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Discipline strategies for teenagers. Teenage discipline: the basics Discipline isn’t about punishment.

Discipline strategies for teenagers

It’s about teaching children appropriate ways to behave. For teenagers, discipline is about agreeing on and setting appropriate limits and helping them behave within those limits. When your child was younger, you probably used a range of discipline strategies to teach him the basics of good behaviour. Now your child is growing into a teenager, you can use limits and boundaries to help him learn independence, take responsibility for his behaviour and its outcomes, and solve problems. Operant Conditioning. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning: Rewards & Punishments. Operant Conditioning. Reinforcement. Fixed Ratio. Fixed Interval.

Variable Ratio. Variable Interval. Relationship between reinforcement and response rate. Learning: Schedules of Reinforcement. Positive Reinforcement. Advantages of Positive Reinforcement. Disadvantages of Positive Reinforcement. Negative Reinforcement. Advantages of Negative Reinforcement. Disadvantages of Negative Reinforcement. Positive vs Negative Reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement for Teenagers. Negative Reinforcement for Teenagers. Positive Reinforcement - Tips for teaching and parenting. Using Positive Reinforcement. What is Negative Reinforcement? Learning: Negative Reinforcement vs. Punishment. Punishment. The Use of Reinforcement and Punishment in Shaping a Child's Behavior. Positive Punishment. Negative Punishment. Advantages of Punishment. Disadvantages of Positive Punishment. Disadvantages of Negative Punishment. Positive and negative punishment. Positive Punishment for Teenagers. Negative Punishment for Teenagers. What is Positive Punishment?

Positive & Negative Reinforcement/Punishment in the Classroom. How to discipline teenagers that won't listen.