La psyché et son analyse

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La psychanalyse ne s'apprend pas sur internet. Seul un psychotique pourrait nourrir une telle illusion.

Se confronter à la vie, par le travail et la vie sociale, faire sa place, nouer des liens clairs et durables, alimenter ses connaissances par la lecture de livres, répartir son temps de manière réaliste et adulte... voilà quelques moyens de se construire.


Ressources et questions Psychologie(s) Ethnopsychiatrie ethnopyschanalyse ressources. Sociology - anthropology. Philosophical approach of DESIRE. PERVERSION DE LIEN (et autres perversions) Psychosoma. Psychanalyse, textes, personnalités, réflexions diverses. Neurosciences? Psychose - Psychosis. PARENTS, famille.

Object relations and narcissism, borderline

Histoires de paranos. ADDICTIONS - dépendances.

  1. sibelada May 28 2013
    Thank you, I appreciate your comment. You are mentioning a widespread phenomenon on the web: ignorants porviding other ignorants with chaotic access to indistinct sources of knowledge, but also of charlatanism, pseudo-science, new age babble... thus becoming the "curators" of content they have never read, subjects they are not educated in, cyber-experts of what they completely ignore or misinterpret in real life. Somehow, it's the revenge of the culturally and socially impaired narcissists! ;))
  2. laltra May 26 2013
    You are probably the only user who knows what she collects on the web... I get the feeling that the site is full of false prophets and ignorants who rely on collective intelligence to pretend to know things simply by putting a few links in their baskets... thank you for setting the record straight!