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Does Bollywood have a women problem? Raghav Purohit's life is torn apart when bank robbers hijack his wife's car to make a getaway, tossing his infant son out of the passenger side door and shooting his mother dead in the process.

Does Bollywood have a women problem?

Bereaved of his wife and child, Raghav swears revenge and embarks on a merciless journey to bring those responsible for the murders to justice. It's a familiar blurb that could apply to any number of movies, but what makes the 2015 Bollywood movie Badlapur stand out is the lengths its anti-hero is willing to go to avenge his family. Raghav, played by Varun Dhawan, targets a prostitute called Jhimli for information about the killers and repeatedly sexually assaults her during the encounters. India's Bollywood speaks out against rape. "Ab bakwaas band, badlaav shuru" - now the nonsense ends, change begins.

India's Bollywood speaks out against rape

That is the slogan for a social awareness building exercise spearheaded by one of India's most popular radio stations, with Bollywood actor John Abraham as its ambassador. Having highlighted the pressing issues of acid attacks on women and sexist language, this campaign is focusing on women’s safety in homes, offices, and public places. With this radio campaign, Abraham - a former model and now a top-ranking film star - joins the steady trickle of Bollywood personalities lending their support to India's ongoing anti-rape struggle.

The Mumbai-based, Hindi-language film industry, or Bollywood, has often been guilty of sidelining and objectifying women, even trivialising sexual harassment, on screen. Off screen, its stars have usually avoided commenting on sensitive social and political issues. Speaking from experience "When it comes to sexual violence, silence and shame are pretty universal. NANDAKUMAR. THE STEREOTYPICAL PORTRAYAL OF WOMEN IN COMMERCIAL INDIAN CINEMA. Role & Status of Women in India: Issues & Challenges. The role and status of women in India is a very hot issue that is passionately debated every day, as ever more women become conscious of the inequalities and bias they suffer from.

Role & Status of Women in India: Issues & Challenges

All around the world, women are an untapped "resource" to fight poverty and violence. And even though their potential has been very clearly revealed time and again in difficult circumstances (world wars, independence movements) men have too often lost sight of it in times of stability. Gender Discrimination: Women's Rights in India Today. With gender bias becoming an increasingly hot topic, the number of those fighting gender discrimination against women in India is growing every day.

Gender Discrimination: Women's Rights in India Today

But is it enough to change traditions and customs rooted centuries of prejudice and unfair treatment? The scale of gender bias in India The life of an average woman in India is a perfect case study of the manifestations of a deep seated, socially accepted inferior position of women across traditional communities. This accepted behaviour laces attitudes - socially, culturally and institutionally despite progressive provisions by law which guarantee equal(-ish) rights for women in India. The scale and impact of the discrimination against women happening on a daily basis across the country is unfathomable. Role & Status of Women in India: Issues & Challenges. Status of women in India. As per the latest census carried out by the government of India, there are 933 females for every 1000 males in our country.

Status of women in India

Male dominance is everywhere. We can find superiority of men in every phase of our lives. When we are born, we have our fathers to look after us, our brothers then share the responsibilities of the father when we enter our teenage years, then we have our life partners who decide everything in our married lives, lastly our sons enter the bandwagon in our old age days. 20th WCP: Status of Women in Indian Society. The worth of a civilization can be judged from the position that it gives to women.

20th WCP: Status of Women in Indian Society

Of the several factors that justify the greatness of India's ancient culture, one of the greatest is the honoured place ascribed to women. Manu, the great law-giver, said long ago, 'where women are honoured there reside the gods'. Indian women: Yesterday, today and tomorrow - Cover Story News - Issue Date: Jan 15, 1976. There was once a woman who had the misfortune to be married to an inordinately vain husband.

Indian women: Yesterday, today and tomorrow - Cover Story News - Issue Date: Jan 15, 1976

Each morning he would send an arrow through her nose-ring, then wait to be congratulated on his manliness. At last she could endure this no longer. Said she: "It is nothing but the experience that comes with constant practice that enables a man to shoot through a nose-ring. " Saying which, she left the house to make a living on her own. She became a travelling dancer, and one day finding a motherless calf, she danced with it in her arms. A simple folk tale, but illustrative of India's culture today and centuries ago. International Women's Year has, if nothing else created an issue to be dealt with, whereas to many none existed. - The Washington Post. The situation of women in India. In Indian society, women are traditionally discriminated against and excluded from political and family related decisions.

