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Express Furniture Warehouse

Express Furniture Warehouse, a furniture store in NY, provides low priced, high-quality furniture. Cease your search for furniture stores in NYC because Express Furniture Warehouse will help find the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Visit EFW's website:

Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog. An area rug can be a room’s most definitive and stylish decorative item.

Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog

Depending on its size, shape, and color, an area rug can change the entire look and tone of a room, or establish an elevated sense of cohesion among furniture. It’s for this reason that homeowners continue to turn to the area rug when decorating a home’s interior. While area rugs are staples of home décor, some homeowners may be unsure of how to best protect and preserve their rugs. To extend the longevity of your area rug, it’s essential to be diligent about regular care and upkeep. Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog. When it comes to your home, how much thought went into the color choices of your furniture, wall paint and decor?

Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog

Was it something that took a few days to decide or was it love at first sight? Well, color is a powerful design tool that isn’t just about personal tastes, it can change the way a space feels and create a variety of moods. In fact, there is some psychological reasoning behind color, which can help you create different vibes in each room of your home. Check out the different moods you can create with a few simple color changes! Appetizing Did you know the color red can increase you appetite? Calming If you’re looking to make a room calming, inviting and tranquil, blue may be the color for you. Refreshing If you’re looking to get an extra boost each morning, consider applying the color green to your bedroom because it reminds us of life and renewal.

Optimism. The Light Bulb Color Temperature Guide. Did you know that light intensity can affect a person’s mood?

The Light Bulb Color Temperature Guide

Whether it’s bright or dark, lighting is a powerful thing that can change the way you feel in both positive and negative ways. In fact, it can have such an influential factor that it could affect your psychological well-being. For instance, we all know that the amount of sunlight decreases each day as the fall season progresses and it becomes increasingly limited as we get closer to the winter. Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog. Stepping into a professionally designed home can be exhilarating and exciting.

Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog

You’ll find your jaw dropping to the floor and exclaim, “People live like this?” Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog. First Place Essentials: Furniture Edition. You found your first place, you signed the paperwork and now you have the keys.

First Place Essentials: Furniture Edition

Congratulations! Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog. After 25 years at our old location Express Furniture Warehouse is moving to a new and improved location with over 23,000 of furniture.

Shop Express Furniture Warehouse Blog

Join us on February 27th at 87-35 131st street to celebrate our move with an action packed day of festivities and free giveaways. Check out our promo link here. There will be: We are open officially Thursday February 25th. See you this February 27th for the Grand Opening at 87-35 131st street in Jamaica, just south of Jamaica ave. -Saturday store opens at 10:00am and closes at 7:00pm-Sunday store opens at 12:00pm and closes at 6:00pm-Mon-Fri store opens at 11:00am and closes at 8:00pm Visit for more info and to see our full catalog On Sunday, the first 20 people in line will get a FREE Mattress Protector (Eligible by making a purchase on February 27th).

6 Snazzy Secrets To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger. Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to live in a cramped space.

6 Snazzy Secrets To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

In fact, you can turn any small space into a spacious and inviting room with a few simple tricks. It all comes down to tricking the eye into perceiving more square footage with the smart use of practical designs that can be appropriately scaled to the right size. With that said, check out these six snazzy secrets to maximize your square footage to many any space feel bigger! 1. Let The Outside In Did you know window treatments like curtains and drapes can actually make a room feel smaller? 2. Mirrors are much more versatile than you might think because they can be one of the greatest tools to make any room feel instantly larger. 3. One of the biggest mistakes in a small living room is filling it with numerous pieces of furniture because they can take up valuable square footage. 4. Choosing an entertainment stand for the living room is very important because you want something that can be functional yet practical.

Express Furniture Warehouse Bed Sets

Visit the Express Furniture Warehouse furniture store in NY! Express Furniture Warehouse Couches. Express Furniture Warehouse Kitchen Table Set. Looking for Furniture Stores in NYC? Express Furniture Warehouse Dining Room Set. Tips and Tricks to Furniture Maintenance from the EFW Blog. 3 Ways to Decorate Your NY Apartment For Fall Welcome the new season with some great fall inspired designs that can give your apartment a new look and bring the outdoors inside!

Tips and Tricks to Furniture Maintenance from the EFW Blog

One of the best things living in New York is the ability to experience every season at … Tips To Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly If you are among the few lucky people that can have pets in your apartment than this article is for you! Pets are fun-loving companions that are always by your side and one thing to keep in mind when owning … 5 Tips To Cut Energy Costs Living around New York City can cost people a lot of money and finding ways to save a few bucks is always something that is sought after.