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China is now getting its power from the largest floating solar farm on Earth. Donald Trump's Paris Agreement Announcement And 11 Times It Made No Sense. Teaching_strategies. Natural Hazards• ELI Natural Hazards category.


Explicit cookie consent. Earth Under Water in Next 20 Years - Full Documentary. Debating the link between emissions and population. There are those who perceive any effort to limit population growth as "population control.

Debating the link between emissions and population

" This is a term that chillingly evokes coercive state intervention to control individual reproductive behavior. Population control programs have rarely been implemented without exacting unacceptable ethical costs. But there's a big difference between coercive state-led population control programs and efforts to slow rapid population growth. Population control programs target the actions of individuals. Efforts to slow the population growth rate, meanwhile, work within existing societal contexts and seek to produce voluntary change. Population size and composition are among the key drivers of climate change. Regions with the heaviest carbon footprints are experiencing slower population growth than other regions. Sub-Saharan Africa's carbon footprint is light. African policy makers do care about the region’s rapid rate of population growth—but climate change is by no means the top reason why.

Bhutan most ‘carbon negative’ country in the world – At this week’s Paris Climate Change Conference an underrated and unlikely champion of combating climate change was the little Himalayan nation of Bhutan.

Bhutan most ‘carbon negative’ country in the world –

Bhutan pledged to reforest its land of which two-thirds is already covered by forests. Bhutan is in fact already considered the world leading ‘carbon negative’ country, as it sucks up three times the CO2 emissions that the 700,000 population produces, turning the country into a carbon sink according to the the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit’s(ECUI) ‘carbon comparator’ tool. In 2014 Bhutan broke a world record for trees planted in one day – 50,000 – and its commitment to reforestation is set to break new records. However, large portions of the country still lack access to the electricity grid. Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy. Explicit cookie consent. Renewable energy outstrips coal for first time in UK electricity mix. Renewable energy has for the first time surpassed coal in supplying the UK’s electricity for a whole quarter, according to government statistics released on Thursday.

Renewable energy outstrips coal for first time in UK electricity mix

The revelation of the surge in wind, solar and bioenergy to a record 25% comes in a week when the government has been heavily criticised by business leaders and Al Gore for cutting support for clean energy. The high performance of renewable electricity between April and June, the latest period data is available for, was due to both more wind and sun and more turbines and solar panels having been installed, compared to the same period the year before, when renewables contributed 16.4% of electricity. Gas-fired power stations provided the most electricity - 30% - with renewables second. Nuclear power was third with 21.5% and coal - the most polluting fuel - fell back to fourth, with 20.5%. Ageing coal and nuclear plants have been closing in recent years, while renewable energy has been rapidly rolling out. Renewables growth. How much fossil fuel has been used in your lifetime? Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!

Damming Tibet: China's destruction of Tibet's rivers, environment and people. The wild yak has gone the way of the bison in 19th-century America.

Damming Tibet: China's destruction of Tibet's rivers, environment and people

Similar to native American peoples like the Blackfoot Indians, Tibetan nomads have become beggars in their own land, with their culture decimated by the Chinese policy of resettlement. During Fracking Hearing, Nebraskan Challenges Oil And Gas Commission To Drink Wastewater. James Osborn pours a mystery concoction into water at a Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission meeting in March 2015.

During Fracking Hearing, Nebraskan Challenges Oil And Gas Commission To Drink Wastewater

Opposition to a proposal to dump out-of-state fracking wastewater in Nebraska went viral over the weekend, after a community group posted a video of a man offering chemical-laden water to a Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. The commission was hearing public comment on a Terex Energy Corp. application to inject up to 10,000 gallons per day of wastewater from fracking in Colorado and Wyoming into an old oil well on a ranch in Sioux County, in the northwest corner of Nebraska. Whose renewable future? In January this year, the energy researcher Jeremy Leggett made a bold claim.

Whose renewable future?

He told the Guardian newspaper that we should expect a major oil firm to turn its back on fossil fuels soon and shift to renewable energy. ‘One of the oil companies will break ranks,’ he said, ‘and this time it is going to stick.’ Leggett points to the collapsed oil price, the falling costs of renewable-energy generation and potential government action on climate change as key factors that could persuade an oil corporation to jump ship. His comments were excitedly shared online by anti-fossil fuel campaigners. Weak Kariba Dam walls threaten Zambia's energy security - BBC News. Belo Monte, Brazil: The tribes living in the shadow of a megadam. Explicit cookie consent. THE oil price has fallen by more than 40% since June, when it was $115 a barrel.

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It is now below $70. This comes after nearly five years of stability. Here's a taste of rewards for No - mass fracking. Fellow Scots should be aware that even now Westminster is auctioning off licenses to frack across the Central Belt of Scotland.

Here's a taste of rewards for No - mass fracking

If you don't think that's any cause for concern, read this. While Better Together ask Scotland not to break the UK apart most people in Scotland are totally unaware that the Westminster government plans to break Scotland apart as they are currently inviting shale oil and gas companies to frack the Central Belt of Scotland. “The oil is not gone”: 14 species still suffering from the Gulf spill. Can Coal Ever Be Clean? Coal provides 40 percent of the world’s electricity.

Can Coal Ever Be Clean?

It produces 39 percent of global CO₂ emissions. Scotland to create 'buffer zones' for shale gas and onshore oil extraction. Planning rules governing the extraction of shale gas and onshore oil in Scotland will be made tougher, the Scottish government has said. It believes there should be reinforced protection for communities near sites of new energy sources, including the controversial fracking method. Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse also said he wanted to see buffer zones between sites and settlements. Explicit cookie consent. ROW after giant row of wind turbines marches towards the snowy peaks of the Tian Shan range, harvesting energy from the air. On a blustery July day in Xinjiang in China’s far west, it is hard to stand upright beside the structures, each 90m (nearly 300 feet) high. China is better known as a land of coal and smog, but it is now increasing the generation of electricity from renewable sources faster than any other country, with more than 100 gigawatts a year of installed generating capacity from wind, a third of the world’s total (see chart).

In future, wind power will be a vital source of renewable energy. If it can integrate large-scale wind generation into its electricity network, China will be an example for other countries. Norway's 'green battery' hydro plan for Europe. The solution involves blowing out a cavern inside the water tunnel near the turbine where the electricity is to be generated, creating a surge chamber where water at the correct velocity can reach the turbines immediately. Norway is hoping to become the 'green battery of Europe' by using its hydropower plants to provide instant extra electricity when demand is strongest, or when generation from wind and solar power sources in other countries fades. Without building any new dams or power stations, Norwegian engineers believe they could use the existing network to instantly boost European supplies and avoid other countries having to switch on fossil fuel plants to make up shortfalls.

World must wake up to China's energy revolution. A fundamental shift is taking place in China's economy - away from heavy industries primarily reliant on coal to more service-orientated, sustainable activities. Massive investments are being made in renewable energies such as solar and wind power. The pace of change in China's energy policy means that the targets it has set for cutting greenhouse gases (GHGs) are likely to be achieved sooner than expected, according to a new study. Unicorn4275.sharedby. Unicorn4275.sharedby.