The situation of women in India

Despite the large amount of work women must do on a daily basis to support their families, their opinions are rarely acknowledged and their rights are limited. From the time they are born, young Indian girls are the victims of discrimination. According to a 2005 report from the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the infant mortality rate among girls is 61% higher than that for boys.

House Full: Sociologist Lakshmi Srinivas looks at Indian cinema from the audience's perspective- Entertainment News, Firstpost. The Indian film fan is a creature of decidedly peculiar habits.

House Full: Sociologist Lakshmi Srinivas looks at Indian cinema from the audience's perspective- Entertainment News, Firstpost

He is prone to declaring his love for his icon with a passion. One fan may roll on the ground, another may forgo a meal to pay for a first day, first show ticket, while yet another may break a coconut on his head — all for the continued success of his idol. But a day at the matinee, munching peanuts can also reveal a society’s hidden anxieties and class identities, reveals sociologist Lakshmi Srinivas in her new book which trains the microscope on the Indian movie goer or habitué to find out what makes him tick. Bollywood: The Independent Women of Zoya Akhtar – The Diplomat.

Zoya Akhtar is one of the few female directors in the male-dominated Hindi film industry.

Bollywood: The Independent Women of Zoya Akhtar – The Diplomat

Riding on two commercially successful films, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (ZNMD) and Dil Dhadakne Do (DDD), she has emerged as a prominent face in the industry. Her films trumpet a new wave of independent women in Hindi commercial cinema. When Will Bollywood Stop Being Misogynistic? It is 2019. The amount of sexism around us is still mind boggling. Even some of the most highly educated people do not fail to show sexist attitude. Women often enforce misogyny under the pretext of “traditions”. Feminists are made fun of despite the need for it, and misused feminism used to generalize all feminists at large. Girls go silent on casual sexism, boys are shamed for showing so called “feminine” traits, subtle forms of harassment are ignored. My Melbourne Arts: "Bent Bollywood": Bending Gender Through Dance. Combining Indian classical dancing with the camp theatrics of Bollywood through a queer lens, Bent Bollywood was a definite must-see show during Midsumma Festival this year.

Created and Performed by queer performance artists Raina Peterson and Govind Pillai, the show explored how different sexualities, genders and cultures can co-exist and complement each other. Bent Bollywood began with a nod to traditional dancing and gradually grew in its exploration of queerness within these heavily steeped traditions. "Raina particularly was using lots of gendered mudras (hand gestures) in their spiritual solo opening piece, doing the gesture for female and male repeatedly. They were working with those traditional gestures and dissolving them into dust to almost disestablish the notion of binary genders," Pillai tells me. The two had initially chosen to begin the performance with their dynamic closing number, however after some deliberation they wisely decided against the idea. Everyday Sexism & Misogyny In Bollywood - Things Haven't Changed That Much!

While most major actors make all the right noises in favour of women’s rights, everyday sexism and misogyny in Bollywood is rampant, as is the view of women primarily as sex objects. There was this much-talked about movie Batti Gul Meter Chalu with Shraddha Kapoor, Yami Gautam and Shahid Kapoor in lead roles whose trailer (and the movie itself) was released sometime last year. 516b4fa1a01cca786f8e7a4a8207e0423347. Women Leads in Bollywood Movies: How Female Leading Roles Have Evolved. In its almost 70-decade long history, Bollywood has seen the female lead take on many forms, from the sacrificing mother, whimpering damsel in distress, to a woman in charge of her own destiny. But the one thing that becomes clear when you set out to chart the evolution of women in Bollywood is the role of the viewers' gaze, which in turn has informed by a variety of factors, including politics, socio-economic structure of the society at that particular time, and evolution of culture.

In his 1972 essay on art criticism, Ways of Seeing, English art critic and novelist John Berger said, “Men act, women appear. Men watch, women watch themselves being watched.” The objectification of male stars. Shah Rukh Khan’s naked torso caked in mud, his rippling muscles bathed in bronzed make-up, the anti-gravitational wonder of his low-rise trousers miraculously staying up, while teasing us with its revelations… If you’ve seen director Farah Khan’s Happy New Year (HNY), you know this image is not a figment of my fantasies, but a dominant visual from the film. The past 15 years have been marked by an increasing display of the male body in mainstream Hindi cinema. With HNY though, Farah has taken the trend to a whole new level by ensuring that her heroes’ nude upper bodies overshadow even the tiny waist and endless limbs of her heroine Deepika Padukone. The objectification of the two men in the film (Shah Rukh and his perennially open-shirted or shirtless co-star Sonu Sood) is so in-your-face that it led one SRK fan to lament the exhibition of what she calls “Bollywood’s answer to cleavage” in an article on a prominent news website.

