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Why an Optimized Content Strategy is Crucial for Social &Search. Digital-Tutors Beginners Guide Tutorials and Training - StumbleUpon. Why Google+ is an Inevitable Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy. Ads Worth Spreading. Ads honored through Ads Worth Spreading can be as long as it takes to communicate the idea powerfully, up to five minutes, whether that’s through state-of-the-art animation, lush imagery or an individual talking directly to the camera.

Ads Worth Spreading

What matters is the “a-ha” moment -- the central idea. The thing that makes consumers connect to the idea in the same way that TED speakers connect with their audience. Ads Worth Spreading began as a clarion call to the global advertising community in 2011, asking for ads that inspired and engaged audiences. TED received nearly 1,000 entries and picked 10 outstanding examples. In 2013, six nomination teams of two – made up of one renowned TED speaker and one rising star from the advertising industry – nominated compelling ads from diverse areas of interest: Talk, Social Good, Cultural Compass, Creative Wonder, Brand Bravery and Education.

The Act Of Creativity In Marketing Has Moved Upstream, Leaving The Media Plan All Wet. Ad Age Advertising Century: Top 100 Advertising Campaigns. The Future of Social and Mass Media: Wilber, Wang, and Weigend Weigh-In. This whole thing started at a playground.

The Future of Social and Mass Media: Wilber, Wang, and Weigend Weigh-In

True story! While letting my little boy climb on a retired railroad engine – black and shiny and ominous in its stillness – I was struck that when you get up close, you see vast number of levers, dials, valves, and raw equipment required to run such machinery. Leadership Is All About Telling a Great Story. It is not ironic in that the two business leaders that I most admire and have had the pleasure of working for were great storytellers.

It is also telling that both started out in the entertainment field – one in magic and then later representing “talent,” (he is awash of great dinner time stories about uncomfortable celebrity requests and of meeting some of the nicest people on the planet) and the other was trained in standup (more the how-to-tell-a-great-story type and not the one-liner type). As I was given a heads-up that Forbes was compiling their Celebrity 100 list again this year, I reviewed their ranked list and found that once I filtered sports stars, teen pop, Charlie Sheen, and supermodels, that most of the remaining influencers were storytellers.