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Wedding Vendor Tips | What To Ask Wedding Vendors. When it comes to planning your dream wedding, it definitely takes a village. And aside from finding your groom, securing the right vendors is the most crucial part of the planning process. But before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to ask these 8 important questions to ensure you’re making the right decision. 1. Can I see your references? Hopefully, you’ll be able to get recommendations from family and friends (and your wedding planner if you have one). 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Be sure to check out 8 ways to make your wedding stand out, 8 things you must do when you get back from your honeymoon and tasteful wedding cakes. 25 things that you need to know to host successful events | Event registration and management blog. There have been long sermons on how to make an event an absolute success. Forget the lectures and the dissertations, here’s your short and simple guide to a successful event!! Understand your objectives and set clear, well defined goals for the event. Choose the right set of people you’ll work with on the event. Prepare a checklist for everything that you are going to need. Prepare your budget according to the checklist. —————————————————- Online Event Registration and Ticket Solution : Eventzilla. 8 Theme Decors For Ganesh Chaturthi. 10 TIPS FOR GETTING THE PARTY STARTED RIGHT « DJ Rob Swift. “But before we get this party started right…” – Marvelous It’s a new year y’all and if you’re a DJ that means NEW parties to prepare for!

With the exception of gigging out new year’s eve, you probably spent the last 2 weeks recuperating from 12 months worth of spinning at the various clubs/bars in your city. You might of gotten booked to travel outside your area and possibly even leave the country. Introducing people to your take on the music they love. Which at it’s purest, is exactly what DJing is about. Assembling a playlist of songs and performing it live, in front of those on the dance floor. I, like you, spent the last couple of weeks catching up on sleep. So with that, I’d like share with you (especially 2014′s rookie generation of DJs) the 10 important tips a DJ should keep in mind when playing out. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. “Notice that stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” As DJs, we all have specific tastes. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The 5 Things Every DJ Must Know When Picking Music For Playlists And Parties. How To Choose Wedding DJs and Booking a DJ. If you have never hired a Mobile DJ before, information here is helpful. Mike is well-known, has over 30 years Mobile DJ experience, and has hired DJs. There are radio djs, mix masters, club djs, and mobile djs.This is about Mobile DJs.Mobile means that DJs will supply their own equipment and music at the place of your event. They do weddings, banquets, dances, parties, etc. This information is in-depth and will help you with straight answers, tips, and the right questions to ask Disc Jockeys, DJ Services, and booking agencies. The Two Most Important Things You Need To Know 1) NEVER ASSUME what the DJ should already know.

It's your event and you know what you want - the DJ can only guess. 2) If YOU Are Paying The DJ - YOU ARE THE BOSS and THE DJ WORKS FOR YOU. There are four sections on this page which was updated in April, 2013.Read all or go straight to what you need to know. The Basics How To Choose And Get The DJ You Want How To Book Your DJ - What To Know About A DJ Contract The Basics. Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan. What should you gift your sister, this Raksha Bandhan?

Gifting ideas for Raksha Bandhan are very confusing. With so many gift items available in the market, it becomes a hard task. Gifting should be done keeping in mind the preferences of the sibling. Read on to find some gift ideas for your sibling for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Gifts on Raksha Bandhan are common and almost every brother faces the same problem and confusion every year. Nowadays even sisters present gifts to brothers on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Tips to Buy Gifts on Raksha Bandhan Have a quick look at the tips for buying gifts on Raksha Bandhan. Keep in mind the preferences and choices of your sibling. Gift Ideas for Sisters Here are some gift ideas for buying gifts for your sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Jewellery – Some girls are fond of jewellery. For Kid Sister – If your sister is a kid, you can gift her cute and huggable teddy bears or other stuffed toys. Gift Ideas for Brothers. Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan.

Mona’s Event Dos and Don’ts: Creating A Win-Win Situation - How To Choose Corporate Event Giveaways - The Social Tables Blog. Everyone likes freebies, and so do guests of your corporate event. Varying event goals and attendee demographics make it difficult to decide which giveaway to opt for. A few key rules will help you create a win-win situation for your organization and attendees. Here are my selection criteria for event giveaways: Choose a quality product that is relevant to the attendees, differs from the usual corporate gift, matches the event’s message, and stands out in design. Now, let’s analyze the selection criteria for corporate event giveaways one by one: Rule # 1: Quality is Key The quality of your giveaways will reflect on your event, and thus on your organization. Rule # 2: Be Relevant Not having usefulness in mind may very well be the largest mistake event managers can make, when selecting promo items.

Rule #3: Set Yourself Apart Pens, bags, calendars, and hats … while among the most common giveaways, they are not necessarily among the most effective. Rule #4: Convey a Message – Mona. Mona’s Event Dos and Don’ts: Creating A Win-Win Situation - How To Choose Corporate Event Giveaways - The Social Tables Blog. 7 Useful Tips For How To Create A Really Great Corporate Event - CADRE. By Rohit Bhargava Someone recently asked me to guess how many events I had spoken at in the last 3 years. I honestly can’t remember … and I’m not saying that to try and impress you.

