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Shreya Khothari

7 homemade snacks for your Train Journey. Ashish Dhawan, November 6, 2015 India has the Largest Railway Network in the world and every day Millions of people travel in trains.

7 homemade snacks for your Train Journey

Some people travel alone but sometimes you travel along with your family. At that time your mom is habitually care about only one thing, obviously she will not allow to you eat railway’s food. She always carry some delicious light weight snacks so that you should not eat Train food. These snacks differ according to your expedition. These 8 things are healthy and easy to convey whether your Journey is long or not you can always rely on these Snacks. 1. Parathe is the traditional north Indian food which is made from wheat flour. 2.

Banana chips are deep fried slice of dried Bananas. 3. Rice Cake Made with the help of brown Rice. 4. Fruits is the best thing that you can carry with you while you are travelling, Fruits when reserved for longer time may get polluted. 7 Mouthwatering Railway Food Destinations. Ashish Dhawan, November 4, 2015 Indian Railways are more than just traveling.

7 Mouthwatering Railway Food Destinations

It’s a life time expertise that depends on legion things like comfort, Journey Route and the most important is food in train. Today we are going to point out numerous mouthwatering food destinations (railway station) across the India. Currently we are going to reveal Delicious railway food destination of India that may build your Journey an Unforgettable life memory. Aloo Tikki At Tundla Station: – Tundla Junction is situated in Uttar Pradesh which is located at Delhi Kanpur lane. Rabri At Abu Road: – This sweet and icy dessert will easily dissolve in your mouth and leave a delectable texture. Poha At Ratlam: – Train journeys, Best considered fast food! Ashish Dhawan, September 14, 2015 During a train journey the most important thing to accompany you is food.

Train journeys, Best considered fast food!

Different passengers want different variety of train food delivery; however the poor quality of food is often the thing that gives them dissatisfaction. For train journeys, usually passengers prefer to carry home-made food because of the low quality of the foods served in train. But all of the passengers/ travelers love to get a unique and different taste in the food, and that they can get in ready-made food. This is how the concept of several food deliveries in train companies came into existence. Food preference changes from generation to generation or person to person. Here we are focusing on the genre, where people love to get fast food in their plate. Let us explore them one by one: Veg/Non-Veg Chowmein: Out of all the Chinese cuisines, Chowmein is considered as one of the best fast food dish. Thali: Thalis are also one of the most ordered foods while travelling in trains. Why is PNR so relevant these days? Ashish Dhawan, September 8, 2015 Many of us found it very confusing that what is PNR and why is it so important.

Why is PNR so relevant these days?

What is the need of it and how do we make use of it while looking for our ticket. Let us find out the reason behind its importance. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. The Travelers of Indian Railways often gets confused of their PNR Status and don’t understand the status of their booked ticket. IRCTC – Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. The Indian Railways PSU – IRCTC – deals in online ticket bookings. Difference between PNR Number and PNR Number Status People often confuse between their PNR Number and PNR Number Status. In computer reservation system, PNR Number holds the record of a person or group. Checking PNR Status PNR Number Status is the Current Status of your Train Ticket. IRCTC PNR Status It is very easy to check PNR Number Status on IRCTC. Some of the simplified Railway Jargons are as follows:- CNF: Confirmed Booking WL: Waiting List Call.

Eating Stress Free Healthy food on Long Train Journeys. People taking or those who have taken journeys in train, especially the long distance journeys have lots of stories to share related to the quality and hygiene of the food for train journey.

Eating Stress Free Healthy food on Long Train Journeys

All of us have traveled in train at least once in our lifetime, we always wished for the option of having good quality meals or at least the ease of getting food delivery even in the long distance train journeys. This is now changed into reality. Rail Rider now offers hygienic and delicious food in train right at your berth. They serve in all the long distance routes or largest or busiest railway stations in India daily.For the transportation service, majority of the population depends on the railways. They are considered as the lifeline of the nation.