Let’s not, however, claim a gender equivalence here. Gender other. Most action movies of Bollywood - Free Courseworks Examples. Objectification and Sexism in Bollywood - The Bollywood Diva Song - Sayfty. Representational Politics in Bollywood Sports Movies of the 21st Century: Empowering Women through Counter Cinema. Bollywood vamps and vixens: representations of the negative women characters in Bollywood films - Version details. Bollywood needs more 'lady oriented' movies: Alankrita Shrivastava. Asianet-Breaking News. Director Prakash Jha says male gaze is thoroughly permitted in the Indian society and while cinema cannot bring about a change, he believes it can help in keeping important issues alive.

Talking about his last production “Lipstick Under My Burkha”, Jha said he found the “female gaze” of the script unique but had to fight hard with the censor board for its release. Beyond Bollywood: The Cultural Politics of South Asian Diasporic Film - Jigna Desai. The case of Bollywood ‘item numbers’ – I. New Indian Nuttahs: Comedy and Cultural Critique in Millennial India - Kavyta Kay. “Let’s smash patriarchy one movie at a time” I believe for movies to be feminist we need to have more women in all the different departments of movie making. We need a paradigm shift in the presence of women as directors, cinematographers, screenplay writers, producers, distributors. We need to have more women to occupy the space so that we can have their voice in the narratives. A true feminist movie would be the one that does not glamourize masculinity or war in any form, it would be a creation that gives active and realistic representation to people of colour or race, or those that are queer or differently abled.

Good examples of a feminist movies are Nil Battey Sannata, Margarita With a Straw, Lipstick Under my Burkha, English Winglish, and most recent one—Ek Ladaki ko dekha to asia laga. To me these are some of the movies that come closer to being feminist. On the other hand, almost every Bollywood movie is problematic. 43032138. H4V60. How Indian Photographers Are Subverting the 'Male Gaze' in Their Art. Victor Hugo wrote, “Curiosity is gluttony. To see is to devour,” and nowhere has this been truer than across cinema, art, and photography — crafts that have historically been dominated by the male perspective. Harvard Political Review. By Sarah Deonarain | January 18, 2020 India’s Rape Pandemic Every year, the National Crime Records Bureau of India releases a document with updates on the prevalence of crime throughout the nation, and every year, there is seldom improvement when it comes to crimes against women. The 338,954 crimes against women reported in 2016 marked an increase from the 309,546 incidents reported in 2013.

Indian women are often assaulted by men whose intents are to “outrage [their] modesty,” the report says. Is Laura Mulvey's Feminist Film Theory Still Relevant? Laura Mulvey is a British film theorist who moved the realm of theory and film perception through her writings by combining film theory, psychoanalysis, and feminism. Impact of films on VAWG Research clean version. Ruby: "Stop showing us as weak and powerless." Eighteen-year-old Ruby aspires to be a lawyer. A resolute competitor, her ambitions are undaunted by the immense challenges she and her family face as they struggle to make both ends meet.

How The Male Gaze In Bollywood Has Created A Culture Of Casual Sexism - KoolKanya. I remember reading ‘Pride & Prejudice’ and falling head over heels in love with Mr. Darcy. Male gaze controls B-town? Dear Bollywood, When Will You Cater To The Female Gaze? The Portrayal of Women In Bollywood: A Tale of Misogyny. Hindi Film 101: “Male Gaze” and “Female Gaze” in Indian Film, or Why John Abraham Keeps Taking His Shirt Off. 13Dec201611124507 Arpan Paul 48 56. Bollywood's Sexual Content Caters Only To Male Gaze, Says Alankarita Shrivastava. Portrayal of women in films is through the male gaze: Director Prakash Jha- The New Indian Express. The male gaze in Indian cinema has created a toxic industry. Laura Mulvey and Bollywood songs : male gaze and female spectator.