The fact is, in the last three years, I have participated in easily more than a hundred corporate events of all types. Some are internal seminars, while others are larger scale annual events or conferences. I’ve been invited to speak at everything from workshops for the military to networking events for young professionals.

The topics for these events, also, have varied from the future of healthcare to how technology is bringing change to Africa to how to be more creative. The reason I am telling you any of this is because the idea of how to create an amazing event, no matter what industry or audience, is a topic I have spent A LOT of time thinking about. NY – REGISTER FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMIT >> (discount code “ROHIT”) DC – REGISTER FOR LIKEONOMICS LAUNCH EVENT >> (discount code “TRUST”) What to Expect from a Career in Event Planning. It could just be you’re considering a change of career right now.

Maybe you’ve been dabbling in event planning and you’re thinking “I’d love to quit my job and full time career in event planning”. Wherever you’re at, it probably won’t do any harm to get the inside scoop on what a career in event planning might have in store for you. Let’s get started with a vision of what a career in event planning would look like. What Would a Career in Event Planning look like? An event planner is anyone who is responsible for organizing any kind of event. Okay, it does get a little more involved than that but that depends on the type of event you’re planning. Here are a few examples of events that require an event planner so you understand the scope that is covered: the after-parties for the Oscarsthe Super BowlNew Year’s Eve in Times Square Of course the above events are National in scope, but the principle is the same with smaller events in that they all need event management and event manager(s).

10 Tips to Attract Event Sponsors for Your Next Special Event. In order to ensure your next corporate event’s financial success, consider attracting event sponsors and therefore an influx of cash flow into your event’s coffers. On the other hand, if you’re an event manager who has not yet thought about the financial benefits of sponsorship then the following steps may help you decide to do so. Here are 10 tips to attract event sponsors for your next special event in order to secure lucrative sponsorship that yields mutual benefit for both you and your contributors. 10 Tips to Attract Event Sponsors for your Next Special Event Step 1 - Create a List of Potential Sponsors When putting together an event proposal, the first and most obvious step is to compile a list of companies and individuals who might be interested and would benefit from sponsoring your corporate event. The best sponsors are likely to be those that perceive your potential audience as a direct benefit to their organization.

Step 2 – Research Your Potential Sponsors Thoroughly. Sports Themed Event Ideas for Corporate Planners. Party Planning Checklist. Spread the Word | 16 Tips for an Effortless Outdoor Party - Real Simple. The three things to include on the invitation: When they’ll be eating. Avoid refiring the grill for latecomers with something like “The grill master will be slinging grub from 6 to 7.

Come and get it!” Attire. Rain plans. 5 steps to organising a Big Lunch, party, event. Having a Big Lunch has never been easier! Whether you plan your lunch months in advance or decide to have a last minute get-together, we have some handy hints to get you going! 1. Pick a venue Your Big Lunch can take place anywhere: in the road, back garden, park, school or community centre.

If you're thinking of having a street party and you want to close the road, it’s best to make enquiries as soon as possible. Some councils can be lenient on road closure notices, you just need to phone them and check. 2. Find out who wants to come by handing out invites, leaflets and putting up posters - perhaps your neighbours will help you? 3. Ask people to bring their own dishes so that people can share food and keep cost and waste down. 4. Don’t be afraid to ask people to bring props such as chairs and tables – get creative by sitting on coolers and using ironing boards as tables. 5. Try to make sure that your entertainment, games and activities are suitable for all ages. 8 Popular Team Outing Places Near Mumbai. Mumbai, popularly known as the ‘City of Dreams’ offers many team outing places that make the perfect setting for the company members to bond. It is over here that you get to indulge in indoor and outdoor team building activities that are fun and adventurous.

Sojourn amongst scenic locations and engage in exciting activities such as rappelling, caving and trekking. 1) Nature Knights Camp Providing an invigorating break from office life is the Nature Knights Camp near Mumbai. The camping site ‘Tikona’ near the metropolitan is located just 20 kilometres away from Kamshet or Lonavala. [Turn up the adventure quotient with these fun activities for team building] All the programs here are being designed and executed by well experienced team members who belong to very diverse cultural and corporate background.

Some of the facilities offered at Nature Knights Camp include tents with camping mats as well as sleeping bags. The sprawling spaces make the perfect backdrop for games and recreation. Wedding Photography: 20 Best Candid Wedding Photographers In Mumbai - Blog | ShaadiSagaBlog | ShaadiSaga. “A True Photograph Need Not To Be Explained, Nor Can It Be Contained In Words” – Ansel Adams It is rightly and loudly said, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, but we think if that is a wedding picture then they are more than that. Wedding photos are tremendously stunning and captures the emotions beautifully. Anybody can flash a picture, but only a few can capture the right moment, which has love, passion, promise, memory, emotions, and happiness. That’s what makes the picture timeless and ageless. Whether your most awaited day is around the corner, or you’re merely looking for inspiration – this post is for you.

