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How to Bond with Your Siamese Cat: A Step-by-Step Guide. An instantly recognizable breed, the Siamese cat have a striking personality that makes them unique from the rest of the cat breeds. The Siamese cat is a short-haired cat breed that originally came from Thailand. They have a pleasing appearance. Siamese cats are very affectionate, good physical features and very playful. They love to hover around their owners and hate to be left alone. This breed is mostly known for its social and friendly nature. Once they are comfortable with you, they can be very affectionate and loving pet. They often tend to form a strong bond with that one person in the family even though they have a loving and caring nature towards the other members of the family.

Siamese cats need lot of attention and interaction else they would get bored easily. Today, let us go through a step-by-step guide on how best can you bond with your Siamese cat. Understand Your Siamese Cat: The initial few contacts with your new pet seems to be always awkward. Eye Contact with Cat Helps: Are the Siamese cats protected?, check the history of Siamese! When we talk about Siamese cat, there are many people who imagine them to be short-haired seal points that have a slender body with brown and black coloured tail, nose and ears.

But with so many cross-breeds, there are now multiple variations of the Siamese breed. Apart from their physical traits, Siamese cats have a unique personality and character. They prefer to always be in the company of their owner and would not want to be left alone. They like to play various games and being pampered by their owners. They would love to lay themselves on the laps of their owner or constantly hover around them. Being protective is one of the key characteristics that normally sets them apart from the rest of the breeds. When compared to the rest of the cats, the Siamese breed has the strongest protective instinct. You may wonder, what is so great about the protective instinct in the Siamese breed since there are many other breeds which show this nature towards their owner.

Siamese Cats of Today: The Do's and Don'ts of Introducing Cats - Siamese of Day. If you are a cat owner and love being around cats, then one cat as a pet would never be enough. There are chances that you would want more than one cat to give you company. Well, there are a host of reasons for owning more than one cat. But when it comes to introduction of a new cat with the existing one then it isn’t as simple as it may sound. Cats are known to be social creatures who would love to mingle around with their own tribe. But there are certain cats who prefer to be left alone and do not prefer any other cat’s interference. It would create a sense of panic among the existing cat when you get a new one. Hence when you plan to get a new cat then get yourself ready either for a battle or a surprise welcome by the existing kitty. As an owner, you would need to take it slow and steady with both the felines.

Do’s: When Introducing Cats Understand your animal’s individuality first: Not every pet is the same. Allow the cats to smell each other: For a cat, scent is very much important. How to Give Your Cat a Pill? | Quick Tips & Tricks | Siamese Of Day. When it comes to giving pills or any medications to cats, even the experienced veterinarian would come across certain challenges.

It is commonly known that the easiest method to give medications to the cat is by hiding it in its favourite food. It is important that the cat completes the entire meal so that the medicine is also taken in. Hence it is safe and better to place the medicine in small portions of food which the cat can easily finish. Few cats are very smart in understanding that there is pill in the food. Today let us have a look at some of the challenges and steps on how to provide pills to cat. Challenges: Cats are known to be more sensitive to taste than dogs. Once they identify certain behavior or changes, they would start to take action so as to get rid of the danger. Cat-Powerful Claws: When the cat bats you with their paws then it is a sign of an incoming danger. They are giving you a warning sign which as an owner, you should be able to understand. Cat-Running away: How to Calm a Nervous Cat Kitty? | Siamese Of Cat. None of us would want to deal with a cat who is angry or nervous.

