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Warning: Not outsourcing to PHP Development Company? What makes people discontinue outsourcing to any particular PHP development Company? It can be a bad experience with respect to the Quality, timely deliveries, improper project co-ordinations, language barriers, lack of skills or communications gaps. Having these challenges is a possibility, but it does not mean you will face these challenges every time you outsource your projects. It totally depends on what company you chose and on what priority you set; Quality or Cost-effectiveness. If you are thinking about a low-cost product, you shouldn’t expect a premium quality of services. It’s like if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

I know this fact that almost 60% of people outsource because of the low cost, but you can’t be sure of the quality. That’s why, I think it is fair to add few extra bucks, outsource to a reliable PHP development Company with a good track record and get the project complete beyond the expectations. Drupal Developers. Drupal Developers. Why should you essentially hire drupal developers for your web development projects?

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July. Magento Web Development & the ecommerce industry | eLuminous Technologies. You all know how the e-commerce industry is taking a great hike nowadays. But I am sure you are not aware of the contribution that Magento Web Development have made to this growing industry. It’s like when you talk about e-commerce, you will be recommended to go with Magento. Magento makes it easier for individuals and developers to configure an e-commerce website and customize it as per the choice.

You can add as many products, remove them as per the stock situations without getting a downtime for the website. This is the real beauty of Magento e-commerce, it scales up and down as per your need. There are so many different reasons that most of the reputed companies go with Magento, and some of them are listed below: Versatile platform: As I said, you can add & remove the products on the go and can also categorize them as per your choice anytime.

Stress-free integration of third party tools: Flexible Content management: Mobile responsive layout: Smart Filters: Vast community support: Outsourcing to PHP Development Company for higher ROI | eLuminous Technologies. There’s this stereotypical assumption among the people in American and European countries nowadays, that if you outsource any typical development task to a PHP development company, you probably are missing out a better return on your investments. Can’t deny the fact that there are some outsourcing companies who are proving this right, but there are number of companies who only work with an intention to deliver a better ROI (return on investment) to their overseas clients and partners. There are so many people around the world who are in a completely different line of business, but they have some parts of work related to software and websites.

For these folks, instead of hiring experts and paying them a hefty salary, it is better to find a reliable PHP development company and outsource the project to them. As this is their primary business, they will make sure you will get satisfied with all the tasks assigned to them. 1) When you outsource your projects, you get a better flexibility. Guide to Hire PHP Programmers | eLuminous Technologies. Are you curious about starting your new open source project? There is so much of work to do; decide on the framework, fix your budget, hire PHP programmers, and most essentially, get started. I am sure, like millions of people, you might not be able to conquer the third step and find a programmer who can perfectly match your evaluation category.

Normally, people ask those stereotypical questions about technology, coding, experience and blah-blah, which isn’t wrong. But you don’t understand the person’s thought process based on these questions. So if you are thinking to hire PHP programmers for long-term and want a successful project output, think unconventionally and ask the following queries to him. It will get you a clear idea about his personality, his winning factors and his challenging areas: 1) Why is he the best person to work on this project?

2) What was the toughest decision he ever had to make? 3) Do you believe in working hard for long hours or working cleverly in fewer hours? Invest in Mobile Apps Development Services | eLuminous Technologies. We Love Magento Web development | eLuminous Technologies. In the last week of April this year, we saw Magento announced its Enterprise edition 1.14.2 with various amazing features for better ROI. Magento Web development has become more than a fun job for developers after these changes. There are so many things that have been taken into consideration from both, developers as well as customer’s point of view.

It has always been the first choice for e-commerce websites and this edition will give more power to the community. Most of the bugs are fixed and various functions are added to make a better shopping experience for users. If you want to find out the changes made in a new edition of Magento, keep reading. 1) More power to streamline Customer engagement. Magento Web Development gives an authority to add various options which boost and maintains the customer’s interest in the website. 2) Five New Automated Product Category sorting options: 3) Enhanced Google Tag Manager for better tracking: 4) Easy-to-develop Magento iOS App: About Shweta Joshi. Outsourcing to a PHP Development Company | eLuminous Technologies.