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Strick-Turban - Strickmütze - Beanie - Winter. Basic Amigurumi Crochet Doll Tutorial Part 2. Basic Amigurumi Crochet Doll Tutorial Part 1. How To make A TOTE BAG DIY Style. Moños navideños con flores en cintas de organza. VV Free Patterns & Tutorials. VV Free Patterns & Tutorials LINKING: If you’d like post a link to an item from this page please link to this entire page and not just directly to the pdf file for the simple reason that I do occasionally re-post updated pattern versions and direct-to-pdf links will then get broken.

VV Free Patterns & Tutorials

Here is the short link for this page you can use- Thank you! A brief reminder concerning copyright: The pdfs posted here, my photos & illustrations, how the instructions are worded and the pattern diagrams are all under my copyright. Please be respectful of my authorship and please do not copy and re-post my PDFs, diagrams, photographs or patterns anywhere else on the internet.

PRINTING: Print at 100% scale. A4 (8.26″ x 11.69″) vs US letter(8.5″ x 11″): I’m in the UK and work with A-series paper sizes by default. If you are downloading a free pattern why not subscribe to this blog and hear about future patterns first?! Reversible Stole Redux Dec.2015 Download new A4 tiled pattern and instructions any size and !!

【转载】这么多的裙子模型图纸 - 水滴的日志 - 网易博客. Wide Leg Pants - JoAnn. Gotowy wykrój - szara tunika Carmen90. Готовые Выкройки Женской Одежды/ Платья. Tuto sac japonisant. Voici le tuto en pas à pas et photos pour un sac japonisant souvent appelé « Japanese knot bag« .

Tuto sac japonisant

Le sac se ferme en passant la grande anse dans la petite et se porte au poignet. Le sac est doublé et comporte 6 petites poches à l’intérieur. Ce sac fait un très joli cadeau, et Noël approchant, je suis sûre que vous penserai bien à quelqu’un à qui il pourrait faire plaisir Le patron gratuit utilisé ici n’est pas de moi. C’est celui du Grab bag créé par Bonnie Kozowski pour All people quilt. Il est très semblable au patron payant Vogue 7354 que j’utilise habituellement pour faire des petits sacs de se type. Pour le tuto présenté ici du patron gratuit de All people Quilt, j’ai suivi les instructions en anglais à la lettre avec donc les poches mais j’ai omis la triplure. The Destashification Project. Boho Sling Bag Patchy Boho Sling Bag The Boho Sling Bag – plain or fancy.

The Destashification Project

A sewing project for everyone – regardless of their sewing pedigree or experience! The Boho Sling Bag seems to be fairly popular among those that could form the next generation of needle-artists. It would make a great first project to start their sewing careers! This Tutorial starts with the “plain” bag. Select Fabrics Just a few items are required to make the Boho Sling Bag. About the fabric: I have a HUGE STASH of fabric (thus “The Destashification Project”), but if selecting fabrics require purchase, here are some suggestions. Boho Bag Pattern Sketch The purse requires four of the pieces shown in the pattern sketch. Four pieces are needed because two for the outside of the bag and two for the lining. Each piece requires approximately 1/2 yard of 45″ wide fabric. One yard of fabric will be enough for one bag piece, the bases and the pocket.

Madame LALA: DIY: Cape. Hallo ihr Lieben, dank der lieben Julia die ein Cape bei mir 'bestellt' hat - und ich darafhin wieder Grund zum Nähen hatte - gibts hier nun die langersehnte Anleitung für meine Cape-Jacke ;) 'Do it yourself'-guide for this Cape: 1.)

Madame LALA: DIY: Cape

Du brauchst 150cm Stoff (am besten Strick) You need 150cm fabric Schneide eine 20cm breite Bahn ab (für den Flechtkragen) cut a panel of 20cm (for braided collar) 2.) Cut your panel in 3 long panels and stitch them together (then you get 3 tunnels of fabric): und flechte deine drei Teile zu einem langen Zopf zusammen... plait a twist from these 3 strips... 3.) Nähe alle Kanten um und versäubere alles schön... But back to the cape: finish the edges... und schneide dann ein Loch für deinen Kopf in die Mitte des Stoffbruchs (Achtung: Loch nicht zu groß schneiden ,man verschätzt sich leicht!)

Und nähe ca. 20cm unter der oberen Kante Richtung Kopfteil ein (= angedeutete Ärmel) 4.) Natürlich könnt ihr auch bei den Maßen variieren :) Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany. For all of my fellow frugal crafters out there, I've collected a bunch of vintage or vintage-inspired free sewing, knitting and crochet patterns for you!

Va-Voom Vintage with Brittany

I find new patterns all the time so this list will be updated constantly, so do check back! If you posted a free pattern to share that isn't listed here, please leave a link in a comment below. THE DAY DATE DRESS. I had the idea for this dress in my mind for quite some time.


I also had the fabric for...quite some time. I mean, navy knit with white pin dots? Too good to use on just any old pattern. This stuff deserved a pattern all its own. The light-weight fabric, slightly longer than the knee length, and pockets all work together to make this dress easy to wear. Disable your ad blocking software to view this content. Robe Rockabilly Gothique HR London "Black Net" - Robe Velours Rockabilly Gothique HR London "Purple Velvet Glamour" - How to: Party Dress DIY. DIY Sequin Cardi Sew-Along. FALL / WINTER DIY CAPE JACKET.