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I am an social activist and Yoga enthusiast.

Path Breaking Research at Harvard Finds Yoga and Meditation Highly Beneficial – Shwaasa Guru. Meditation is said to have a healing effect on the brain, body and the mind.

Path Breaking Research at Harvard Finds Yoga and Meditation Highly Beneficial – Shwaasa Guru

But how does it happen? Let’s see what the scientists have to say! Shwaasa Guru - The Great Yoga Guru. Shwaasa Guru - The Great Yoga Guru. Generate Cosmic Power Through Yoga. Learn Trikonasana From Shwaasa Guru. Yogasutra By Shwaasa Guru. Meditation and stress free living in Bangalore – Shwaasa Guru. Meditation is offered and advocated by many spiritual organizations and sadhus but why would one do it.

Meditation and stress free living in Bangalore – Shwaasa Guru

Not everyone wants to be enlightened and tread on the spiritual path. Then why would one meditate? Should Yoga be Made Compulsory? It’s Complicated! – Shwaasa Guru. I firmly believe that yoga enhances the body’s flexibility, builds muscle strength and helps improve posture.

Should Yoga be Made Compulsory? It’s Complicated! – Shwaasa Guru

Given the benefits that it offers, I would assume that people would readily accept yoga and make it a regular practice in their lives. However, as many of us know in this day and age, despite a growing number of classes, awareness about yoga benefits is not as widespread as it should be. It is probably with the intention of bridging the divide between those who know about the advantages of yoga and those who do not; that advocate, JC Seth, petitioned the Supreme Court. In his petition, he urged that yoga should be introduced across all schools, including those run by the state government education, CBSE and ICSE boards. At the time that the petition was filed and made news, I personally felt that making yoga classes compulsory for students of all classes was a great idea! In my opinion, the judgement was objective and balanced.

Like this: Like Loading... Yoga Therapy, Bangalore - Shwaasa. Spiritual Yoga Retreats, Bangalore - Shwaasa. Corporate Yoga Retreat- Shwaasa. Retreats, Yoga - Shwaasa. In life all of us go through a constant wear and tear in which the touch of the source, the main life force gets a bit embroiled.

Retreats, Yoga - Shwaasa

This is exactly why we need a retreat. Spiritual tourism is in vogue in many countries. All religions of the world profess about this period in life where you need a bit of cleaning and a touch of silence in your lives. The church also recommends annual retreats for the faithful. Retreats are a time taken away from the normal course of life to spend time with the source or the life force which many of us call GOD. After the retreat, when you come back to your normal course of life you will undoubtedly be able to devote quality time to all activities of your life including devoting time to your family.

All About Dreamz Infra - Reviews and Real Estate Updates: Construction Work at Dreamz Sarovar Began. Dreamz Sarovar is actually a gold mine in an area near Silk Board.

All About Dreamz Infra - Reviews and Real Estate Updates: Construction Work at Dreamz Sarovar Began

That is because of the location, the greenery around along with the infrastructure that is a rarity to find. The Bhumi Puja and the ceremonies on the land of Dreamz Sarovar are all complete. Sarovar is a G+5 structure with 252 flats in total with 2 and 3 BHK apartments in it. We additionally mention that the land is also made to be Vastu compliant with all the apartments as well. There is further good news as the construction work has already started for this picturesque building.

Yoga Centers In Bangalore. Yoga Courses, Certification in Bangalore - Shwaasa. Yoga Classes, Yoga Trainers In Bangalore. Shwaasa Yoga, Core Power Yoga Classes In Bangalore. The Correct Process OF Doing Pranayama. Prana is your breath or the vital life force and ayama has various meanings such as “to control”,”pause” or “to lengthen”.

