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Dog Selfie Cameras : dog selfie. Futuristic Hypersonic Jets : aircraft innovation. By: Christopher Magsambol - Published: Aug 6, 2015 • References: luxuo The future of air travel may never be the same with an aircraft innovation from French aircraft maker Airbus.

Futuristic Hypersonic Jets : aircraft innovation

Airbus has patented and developed a hypersonic jet that can fly over four times faster than the speed of sound. Baby-Faced Robots : Diego-San. Diego-San is a creepy-looking baby-faced robot, developed by a group of computer scientists, roboticists and development psychologists at the University of California, San Diego, that was designed to better understand the implications and causes of babies smiling.

Baby-Faced Robots : Diego-San

Canvas-Painting Robots : painting robot. A group of scientists has managed to develop a fascinating painting robot that uses a special robotic arm to paint.

Canvas-Painting Robots : painting robot

This robot is fitted with a new high-tech arm that can grasp onto a painting brush and use it to put together a multi-colored oil painting. Now one may argue that painting robots are no fun at all because there's really no replacing a human being who can convert his visions into paintings on canvas, but that's not really the point here. This particular robot demonstrates just how fluid, versatile and creative robotic limbs can be. Pod-Shaped Yachts : Jet Capsule. The Jet Capsule mini yacht has been attracting loads of attention ever since it was first introduced back in 2013, a debut that was followed up by a smaller and faster version not too long ago.

Pod-Shaped Yachts : Jet Capsule

The 2016 version of this incredible vehicle is all set to retain the distinctive pod-style look, while including a wide variety of features and upgrades. There's no question that this vehicle was conceived as a water taxi or personal watercraft, which explains its full carbon body and photochromic windows. The yacht is equipped with a rooftop sundeck, while the driver's controls allow for rear and underwater camera views. With its high-tech features and distinctive appearance, the Jet Capsule is sure to be a big hit on the waters for a variety of purposes. 12 make-up trends from Fall/Winter 2015-2016 fashion month. Trend Report: Visual Merchandising. Looking out across the retail landscape, are your visual merchandising programs a familiar wallflower or the hot new bloom that’s getting all the attention?

Trend Report: Visual Merchandising

That’s one of the questions judges pondered as they reviewed entries in the 18th annual VMSD International Visual Competition. “We’ve all had to be wowed with less,” says Brent Hodge, owner, Creative Thought (Cincinnati), and one of this year’s judges. “Now that you have money again, you can’t go back to the old ways of doing things.” Visual merchandising returned to the spotlight in recent years as retailers began making investments in these temporary programs to refresh their store environments.

As those budgets continue to loosen up, retailers should be looking beyond the status quo to bring their brand stories to life. The Silent Sellers are Speaking Out. Any tour of the major visual merchandising trade shows around the world shows significant changes in the way mannequins are designed and made.

The Silent Sellers are Speaking Out

The traditional “silent salespeople,” with their fashion poses and haughty demeanors, are being joined by a new generation of mannequins that are pieces of art, experiments in engineering or progressions in technology. The digital communications age that has commanded so many of our electronic devices has been incorporated into mannequins, too, with digital screens displaying brand messages, and even personalized messages being sent, via beacon technology, to shoppers. Mixed Messages. When in New York, in December, take advantage of 50-degree temperatures.

Mixed Messages

That’s the gist of what we learned this year at the Retail Design Collective. We also reminded ourselves that black clothing is a good thing to wear when everyone else is more fashionable than you. On the mannequin front, everywhere we went we saw the usual abstracts and egg heads (those abstracts with eyelashes are fun, aren’t they?) , with new options as the metallic influence moves from the runway to mainstream. 100 Innovative Cafe Concepts. By: Katherine Pendrill - Published: Sep 15, 2015 These innovative cafe concepts demonstrate that consumers are eager to get their daily caffeine fix in unique and creative ways.

100 Innovative Cafe Concepts

With so many coffee bars competing for the same clientele, many coffee shops have sought innovative ways to draw in new customers. Animal-themed coffee bars are one cafe concept that has gradually risen in popularity over the years. These unique coffee bars allow animal lovers to spend some quality time with cats, dogs and other animals without the responsibility of purchasing a pet of their own. These animal-inspired coffee shops include pop-up cat cafes, avian coffee bars and canine-centered coffee outposts. Other coffee shops have tried to stand out by catering to socially conscious consumers. 10 trends in VM - Inside Retail. In today’s competitive and global retail environment, best practice visual merchandising (VM) is more than just plonking a mannequin in a shop window.

10 trends in VM - Inside Retail

In fact, according to the experts we interviewed, the humble plastic clothes model is looking a touch passé. Pop features, neon lighting, 3D installations, and interactivity are set to be popular in the year ahead, with some retailers embracing more malleable solutions. To make sure you get the best from your stores, Inside Retail Magazine has these 10 key trends for VM in the year ahead. 1.

Constant evolution. Trendvm. Top 50 Retail Concepts in September. By: Laura McQuarrie - Published: Sep 30, 2015 Many of the top September 2015 retail ideas show that companies are really stepping up with unique products and experiential events to take both branding and engagement to the next level.

