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Timothy Hallinan - Writer's Resources. Sometimes a book goes stale.

Timothy Hallinan - Writer's Resources

This is not something you notice during one or two writing sessions. This is something that comes up again and again. Over the course of several days, maybe a week or more, it becomes progressively more difficult to summon up the enthusiasm you need to work on your book. Writing becomes drudgery. This can be serious . There are lots of reasons we can lose interest in what we're writing. If you're a new writer and you've never come up against the soul-sickening experience of losing interest in your book, let me suggest something to you. Writing is a combination of inspiration and gruntwork. So my first advice is just to keep writing. On the other hand, you may have a real problem. If you do, this is a great time for writing about your book. Grab some paper and a pen, or open a new file on your computer. Do a retroactive outline . Chances are that at some point you'll notice that some scenes are harder to synopsize than others.

And who knows?

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911 Writers Block

ACCEPT COOKIES What are cookies? Login Overcoming Writer’s Block Writer’s Block can stop your creative efforts in their tracks and overcoming writer’s block is a tough task. Share: start Save Punch a key to Break the block Dial 1 for Settings Dial 2 for Characters Dial 3 for Dramatic Entrances Dial 4 for Dialogue Dial 5 to Commiserate Dial 6 for Verbs Dial 7 for Calisthenics Dial 8 to Kill a Character Dial 9 for Endings Dial 0 for More Help Think you can do better? Dial for your Saved Tips to Start Writing Toggle Sound The December Challenge: Its Christmas, Carol is now OPEN to submissions The winner of the November Challenge: Think Outside the Fishtank, is... TiberiousG with his excellently creepy entry, They Buried Him in a Box. The following five were this month's runners up: Thanks to everyone who took part! Our judges said: Well done to everyone who entered! 500-words to encourage you to keep writing every day... Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers.

For those who have asked and those who may, this collection of links for writers, researchers and the terminally curious is not, was never intended to be, and will never be the all-inclusive stash of every possible link fitting our slapdash criteria for what belongs here.

Internet Resources - Writers Resources - Writing Links & Writers Links for Writers

We select sites with some consideration and thought for usefulness, depth, interest and je ne sais quoi and we try not to offer fifty different links to "manuscript submission. " Sometimes we find a really cool site on a subject we already cover and mull over which link to keep and which to set free, sometimes we keep both and add a third. We lean toward linking to cool sites maintained by people we've met in the ether, but don't use a friend's site if there's a better site elsewhere. We don't link to just anybody and seldom link to commercial sites such as "Learn to Write in Five Days" or "We Will Publish Your Book" unless there is some -- no, make that a lot of -- free, useful content.

Feel free to suggest links. Helium - Where Knowledge Rules. Copyright Website. General Fiction. Writer's block? Cure writer's block with creative writing games - brainstorming widgets - poetry generator - character name generator. Miss Snark, the literary agent.