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Microsoft Excel Training: Essential Functionalities for Corporate Professionals - Unanth - Visit Official Blog. Posted on Monday, December 5th, 2016 Microsoft Excel is one vital software that has single-handedly transformed the way businesses maintain ledgers and other statistical data. Not only has Excel enabled easy maintenance and analysis of data, it has also increased the overall efficiency and productivity of businesses. Microsoft Excel has a wide range of functionalities, which is why corporate professionals need classroom and online Excel training courses to fully understand and leverage the expanse of this software.

Online tutorials for Microsoft Excel present an excellent and innovative way to get familiar with the the software, such as its various shortcuts and commands. Here are some Excel functionalities that are essential for corporate professionals to know. Basic formulas and calculations Formulas constitute the most innovative aspect of Excel. Absolute and relative references Freezing or locking rows and columns Print a spreadsheet with page numbers Creating a Pivot table Way forward. 4 CISCO Certification Programs to Boost your Career. In today’s age of information technology, ignorance is only a choice. When you work as an IT professional, you are expected to ensure networks deliver to today’s connectivity requirements. Whether you are someone aspiring a career in network administration or looking for growth in the IT sector, adding advanced network certifications to your list of credentials can give you a competitive edge.

The need of the hour is to get your head around mainstream certification options and specialties. Though there is a long list of network certification programs available such as ccna training online, here is a list of the top four networking certifications offered by CISCO, one of the top players in the industry. 1. The CCNA is an associate-level certification that allows a certificate holder to install, operate, and configure enterprise level data centers. 2.Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Security 3. 4.

Conclusion. 5 Exciting Career Prospects for Hadoop Professionals - Unanth - Visit Official Blog. Posted on Monday, November 28th, 2016 Hadoop is a data analysis technique based on big data that uses commodity hardware to store, process, and analyze structured and unstructured data. It is an open source Java-based software framework, which supports distributed application programs run on cluster computers for the purpose of expediting big data, and involves less capital investment. Many big companies are now investing in big data and therefore, recruiting skilled Hadoopers proficient in big data architecture. This has resulted in increasing career opportunities around Hadoop and growth in platforms offering hadoop online tutorials.

This blog post discusses 5 exciting career opportunities for Hadoopers. 1.Hadoop Developer If you have a thing for developing applications, becoming a Hadoop developer is an excellent career choice. Roles and Responsibilities Skills Required 2.Hadoop Administrator Testing is another great Hadoop career choice. 4.Hadoop Architect Wrapping Up ← Older. Top 5 Developer Certifications to Gain a Competitive Edge - Unanth - Visit Official Blog.

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 Nowadays, there is a huge demand for certified developers and programmers with diverse coding skills. Besides having some expertise in programming languages, it is highly beneficial for both beginners and experienced programmers to secure developer certifications. Developer certifications not only give you an edge over peers in the market, but also help you hone your skills as a solution provider. You also get qualifications that can land you a big promotion, or a new better paying job. Without much ado, here are five developer certifications that can help boost your career. 1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a scalable cloud computing based service, which is used for creating Web applications. 2. Cloudera offers softwares based on Apache Hadoop, to help organisations analyze big data sets. 3.

Oracle offers a multitude of solutions such as storage systems, servers, cloud solutions, and various certification programs. 4. 5. Way Forward ← Older. Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & Javascript Online Tutorial | Unanth. Microsoft Excel Training - for data analysis Online Tutorial | Unanth.