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Makeup artist in Bangalore | Best makeup artist in Bangalore | Shwetha Raju. Skin care products for summer | must use these product for summer. When the warm weather started soaring up, you strip off those heavy comforters, your sweaters, boots etc. At the same time, you may want to change your skincare routine as well. If your face isn’t showing any signs of worry or distress, you may need not to do anything. However, since summer days are usually hot, you have to rightly choose the skin products. Here are some skin care products which should be in your bag before stepping out. Protect your lips The sun rays will dry up the delicate lip tissues. Take care of scalps A sensitive skin along the hairline are prone to harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Powder your nose Ever thought of this, and yes, it is true. Treat sun spots Dark blemishes on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip are very common during summer and it will appear in its peak. Try tinted lotion Tinted lotions, available at drugstores can be a good option during the summer heat. Go easy on the eyes The summer rays can be very harsh on the delicate skin around the eyes. Priyanka Chopra’s secret to lush glowing hair revealed.

Priyanka Chopra’s secret to lush glowing hair revealed Ever wonder how Priyanka Chopra has a beautiful and lush growing hair. She did upload a video on social media where she claims to have used only homemade products. She also revealed that a beautiful hair adds charm to one’s personality and enhances one’s self-confidence. It is very common for people to believe in TV commercials and buy various shampoos and conditioners. But if you need to have a luscious glowing hair, we would recommend you to go for homemade. They are more effective than those of the commercial products and you can modify your dull, rough and damaged hair into a lush growing hair. Get shiny hair with castor oil, glycerin, and egg white Mix 2 spoons of castor oil and 1 spoon of glycerin with an egg white. Prevent hair loss with honey, almond oil, and egg yolk Blend one spoon each of honey and almond oil with an egg yolk and makes it as a paste.

Using milk with egg and honey Olive oil with honey and egg A known fact. Celebrity Makeup Artist in Bangalore | Reputed Celebrity Makeup Artist. After doing work for celebrities during glam events, fashion shows and ramp walks, I thought I should share some general tips that can be helpful for all ladies from different walks of life. It can help increase your glam quotient even during your day to day hustle and bustle or during a normal office day.

So here’s the beauty breakdown after applying makeup on some of the prettiest faces in the industry. Your skincare routine needs to be consistent and not erratic or once in a while. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin. Make sure that you exfoliate at least 2 weeks prior to an event. This helps improve the tone, suppleness and glow of your skin. Keep your skin fresh and supple by carrying a pack of Makeup remover wipes. Some of the light foundation or a tinted moisturizers I really love, recommend and regularly use for my high-profile clients are : CHANEL Inimitable Waterproof Mascara, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (for the roots of the lashes) or a NARS Satin Lip Pencil. How to keep skin hydrated this summer | Shwetha Raju. The skin is more prone to dehydration during the summer when necessary care is not taken.

Symptoms of dehydration are more or less similar to dry skin. These include a rough, tight sensation with little elasticity and incessant itching combined with peeling, redness, thick skin, and in severe cases, cracks that bleeding may develop from time to time. Dry skin does not indicate a lack of moisture. However, for oily skin, there is more potential for dehydration with the oil glands that produce added sebum at the onset of dehydration.

Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin It is important to exfoliate the skin in summer at least two or three times a week, to remove dead skin and improve blood circulation in the face. Keep your skin moisturized every day Using the right type of moisturizer during the day and night is essential to keep the skin hydrated. Although water-based products increase hydration, it is advisable to use them as part of the morning routine. Drink enough water. HD Makeup Artist in Bangalore | HD Makup Price in Bangalore. The advent and rise of HD makeup can be traced back to the late 1990s. High Definition and digital prints was on its way, which made movie goers wish they had an extra pair of eyes. But equally appalled were the celebrities and stars to see their flaws. Pores and blemish on the skin getting visible on the screens.

Discontent and sour faces at their makeup artists ensued, leading to increasing demand for thicker makeup. A few companies, Clinique was one among them, launched a few special HD products such as powders, foundations and concealers. The answer is NO. AirBrush Makeup Artist in Bangalore | AirBrush Makeup with price. Recently, Temptu released their makeup device Air. It’s a handheld device which is cordless, and is meant for both amateur makeup artists and artists as well.

To begin using it, all one needs to do is use the pods filled with makeup liquid and snap it into the wireless device. Then you can spray the makeup on your face. Inventions like these have surely brought Airbrush more into the mainstream and recognizable. But a few pointers for everyone, before they dive into it. Apply foundation wisely. Under-eye area needs to be brightened up. Pressed powder should be used to set it. Skin Warming. Natural flush addition. Bridal makeup in Bangalore | Get your bridal makeup done by Shwetha Raju. It’s wedding day. You have gotten your makeup done, choosen the desired gown with accessories. And the perfect hairdo, all of which is going to be immortalized in the family album. I just love the wedding atmosphere! So, after my five years of beautifying brides, these are some of the trends that I foresee in 2017. Some hair trends which I foresee in 2017 There has been a revival of the braid trend of late. It’s actually kind of refreshing to find this making a comeback.

Are trial appointments necessary? 200%. However, that being said, if your wedding is just a day away, then it’s wiser to just skip the trial appointment. Advice for the hair accessories during weddings First thing that needs to be considered is your own unique style and personality. My personal favorite is the Laurette Combs which is simple and elegant. What are some important things that Brides need to know ahead of time But before all of that, make it easier on yourself by drinking lots of water and hydrating regularly.

Summer Makeup for Indian Skin | Summer skin tips by Shwetha Raju. Makeup Tips for Summers Learning makeup tips for Indian skin can be hard as Indian women have different skin tones from those of Western women. And depending on different skin tones out there, there are so many makeup tips. Every woman wants to look good regardless of everything. Makeup plays an important role in it. Prepare your makeup tips The first thing, you should know is that Indian skin is very sensitive and you want to make sure your makeup looks as flawless as possible. Always try to avoid decomposition of makeup in the summers. Know your skin shade and use the right foundation Apply a light primer at your T-Zone and then a light foundation. Avoid using a concealer.

Choose the right colours It is hard for many people to actually carry red, but Indian skin tones, with a splash of red along with your lips or even along your eyes, looks stunningly beautiful. Apply a waterproof or long-lasting eyeliner in colours such as brown, black and navy blue. Understand the sunscreen you use. To book an appointment, please visit:... - Hair & Makeup Artist - Shwetha Raju. Prettiest Hair and Makeup trends of 2017 | ShwethaRaju. While healthy and dewy skins, bright lips are always a trend, this season, I believe this year could be a little different.

Many of the hair stylists and makeup artists across the world tend to go with the 80’s throwback trend. There are plenty of glitters and braids, but it carries the essence of individuality also in the last couple of seasons on the catwalk. It is no different in the Indian way of styling as well. If you are getting married this year, you should be planning already. Here are some trends which from the previous year’s study, might get impacted this year.

Natural looking eyebrows will be a statement quotient Last year, it was all about painted bushy eyebrows. On the other hand, heavy eyeliner with fake eyelashes are on the cards and so as bright colour eye makeup is giving way to the neutral eyeshadow. Glitter lips and Blurred lips Glitter-dusted lips are going to carry as well from last year. Contoured face making way for natural look Tighter curls & neat hair buns. Makeup artist in Bangalore | Best makeup artist in Bangalore.