Top 50 Retail Concepts in September

Cheap Holidays 2015/2016, Last Minute Holidays & Cancellation Holidays. Holiday Gems Ltd - Conditions for our Agent Booking Services These Booking Conditions, together with any other written information we brought to your attention before your booking was confirmed, form the basis of your contract for agent booking services with Holiday Gems Ltd, 1st Floor, Dale House, Tiviot Dale, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 1TB. FM3021 Project 2 Gorgeous Couture: Survey results (research) Instagram. Patterns : Georgiana Paraschiv. Pop Minute - Rihanna Bikini Oil Barbados Photos - Photo 12. Rock your skinny jeans with the long & lean stretching workout - Gym Bag Advice.

Picture of nylon material. Tribal print. Thomson Flights – all the assurances and service you’ve come to expect from Thomson - Search for flights. Thomson. White silk. White sheer material. Holographic background. White interior. Sculpture. One of our favorite contemporary artists has just come out with his largest work to date. Do Ho Suh is a Korean sculptor and installation artist who's known for his thought-provoking sculptures that often have to do with migration and personal space.

These themes reflect his own move from his homeland of Seoul, South Korea to New York. At the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul, you'll find Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home, a 1:1 scale replica of two houses the artist had previously lived in, one inside the other. Created in purple fabric, his traditional Korean home, where he lived in when he was a child, is enveloped and suspended within a more modern building, his first apartment building when he came to the United States, located in Providence, Rhode Island.

The work is so massive, measuring 12m… Carbo design. FR NicolasB Building on his experience in the automotive sector, Nicolas B now branches out into the construction of high-tech articles in carbon fiber. His leitmotiv is evident in his drawings: sobriety serving functionality. The lines are straight but flowing, the forms minimalist without artificial artifice.

From pens through coffee tables, Nicolas B constructs every-day objects with an exemplary finish and a carefully designed aspect. Besides the easthetic character of the materials, he turned to carbon fiber because of the wealth of values that this conveys. Grey_hair_trend.jpg (JPEG Image, 305 × 400 pixels) More Women Ditching Hair Dye To Go Grey. 'I'm A Celebrity' Viewers Accuse ITV Of Fixing Show In Favour Of Jake Quickenden, Following Jimmy Bullard's Elimination. Outraged fans of Jimmy Bullard have accused ITV bosses of manipulating ‘I’m A Celebrity’ footage so that its own stars look better. Jake Quickenden arrived in the jungle just weeks after being eliminated from one of ITV’s biggest shows (that’s ‘The X Factor’, for those who live under a rock), while Melanie Sykes is also a presenter for the channel, and has been portrayed positively so far. When Jimmy watched a highlights compilation of his time in the jungle during Monday night’s live show, he noticed that a large part of his argument with Jake had been left out, though the parts where he mocked the singer’s lack of talent were all present and correct.

Lionel Blair 'Won't Work With Children' Because He's So Afraid Of False Child Abuse Allegations. Fashion Rules We're Sick Of Being Told Not To Break. And How To Break Them Best. Things Marc Jacobs Has Made You Wear Without Even Realising. Bethan Holt | Contributor | Friday, 14 February 2014. This Black Friday, Patagonia exchanges new clothing for old and invests in the sharing economy. Several Black Friday's ago, eco-clothing giant Patagonia sent out a pretty subversive message: "Don't Buy Our Jackets! ". Open Up Lamp expands like a flower when the light bulb turns on.

Trend analysis for fashion and creative professionals. Trend analysis for fashion and creative professionals. Trend analysis for fashion and creative professionals. Forgot To Buy An Advent Calendar? Don't Bother, Check Out These Digital Versions Instead. Charlie Byrne | Fashion Editor | 6 hours ago. Unretouched Ads Actually Do Work Proves American Eagle. Zing Tsjeng | Contributing Writer | Sunday, 9 November 2014. In Which We Discuss Victoria's Secret's Feminist Credentials. Laura Silver | Contributing Writer | 7 hours ago. Kaibosh Eyewear. Brook There's Ethically Made, Organic Lingerie. Low Lives Swimwear. Warsteiner Artist Collection. Cereal Magazine / Gallery. Pembrokeshire coast, Wales  From Cereal magazine...

Innovation Research & Advisory. Unique Style Platform. TREND HUNTER - #1 in Trends, Trend Reports, Fashion Trends, Tech, Design. Untitled. Powerful anti-anorexia ad campaign tells women 'you are not a sketch' using models with fashion illustration proportions. Exploring Amsterdam's Unseen Photo Fair.

Solange Gets Married In A Cape. Elvie vaginal activity monitor helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles. New Pinterest board: copper. Vík Prjónsdóttir launches latest Icelandic wool wing-shaped blankets. Besonias Almeida enclose a water courtyard at the centre of a house. First female Church of England bishop 'expected next year' Smart Highway – a Tribute to Van Gogh » Design You Trust. Design and Beyond. Climate fund receives $9.3bn pledge. BBC World News - Click, 25/10/2014 GMT, 2020 Olympic technology. Balenciaga. Top 10 Girl Power Songs. Jennifer Lawrence Won't Join Social Media - Business Insider. Fashion/Web/Graphic Design & Development. Victorinox Night Vision Watch Is Built To Last A Lifetime » Design You Trust. Design and Beyond. A look at the airport of the future. The Guardian – New season, new trends. Wintervacht Revives Decades-Old Blankets as Wool Coats. NO FILTER: An Afternoon With Kim Kardashian.

Top 10 Packaging Projects and Articles of the Week.