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Shubhra Mohanty

Shubhra Mohanty is a motivational speaker, a transformation partner, a friend who has been successfully inspiring and revolutionalizing many people’s lives.

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The onus is on women to carve a niche for themselves in today’s workplace, HR News, ETHRWorld. By Shubhra Mohanty When modern-day workplace is too adamant to close the gender gap and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace, it is time women take the reins and be the torchbearers.

The onus is on women to carve a niche for themselves in today’s workplace, HR News, ETHRWorld

Women undeniably have played a pivotal role in the household as well as on the work front. In spite of accounting for half of the world population, over 58% of enterprises report that women hold fewer than 30% of top executive positions and 21.7% of enterprises reported that their CEO was a woman, according to the ILO Women in Business and Management report. The scenario on entrepreneurial front is not encouraging either. Globally, the Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA) for women is 10.2%, about three-quarters of that seen for men, according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Women clearly haven’t done enough to assert authority and reject the groundless postulation about their role, ability and rights in the society at large. Videos - Shubhra Mohanty.

5 Career Changes To Make Before Going On Maternity Leave. Introduction.

5 Career Changes To Make Before Going On Maternity Leave

5 Tips To Stick To Your Goals During the Holidays Season. I know you can already hear the jingles and this time things have been way more chaotic than usually around this time of the year.

5 Tips To Stick To Your Goals During the Holidays Season

Working remotely, home schooling, hosting zoom dinners, that’s just too much! The pandemic has definitely done its part to put us off except for the fact that it allowed us all to be equally efficient professionals even in PJ’s. Do Women Matter: The Reality of Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment. Women the harbinger of life that’s the kind of responsibility that has been bestowed upon them by nature.There’s nothing more physiologically supreme than to breath life into something.Thus women hold a prime position in the hierarchy.While we would cohesively agree to the above but it doesn’t hold any water because people still hold equally diverse opinions when we talk about women in roles beyond being the nurturer.The crown of harbinger of life is a burden.I beg to differ to the statements made above.Remember it takes two to tango so the crown of being the harbinger of life rests on both men and women making them equal.

Do Women Matter: The Reality of Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment

It’s a long way to go before women can find their true economic freedom and their rightful place in contributing towards the economic prosperity.Talent is a critical factor to growth and success.With the world moving towards competitiveness and talentism the integration of women in the economies becomes all the more important. Oh! Comments. Are winners born or made? Mindset of A Champion. Introduction: We have always looked up to people who have achieved greater heights in their life.

Are winners born or made? Mindset of A Champion

With a deep sense of reverence you see them to have possessed gifts that are extraordinary & other worldly. The truth is this is where you lock your doors to greatness. “Extraordinary people are not born they are made” They do what you don’t. Being a champion is not a gift but sheer hard work and consistency. It is their relentless will to go on irrespective of the circumstances there are into and an unquenchable thirst for being better each day. Every great athlete, entrepreneur, actor that you idealise has a story that’s not as beautiful as their success looks like. When people ask me “What is the Psychology of a Champion” I answer them saying “ You gotta have one” and you are half way through your journey to greatness. Conclusion: Wants vs Needs : Make Your Dreams Come True.

All of us have dreams that we want to be materialized.

Wants vs Needs : Make Your Dreams Come True

Most of us have spent time relentless brooding over our dreams and enjoying the dopamine burst in our brains. I wish I had my own business, I dream to be the next CEO, I would be the most booked speaker, I wish I become a notable activist. Unlike popularly belief the journey between the imagination and fulfillment is not action, not consistency, not resilience because they are a means to the end and not an end in itself. The first step in the ladder before any of the above matters is your “awareness of your dependency”on the materialization of your dream. Read that again. Call it by any name a dream, a want or an aspiration unless it’s tagged to your identity it’s nothing but a random thought!! Know if it qualifies as a want or a need. Do you want it or do you want it? Differentiate between wants and needs.

Positive Aspect of Worldwide Lockdown. Spread the Positivity and Share this Video With Your Friends and Family The Brighter Side of Global Pandemic While our thoughts are clouded with fear about the uncertainty brought in by the pandemic there is a positive underlying change that is happening around us.

Positive Aspect of Worldwide Lockdown

Turn your tomorrow with these 8 golden rules of goal setting - Shubhra Mohanty. Before we understand about the facets of goal setting at the outset we need to understand the true meaning of a goal.

Turn your tomorrow with these 8 golden rules of goal setting - Shubhra Mohanty

A goal is your desire or wish in an intangible state aspired to be made tangible in due course. To cover this distance from the intangible state to tangible it requires a cumulative approach comprised of inspiration, belief, action, dedication, optimism, fearless self and confidence. Having a goal is good, accomplishing it is great. Sometimes the word goal is so extensively used that its meaning becomes gibberish.

How to be satisfied in life? - Shubhra Mohanty. There is no curated answer to this question but there is every possibility you can curate your life.

How to be satisfied in life? - Shubhra Mohanty

Being satisfied or unsatisfied depends on how intense your ambitions in life are. It is like an appetite. While some can gorge on the food some just nibble. Unfortunately being satisfied or not is often subject to comparison with another’s goal and achievement. What works for someone might not be right for you. 1.