews and Testimonials. Healing with Human Biofield Energy.

MAHENDRA KUMAR TRIVEDI IS RECOGNIZED around the world for his ability to transmit a powerful form of energy known as The Trivedi Effect, a natural phenomenon that transforms living organisms and non-living materials to function at a higher level of consciousness and serve a greater purpose.

Healing with Human Biofield Energy

More than 200,000 people worldwide have experienced the impact of The Trivedi Effect, on human wellness. Over 4,000 scientific studies have proven that the impact of this energy extends beyond humans to plants, animals, microbes and even nonliving materials. The scientific community remains stunned. Impact of Trivedi Effect on Staphylococcus Aureus. A microbiological research work was studied to see the effect of Mr.

Impact of Trivedi Effect on Staphylococcus Aureus

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s unique biofield energy treatment on the microbe of Staphylococcus aureus for the assessment of its antimicrobial sensitivity response, biochemical characteristics nature, and molecular biotyping. Mr. Research on Cashew Plant by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. We are coming upon an era where nutritious, organic, and GMO-free food reigns supreme.

Research on Cashew Plant by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi

Currently, nutritious food is beginning to top the chart of necessities. Many people pay thousands of dollars every year when investing in the food they eat. Biofield Treatment of Boron Nitride. Not many people know about Boron Nitride.

Biofield Treatment of Boron Nitride

Boron nitride is a compound which is formed when boron and nitrogen are bound by heat and chemical. Boron nitride exists in a crystalline form which is quite similar to carbon lattice. Boron nitride is known for its thermal stability, catalytic action, conductivity and high hardness. Biofield Treatment by Mahendra Trivedi. At times I wonder… what if we could upgrade an element as easily as we can upgrade our electronic devices?

Biofield Treatment by Mahendra Trivedi

These upgraded materials would have a broader and optimized range of applications that could be utilized for a number of different things. For example, if we can make iron stronger, but more lightweight, this change in the element’s characteristics would drastically improve iron’s efficiency and usefulness for a lot of industries such as surgical equipment, appliances, manufacturing machine tools, automobiles, ships, machine parts and building parts. Biofield Treatment- Science Behind The Trivedi Effect. A Scientifically Proven Phenomenon That is Changing the World “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein In the realm of spiritual enlightenment and self-improvement, there are countless practices, techniques and programs that offer pathways to a better life.

Biofield Treatment- Science Behind The Trivedi Effect

But only one is scientifically proven – the Trivedi Effect. The Trivedi Effect represents a major breakthrough in the emerging frontier of Biofield Energy Science. Mahendra Trivedi Biography. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 and worked as an Engineer for 10 years.

Mahendra Trivedi Biography

In 1995, Mr. Trivedi discovered that he has the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to anywhere on earth, infusing it into living organisms and nonliving materials to optimize their potential. With this ability, Mr. Mahendra Trivedi Biofield Researches at NCBI. Mahendra Trivedi Scientific Researches on iScience. About Mahendra T­rivedi ear­ned his 5-­year Bache­lor’s degr­ee in Mech­anical Eng­ineering i­n 1985 and­ worked as­ an Engine­er for 10 ­years.

Mahendra Trivedi Scientific Researches on iScience

In­ 1995, Mr.­ Mahendra Trivedi - Biofield Energy Researcher – Mahendra Kumar Trivedi earned his 5-year Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 and worked as an Engineer for 10 years. In 1995, Mr. Trivedi discovered that he had the unique ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to anywhere on the globe, infusing it into living organisms and nonliving materials, thus optimizing their potential. For the next 5-7 years, Trivedi applied this newfound discovery to helping people optimize their potential, and this unique phenomenon resulting from Mr. Mahendra Trivedi - An Independent Researcher. Follow Mahendra Trivedi on Disqus.

Mahendra Trivedi's Biofield Therapy. Mahendra Trivedi - Biofield Selected Works - BePress. Mahendra Trivedi's Scientific Pulications List. 2, 6-Diaminopyridine (2, 6-DAP) has extensive use in synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds.

The objective of present research was to investigate the influence of biofield treatment on physical, thermal and spectral properties of 2, 6-DAP. The study was performed in two groups, control and treated.Read More The control group remained as untreated, and biofield treatment was given to treatment group. The control and treated 2, 6-DAP samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), Thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA), Laser particle size analyzer, surface area analyzer, Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy, and UV-visible spectroscopy.

XRD analysis revealed decrease in intensity of the peaks of treated 2, 6-DAP with respect to control. Join Special Prayers with Mahendra Trivedi & Trivedi Masters. Please join us for a sacred program inspired by Navratri, a mystical festival that only happens two times per year. During these eleven nights of powerful prayers, we will honor the Divine and awaken our ability to create abundance and overcome obstacles in our lives.

This unique program facilitates profound shifts and leads to greater prosperity in all areas of life. Receive the most powerful form of Energy Transmissions from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and Trivedi Masters Alice Branton, Gopal Nayak and Dahryn Trivedi. Experience a transformation that you have never yet experienced. Science & The Trivedi Effect. I don’t like theory and philosophy. Something worthy of contribution to a person’s life seldom comes in the form of theory and philosophy.

It comes in the form of true experience—in good health, loving relationships, peace, clarity and quality living. Truth and meaning in life brings health, wealth and happiness. Philosophers talk about it, but it cannot be received or understood from the mouths of philosophers. Most of the world’s religious figures, spiritual masters and transformational leaders tend to get philosophical when it comes to the meaning of life and self-discovery. Biofield Energy Treatment to Fight against Diarrhea. A scientific research work was performed to evaluate the effect of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s inherent biofield energy treatment on Shigella boydii with respect to antimicrobial sensitivity, biochemical reaction pattern, and biotyping. Mr. Trivedi’s unique biofield energy therapy is also known as The Trivedi Effect®. The findings of this research has been already published in a reputed peer-reviewed International journal entitled “Science Journal of Clinical Medicine”.

An Alternative Approach to Fight Against Enterobacter cloacae. Stainless Steel Powder: Impact from Biofield Treatment. Dahryn Trivedi – A Research Scholar & The Master of Transformation. Know More About Dahryn Trivedi at TrivediScience. Dahryn Trivedi – Biofield Publications - MyScienceWork. Dahryn Trivedi – Publications.

Dahryn Trivedi – Evaluation of Biofield Energy Treatment on Cancer Cell Death. Impact of an External Energy on Yersinia Enterocolitica. Growth and Anatomical Characteristics of Pogostemoncablin(Benth.)

Human Biofield Energy on Antimony and Bismuth Powders. Impact on Growth and Yield of Lettuce and Tomato.