There are a lot of things that can make a cat upset. Few of those include loud noises, car trips, any strangers entering the house, watching the owner-pet another animal or visiting the veterinarian. A nervous kitty would shy away from everyone. They always prefer a quiet environment. Even when you try to approach them in a friendly manner, they would tend to shy away. There are certain signs of a nervous kitty that can you can watch out for. They are prone to hiding. It is not necessary that every nervous cat would behave in a similar manner. It is ok when the cat is nervous or feels scared for a day or two but if this behavior persists for long then it gets stressful both for the cat as well as the owner. Understand the safety of your cat and yourself: When a cat does not want to go anywhere especially a visit to the vet or car trip then they prefer being left alone rather than being petted. Calm Behavior is a must:

How to Travel with Your Cat in The Car? | Siamese Of Day. Taking your pet cat in a car for a trip may initially sound to be an interesting thing but remember that if you haven’t done such a thing with your cat earlier then the whole experience may not turn pleasant. For those of you who have even taken your car for a five-minute ride to the vet would understand the real struggle of traveling with the pet. Though we do not say that it is impossible to take your feline on a travel trip or long distance car ride but surely you need to make the travel comfortable for them.

You need to have patience while dealing with a cat during travel and most importantly try to prepare your pet before the actual road trip. So let us go through some useful and handy tips which would prove helpful for you when you are traveling with your pet cat. Visit the veterinarian is a must: This is not something to be told to any pet owner. Prepare the cat for being seated in the car: This is similar to carrying out a dress rehearsal before the big day of the show.

Stay calm: Everything about Siamese Cat - Cat tips and advice. 15 Cute and Smart Products Every Cat Will Love | Siamese of Day. Cat’s Plastic Teaser Toy with Feather: Made from non-toxic material, this plastic teaser toy is the best way of exercising your pet cat. It would not cause any harm to your cat. It also has bright coloured feathers attached to the rod which cat would surely love to get hold off.

A best interactive toy for strengthening the bond between you and your pet. Available here for only $6.00. Adjustable cat walking harness: Planning to take your cat for a stroll in the park. Round Sunglasses: Who says sunglasses are only for humans. Scratching Toy Sets: Cats have an inherent need to scratch. Nail Caps: Nail caps are an easy and safer alternative for your cat nails. Collar Belt: A collar on the neck of your pet cat immediately sends out a message to others that “This cat has a home”.

Tent House: How about getting a cozy little corner for your kitty. LED Pointer Toy: This LED cat pointer toy would ensure that your cat has hours of fun time and creates a great bond between you and the pet. Litter Box: What is the Best Diet for a Siamese Cat? | Siamese of Day. The Siamese cat has been bred in a selective manner over a period of generations. During the good old days, they were purely treated as royal. Siamese cats have a muscular and slender body. Their jaw shape is also triangular and thin. Thus making them quite a unique looking cat. Siamese cats are very friendly and loving in nature.

Hence if you are planning on getting a Siamese cat at home, then they should be taking special care about their nutritional needs. Those individuals who are planning or already have a Siamese cat for the first time would be quite anxious as to which food would serve the purpose. Mostly a Siamese cat is a very friendly and healthy pet. The food that one needs to feed to the Siamese cat should in a way help them in supporting certain specific needs. The diet that you plan to feed your Siamese cat should be easily digestible by them. We have collated some of the basic guidelines with regards to the best diet to be given to a Siamese cat for its good health. Siamese Cat - Breed Temperament & Health - Siamese of Day.

Striking personality, and color points are some of the characteristics you would find in a Siamese cat. The breed of Siamese cat is quite intelligent, fun-loving, caring and affectionate. Adding them as part of your family would be the best part. However, before you decide to get one at home it is important to get to know about them in detail so that you can be prepared for all what is coming. The History of Siamese Cats Siamese cats originated in a place called Siam which is today known as Thailand. In the year between 1890 and 1903, these cats appeared in Australia and gradually there was a lot of changes in their physical appearance. Siamese Cat Size and Appearance The modern days Siamese cat has a graceful and svelte body. Siamese cats have long and slim legs. Siamese Cat Personality & Temperament The Siamese cats are quite intelligent and also very caring. They long for human companionship and often share a strong bond with a single person, mostly the owner.

