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10toolscommoncore3. Quizalize. GoFormative - Make boring worksheets interactive! EDpuzzle - Turn any video into a lesson. Nimbus - Welcome to Nimbus Capture! How to Create Screenshot There are 3 ways to capture your screen: a) With the help of the button in your address bar b) With the help of the context menu; c) With the help of a hot key that you yourself assign in the program settings.

Nimbus - Welcome to Nimbus Capture!

At the moment the addon allows capturing the whole Web page, the whole browser window, the part of the browser that you see on your screen or a selected section of the screen as well as creating your own model from scratch. As soon as you have captured the image on your screen, you get redirected into the editor window. Most efficient way to take & share time-stamped notes while watching online videos. Create Free Interactive Timelines – Stories Displayed on Maps. PracticalEdTechHandbook2016 17. 7 Good Tools for Creating Timelines.

Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2016.



Welcome to another article in a series devoted to facilitating proper student internet interaction in the classroom.

Vetting Web 2.0 Educational Tools: The Web in the Classroom…Part 2

This classroom might be 1 to 1 or might be using technology to leverage student centered learning. In this post I would like to explore steps to take and reflect on when vetting a Web 2.0 interactive tool for classroom use. Before reading, please take a moment to subscribe by email or RSS and also give me a follow on Twitter at mjgormans. I promise you will find some great information coming your way this school year…So Sign up now and please pass this on with a retweet! – Mike Gorman ( Booking Info – It is time to think about your school or conference needs. Upcoming Opportunities: Join me at PBS Learning Media on Monday, November 23 at 7 PM EST for a free webinar on learning about STEM and Ocean Life through the PBS program, Big Blue Live and numerous free internet resources.. Information Security Primer for Evaluating Educational Software.

The Information Security Primer for Evaluating Educational Software is a toolkit for people looking to learn more about evaluating the information security practices of educational software.

Information Security Primer for Evaluating Educational Software

While the primary audience for this document is people interested in running information security tests, our secondary audience includes people who will not be running tests but who want to learn more about what "information security" means. As the title states, this document is a primer, not a comprehensive guide. We intend for this document to grow and evolve over time. Future versions will include more advanced testing scenarios, but for the initial version, we wanted to provide resources to allow people to learn how to do security reviews safely. This guide was developed as part of the Common Sense District Privacy Evaluation Initiative. Contents Author Credits. ClipGrab - Free YouTube Downloader & Converter. Kaizena · Give Great Feedback. Welcome! - eduClipper.

oTranscribe. 7 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers. June 29, 2015 In this month's 'New Educational Web Tools' series, we are sharing with you this selection of interesting web tools we have been curating over the last few weeks.

7 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers

The purpose is to keep you updated about the latest in the EdTech world and introduce you to some useful applications that might be of an added value to your teaching. 1- Riddle Riddle is an excellent web tool for teachers. It allows them to create their own PlayBuzz and Buzzfeed-style quizzes, lists, polls, and more, often in under a minute. Why overwhelmed educators should stick to these simple tech tools. Why overwhelmed educators should stick to these simple tech tools By Denise Jaffe March 2nd, 2015 Tech is shifting faster than teacher training can keep up.

Why overwhelmed educators should stick to these simple tech tools

The solution is to keep it simple I recently had the pleasure of spending a few hours in a friend’s classroom where I introduced her students to technology applications that would engage them in “showing what they know” at different points in their learning. Having worked with this teacher for many years, I had always considered her a technology pioneer.

So it came as something of a surprise when, planning for our time together, she confided in me that she no longer felt empowered by technology so much as overwhelmed by it. When our new wireless network went live early last year, the choice of which applications and technologies to use was no longer limited by bandwidth issues. Next page: SAMR, TPACK, and simple tech tools. Design flyers to spread the word online. EasyPrompter - The free, web-based, plugin-free, browser independent, online and offline teleprompter and auto-cue software. Free online teleprompter. SlideRocket. Education Software Solutions.

Home - New Tools. Tools for Video Editing and Conferencing. Converter Freemake offers freeware in the truest sense of the word: no feature or time limitations, includes Video Converter, Video Downloader, YouTube Converter, Audio Converter and Free Music Box!

Tools for Video Editing and Conferencing

Video editing, animation creation and related tools Animoto can create presentations incorporating images, video clips, music and text. There is an array of tools helps you automatically create unique video pieces. (also from a teacher: Animoto Education: A Fantastic Resource) Share and make videos from your iPhone or Android too. Aviary provides a suite of online tools that allows you to take create images, edit screenshots, edit sounds and create music. GoAnimate is a fun app that lets you make animated videos, for free, in just 10 minutes, without having to draw. Kerpoof – Explore, create, and design at Kerpoof. Fluxtime is an interesting tool that allows the user to record actions as they move things around the screen, manually creating the animation. 101 of The Best Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers.

Knowmia - Technology for Teaching. Made Simple. Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2013. Read the Fine Print. Audiotool - make music in your browser. Web Resources A-Z - digital toolkit: Common Core and Essential Standards.