The Correct Process OF Doing Pranayama

When your breath is not in harmony with the rhythms of your body, your mind is unstable and when your breath is steady, your mind is calm. This is the guiding principle of Pranayama. Pranayama gives you lot of benefits. It increases oxygen level in your body and thus cleanses the toxins from each and every cell of your body. Thereby it improves the functions of organs and functions of your system and has many more benefits, but you have to practice it regularly and rather religiously. AnulamVilome pranayama is also known as Naadishudhi Pranayama as it cleans the Nadis. How to do this Pranayama: First sit in a cross legged position in Padma asana or ArdhaPadma asana. Like this: Like Loading... Yoga Utsav-2015. Yoga Trends, Classes Across The World by Shwaasa. Shwaasa: The Effect Of Yoga Classes Through Out The World. All You Need To Know About Yoga Certification Courses In Bangalore. There are a plenty of institutes and organizations making honest efforts towards offering Yoga certification course on various domains.

All You Need To Know About Yoga Certification Courses In Bangalore

Their efforts are focused on bringing together the knowledge and practice of the same for the new generation where a huge gap has been created between health and life. In effect to that a plenty of people are aspiring to be yoga teachers, either part-time or full-time which has effectively given rise to a number of institutes offering Yoga courses in Bangalore. Shwaasa: About Swami Vachanananda and Shwaasa. At the age of 17 Swami Sri Vachananand attained sanyasi in the Lingayat tradition situated in the Karnataka district and he has been doing many yoga camps, giving lectures in all across the country and in the world.

Shwaasa: About Swami Vachanananda and Shwaasa

He is thorough practitioner of Yoga. He not only practices Yoga but also teaches people how to perfect Yoga by doing it correctly. He was born in a religious family in north Karnataka, before him his parents had three girls. Before his birth they went to see a Lingayat guru who told them that they would have a baby boy, however he would be a sadhu or yogi and would repudiate family life. At the point when the mother was pregnant, the guruji gave "garbha-diksha" and told the mother that all through the pregnancy she had to chant this mantra. The child Vachananand was taught in various Lingayat schools and ashrams and given sanyasa after he completed school and became swami Vachananand.

Shwaasa: Yoga For Power – Power Yoga. Yoga is the ancient Indian method of uniting with the supreme energy.

Shwaasa: Yoga For Power – Power Yoga

The word “Yoga” also is referred to as united or union. If the question arises “union with what?” Shwaasa: Asana – The First Step Of Eight Fold Path Of Ashtanga Yoga. Yoga is a way of life as it was intended to be, by the scriptures and the Vedas.

Shwaasa: Asana – The First Step Of Eight Fold Path Of Ashtanga Yoga

Patanjali Yoga Sutras enumerate the eight fold path of Yoga as a means to achieve the ultimate bliss. Yoga essentially means united. It means united with the body, mind and the spirit and preparing oneself for the ultimate divine bliss. In this context, the concept of Ashtanga Yoga, as enumerated by the sage Patanjali, comes in which is the eight fold path of Yoga. The eight ways are Asana, Pranayama, Yam, Niyam, Pratyahara, Dhana, Dharana and Samadhi.

The third step is Yam which means self-control and the next is Niyam which refers to mental and physical discipline. Shwaasa: Bikram Yoga – Good OR Not? Bikram Yoga comes in shades of good, bad and ugly depending on the person trying, leaving and never daring it Bikram Yoga or the “Hot Yoga” is not everybody’s cup of tea as this Yoga carries a mixed bag of reactions. Some benefit immensely from this Yoga and spread a good word about it while others have suffered health issues from it. Bikram Yoga is generally conducted in a heated room of 40° C for a period of 90 minutes and it includes 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. This Yoga especially has been in controversy for a while now for its effect on people. Shwaasa: Understanding The Benefits Of Sukhasana And Other Yoga Postures. Yoga must not be confused with just a form of exercise or physical therapy. In India yoga holds a very auspicious place since here Yoga postures are practiced to unify mind, body and spirit.

Although Yoga has proliferated through various channels into most of the western countries, there is still a misunderstanding regarding its real meaning. Many westerners consider it as a weight loss therapy or a way to keep physically fit. While that is only one small part of the package of benefits it offers. There are numerous Yoga postures which have their own benefits specific to various ailments and/or organs. Among all of them, Sukhasana is meant for people who are new to it. The name, Sukhasana means happy posture.