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Kizoa for Schools. Plans & Pricing. We have made major upgrade to editor loading times allowing for a better and smoother experience while editing!

Plans & Pricing

Video Editing & StoragePricing Plans Free members can use one or all upgraded features for $1.99 per production! Additional benefits to paying the small fee, watermark and Loopster intro trailers are removed during publishing. 1 GB Cloud Storage Collaborate movies w/ users 480p Resolution Loopster Watermark 10 minute Timeline 1GB max upload file size Loopster intro Trailer (placed in during publishing)

Magisto - Make a Video. Video Solutions for Education K-12. With limited time in the physical classroom and rigorous state and Common Core standards, K-12 educators need remote and secure ways to extend the learning experience.

Video Solutions for Education K-12

Use our media platform to create online or blended learning environments that utilize rich media to its fullest, and enhance engagement with today’s technology-driven students. Download the Kaltura K-12 Media Suite datasheet. Manage all of your school, district, or even state video resources from a single centralized location, making it easy to share and reuse resources between classrooms and reducing complexity. Publish your school library’s media securely, and allow students and teachers to access content anywhere, anytime, on any device. ?event=new_user&params=eyJuZXh0QWN0aW9uQ29kZSI6bnVsbCwibmV4dEFjdGlvbkNvZGVVUkwiOm51bGwsInBsYW5VcGdyYWRlZCI6bnVsbCwibmV4dFBhZ2VDb2RlVVJMIjpudWxsLCJkb3dubG9hZFdpZGVvSUQiOm51bGwsIndpZGVvSUQiOm51bGwsInNvdXJjZSI6Im5ldy1zaWdudXAvbG9naW4ifQ==&baseUrl= Get a Free Online Video Maker. [OFFICIAL]Filmora Wondershare Video Editor(Win&Mac)