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Cameos and Special Extras. I had some spare time, so I fiddled with the trilogy, looking for all the cameos and trivias.

Cameos and Special Extras

Legenda:LoTR: The Lord of The RingsFoTR: The Fellowship of The RingTTT: The Two TowersRoTK: The Return of The King Director, screenplay writer and producer, his cameos are in all the three movies. In FoTR, he's a soaken walkby in Bree, while the hobbits are looking for the Prancing Pony. In the original idea he should have smoke a pipe, but PJ felt ill, and opted for a carrot, instead. Sintel - Third Open Movie by Blender Foundation. Les Dangereux - A Ninja Love Story. Get Out: A Bizarre French Animation with a Twist. Zombies make the best drinking partners in the full Goon trailer. Watch: Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Attempt To Recreate Star Wars. The Hobbit Movie – Peter Jackson Production Blog + Official Trailer.

NOTCOT.ORG. Flipbook animation video "Vines" is romantic and uplifting - The Feed Blog. Le Royaume.