Siamese Cat Health Issues. Siamese Cat - Breed Temperament & Health - Siamese of Day. How to Train a Siamese Cat? & it's Do’s and Don’ts. Siamese cats are very friendly in nature. They require love, attention and affection especially from their owners. Siamese cat’s personality is very much similar to that of dogs. They are also fun loving and intelligent animals. They try to be around their owner and display affection. Similar to dogs, since the Siamese cats like to interact with the humans it also becomes easier to train them. Importance of a Siamese Cat Training Getting a Siamese cat trained is a straightforward task. Certain simple tasks such as climbing on the shelves or opening the bridge can be done by themselves. It is important to make the training process a pleasurable one for your cat. Useful Training Equipment and Accessories for Siamese Cat There are a lot of training equipment and accessories available in the market.

Clicker Training Clicker training is known to stimulate the mind of the cat. In this particular training, the trainer makes used of handheld clicker. Leash Training Do’s: Don’ts. Tips & Tricks: How to Train a Siamese Cat | Siamese of Day. Training a cat can turn out to be a difficult affair. Due to the stubborn nature of the cats, most of the people find it impossible to get the cats trained. Various cat breeds have different nature. When it comes to the Siamese cat, the training part gets even more difficult than the average one. One of the main reason for this difficulty is due to the unwilling nature of the Siamese cat. If you share a good rapport with your Siamese cat, then the training becomes simple.

Understanding the cat is of utmost importance. Every Siamese cat learns differently based on the experiences they had earlier. When you plan to train your Siamese cat then the most important thing is to make the entire experience a pleasurable one. Let us have a look at some of the tricks and tips that would work in getting the Siamese cat trained easily: Try to be consistent: The most important tip that all the owners would need to bear in mind is to have a consistent approach. Healthy Rewards: Do not get harsh: Siamese cat, Hygiene Advice and Special Care | Siamese of Day. Siamese cat are a loving and caring breed. But if you plan to adopt a Siamese cat then it means proper evaluation is required in terms of its care and hygiene. You cannot compromise on the health of your Siamese cat. They are extremely caring, friendly and loving pets to be kept at home. They love to hover around their owner for attention.

The Siamese cats have a distinctive personality making them unique among the other cats. Due to their caring and loyal nature, they are often compared to dogs. Since just like dogs, Siamese cats prefer to have human companionship. By understanding how to take care and nurture your Siamese cat, it would help in enhancing the relationship between both the owner and the cat. Vaccinations: To ensure that your pet stays away from any infectious disease, it is important to vaccinate them on a timely manner.

Dental Care: Siamese cats are prone to dental issues due to the shape of their head. Brush regularly: Providing litter boxes: Trimming their nails: Bathing: 29 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Siamese Cats. The Siamese Is an Old Breed:The Siamese is considered to be one of the oldest breed which originated in Siam which is now referred to as Thailand. They were known as Royal Points and also considered to be royal. They were honored in high regard and none except the kings and queens would own them.Many Siamese Are Lactose Intolerant:Lactose is basically sugar which is present in dairy items.

Siamese finds it difficult to digest lactose. Hence they should never be given milk or any other milk products. Due to this lactose, they may suffer from diarrhea. Though the Siamese may cry for milk but you can try with tiny amount initially. If there is no sign of uncomfortable or diarrhea, then gradually you can increase their dose. Do Siamese Cats Get Along with Other Cats? | Siamese of Day. The Siamese cat is one of the oldest and popular breed of cats found across the globe. They are quite loving in nature with a pleasing and playful personality. They are very affectionate in nature and easily get attached to their owners. You can term it as a “dog like” affection for their owners.

What is the personality of a Siamese cat? Siamese cats are like no other cats. One of the oldest breed of cats that originated in the regions of Thailand. During the olden days they were considered to be royalty. Siamese cats do not like to be left alone unlike some other cats who prefer to stay away from humans. The personality of Siamese cats is quite unique and defined. Highly intelligent breed, the can be trained for picking up new skills. Siamese cats are also a loyal lot and bond closely with the family. They are also talkative in their own way. What cat breeds can get along with Siamese cats? Siamese cats love to be among humans, or other cats. What if my Siamese cat bullies the other cat?