After some detailed research, we have compiled a list of some really professional & amazing wedding photographers with some samples of their stunning success. In no particular order, we present you 20 Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Mumbai. Wedding Nama: They specialize in luxurious wedding photography, destination weddings and cinematography. Top 5 most exclusive wedding venues in Mumbai - Mumbai is a city of dreams, they say. Likewise, a wedding here should mean nothing less than a dream wedding either. When brides and grooms start looking at wedding venues, they leave no stone unturned to find that just-perfect beautiful venue. Every woman wants her wedding to be a unique, memorable affair and hence, an appropriate venue selection plays a vital role in ensuring that. However, there is a dearth of open spaces in this city. Finding a perfect venue in the city can be a daunting task. So I decided to do a complete round-up of the city and the host of dream venues, be it open spaces or off-beat locations, that it offers to a couple tying the knot.

Hindu Gymkhana ground is a grand affair venue right across the ocean, at Marine Drive, adorned by the ‘Queens Necklace’. Décor – Monopoly VendorCatering – Recommended Vendor / Clients PreferenceParking Space – 20% of ground spaceLocation – Marine Drive, South Mumbai 4. 3. How to Apply Makeup: Makeup Artists' Techniques and Tricks: How to Apply Makeup: Makeup Artists' Techniques and Tricks: 5 Makeup Tips for Beach Weddings: About to live out your dream of getting married with your toes in the sand? Then you need to do some very specific strategizing when it comes to your skin and makeup—for starters, check out these beach-wedding tips we got from top editorial makeup artist Misha Shahzada. Lighten up your makeup. "Caking on makeup is a big no-no with bridal makeup in general, but when it comes to tropical weather, thick foundation and heavy concealer spell disaster," Shahzada says.

Instead, start with a lightweight primer, like Avene Mattifying Fluid, followed by a matte, light-to-medium coverage foundation like the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. Use a Beauty Blender to apply it sparingly and seamlessly. Nix the bright-pink blush. Swipe some topcoat onto your lashes. And, of course: Don't forget to apply plenty of broad-spectrum sunscreen, before and during the wedding! Are you planning a beach wedding right now? Photos: iStock. Easy Wedding Favor Ideas You Can DIY. The Best Free Wedding Planning Apps. 30 Fall Wedding Photos. What To Wear To a Beach Wedding.

The 10 Best Food Blogs For Summer Inspiration. 18 British Desserts You Must Try Before You Die. 23 European Desserts you MUST try before you die! | backpackerlee. Bridal Make-Up Tips: The 10 Dos And Don'ts You NEED To Pay Attention To | Marie Claire. 25 Gorgeous Indian wedding hairstyles inspired by Monsoon | Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog | Beauty tips | Eye Makeup | Smokey Eyes | Zuri. 27 Indian wedding hairstyles for an ultimate traditional look | Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog | Beauty tips | Eye Makeup | Smokey Eyes | Zuri. 13 Types Of Wedding Photographs You Must Have! Party Games | Ultimate Bridesmaid. Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties | Ultimate Bridesmaid. Bridesmaiding on a Budget | Bella Bridesmaids.

Themes | Bella Bridesmaids. Tips for a Great Bridesmaid’s Speech | Bella Bridesmaids. Wedding Day Beauty | Bella Bridesmaids. Throw a FUNtastic Bachelorette Party! | Bella Bridesmaids. 6 Things We Wish We Had Known Before Planning an Awesome Bachelorette | Bella Bridesmaids. My Top 6 Embarrassing Wedding Songs - Being the Bridesmaid. Ultimate Bridesmaid | The bridesmaid blog for bridal shower and bachelorette party inspiration, bridesmaid duties, party games, fashion, favors and more. Royal Indian weddings: Ways To Evoke Romance and Glitz - India's Wedding Blog | Exploring Indian Wedding Trends. 10 Amazing Wedding Abroad Destinations - WeddingsOnline | Exploring Indian Wedding Trends. Tips on Customised Wedding Invitations | Exploring Indian Wedding Trends. Setting The Right Menu For Your Wedding | Blog. Candid Photography versus Traditional Photography | Wedding Venues in Bangalore, Wedding Photographers in Bangalore, Reception Halls in Bangalore, Wedding Halls in Bangalore,Banquet Halls In Bangalore.

11 Tips for Better Candid Photography. 13 Top Factors for Choosing the Right Event Venue. 7 Critical Wedding Expenses You Can't Forget to Budget for ... → Wedding. 7 Budgeting Tips for Your Wedding ... → Wedding. 25 Country Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas... → Wedding. 10 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Photographer - WeddingLovely Blog. 9 Unique Wedding Ideas For 2015.