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Teaching Statistics & Other Resources

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Amazing! 74 Infographics for Teacher-Librarians (L.A. Teachers Too!) Statistics Instructors. By Cynthia Brame, CFT Assistant Director Teaching Statistics Statistical analysis is a critical tool in many fields, and as such, it is taught in courses across many disciplines.

Statistics Instructors

This teaching guide provides an overview of techniques and strategies that have been shown to improve student learning in statistics courses. It also provides links to resources that can help teachers implement these techniques and strategies. Svetlana Tishkovskaya and Gillian Lancaster recently reviewed research on statistics education as well as web-based resources in the field (Tishkovskaya and Lancaster, 2012). Students learn best what they practice and perform on their own.Knowledge tends to be specific to the context in which it is learned.Learning is more efficient when students receive real-time feedback on errors.Learning involves integrating new knowledge with existing knowledge.Learning becomes less efficient as the mental load students must carry increases.

General resources offering a variety of tools. Useful Web Sites for Teachers. With so many web sites available, it is hard for teachers of statistics to select those that are most useful.

Useful Web Sites for Teachers

The following is a compilation of information by members of the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on the Curriculum in Statistics and Probability. You may wish to visit these sites and see which are appropriate for your teaching level. General Sites Statistics Education Web (STEW) is a free, online bank of peer-reviewed lesson plans for K-12 teachers of mathematics and science. Lesson plans showcase the use of statistical methods and ideas in science and mathematics based on the framework and levels in the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) Report: A Pre-K-12 Curriculum Framework ( and Common Core State Standards.

Census at School - U.S. is a free international classroom project that engages students in grades 4 to 12 in statistical problemsolving using their own real data. Teacher Resources - World of Statistics. Demand for statisticians and data analysts is expected to increase by 4.4 million jobs worldwide in the years ahead.

Teacher Resources - World of Statistics

To teach students basic statistics literacy and introduce them to careers in the profession, many organizations have devel­oped primary and secondary school statistics education programs and resources, most of which are free. Click the links below to view the resources available around the world. Census at School Program. Against All Odds: Inside Statistics. LearnZillion. SOCR: Statistics Online Computational Resource. Probability and statistics EBook - Socr. From Socr SOCR Books: This is a General Statistics Curriculum E-Book, which includes Advanced-Placement (AP) materials.

Probability and statistics EBook - Socr

Preface This is an Internet-based probability and statistics E-Book. The materials, tools and demonstrations presented in this E-Book would be very useful for advanced-placement (AP) statistics educational curriculum. The E-Book is initially developed by the UCLA Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR). There are 4 novel features of this specific Statistics EBook. Format Follow the instructions in this page to expand, revise or improve the materials in this E-Book. Learning and Instructional Usage This section describes the means of traversing, searching, discovering and utilizing the SOCR Statistics EBook resources in both formal and informal learning setting. Copyrights The Probability and Statistics EBook is a freely and openly accessible electronic book developed by SOCR and the general community. Chapter I: Introduction to Statistics Design of Experiments. Rossman/Chance Applet Collection. Statlets. Statistic Applets for Teaching Topics in Introductory Courses.

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